1. wrecked_porsche

    ES7 and ESW9 ear pads, interchangeable?

    Hi guys! Quick question, are the ES7 and ESW9 ear pads interchangeable? I think that they are, but I just wanted to be sure. Can anyone who owns BOTH confirm this please? Thanks a lot.
  2. meyner

    comfort + high quality non IEM headphones???

    hi, i currently have a ESW9 and i like the headphones quite a lot. However, after wearing them for a couple of hours (usually 2:30 hours to three hours) my ears start to ache some what. When i am at home i use the AD900x so its not a problem but there are times where i am walking around campus a...
  3. goropeza

    Portable closed headphone with great bass and no amp required

    I have this brother I am trying to not convince to get Beats or Bose. Many of you understand this struggle, if not with family than with friends. I have an obligation to show my little bro there is a better place for him and his music nirvana. Unfortunately, his needs and mine are different,and...
  4. tseliottt

    Full Size Headphones Similar to the Etymotic ER4

    To date I haven't heard a purer representation of "audiophile quality" sound than through my Etymonics which I bought a decade ago.   The treble is inoffensive, yet it sparkles and brings out every single detail. The full-size cans I have listened to elevate the higher frequencies to...
  5. zorin

    New A-T headphones and portable amps - CKR9 LTD * MSR7 * DN1000 USB * ESW9 LTD * W1000Z / PHA100

    New Audio Technica headphones and portable amplifiers- November 2014 releases :  1 - 2 -    ATH-CKR9 LTD - in ear / earphones - head-fi threads :  1...
  6. bluedolphin

    Audio technica ATH-ESW9 Real vs Fakes?

    I wish to buy a Audio technica ATH-ESW9 fheadphones i think theese one are best priceway I was looking at Ebay prices ranging between 160-320 USD. But which one to trust. The fakes is just plastic-wood while the real is Hokkaido cherry wood tree from Japan.   They mostly shipped from either...
  7. pekingduck

    New Audio Technica Limited Edition Woodies: ATH-ESW9LTD!!

      Product Info The dignified sound rich sound field by Wood housing carved solid teak wood is a natural three major precious wood world. Specially designed φ42mm driver of OFC-6N bobbin-wound voice coil adoption to enjoy hi-res sound source in a relaxed tone that is warm. Adopt permalloy...
  8. NJ Hero

    Looking for headphones

    Hi, I'm looking for headphones for my boss. I've bought my headphones with the help of this forum in the past and I'm looking for the same help again. He enjoys Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, Rolling Stones, Metallica, and Guns and Roses. His budget is around $120-$200.
  9. Fungus

    sennheiser hd25-II custom earpads for more comfort.

    I've tried the pleather and velour pads and both aren't very comfortable for long listening periods.    Hence I was curious to find out if there are any companies or diyers who makes custom earpads for better comfort. I don't care if it looks big and wacky, just want better comfort!  hd25 with...
  10. kamcok

    [NEW] Audio Technica CKR series (CKR10, CKR9, CKR7)

    [note: I'm not sure if anyone has posted about this before me]   Hey guys, Audio Technica just announced a new IEM line today and they claim that they're using a "world's first" technology known as the "Dual-Phase Push Pull Drivers". Since I can't find a thread about them here on head-fi I...
  11. LingLing1337

    ESW9A vs ESW9?

    Basically what the title says... what difference is there? The ESW9A are about $50 cheaper than the ESW9 for me. I have heard that the ESW9A is just a different kind of wood, is this true? Thanks.
  12. ejswa51

    Buying advice: ESW9 or HFI-780 (after I disliked the MDR1's)

    After using my ATH-OR7’s for about 4 years by now, they are starting to fall apart. Cable has broken twice and the leather parts are flaking. I’m therefore looking for new ones. I really liked the sound of the OR7’s. It has bright highs and deep and tight bass. I use Yamaha EPH100’s as IEMS, but...
  13. KT66

    Audio Technica High End Portable On Ears - what is going on?

    Hi, living the UK AT seem to think we either don't like headphones  or are super rich! ES10s are £500 ($750) ESW9 and ESW11 are not available in the UK.   The 9s and 10s seem quite old now is this fast paced market, and I know the ES55 and ES7 have been replaced by newer models.   So are...
  14. aphexii

    Need help! IEM's with a sound signature close to ATH-ESW9

    Currently have a pair of ATH-ESW9 and while I absolutely love the sound, i need something a little less visible for work. Previously owned the Klipsch X10, Westone UM2's and liked the sound, but I imagine there are possibly better options out there.   Love lush mids and quality deep bass. I...
  15. greg788


    Is there any difference between the Japanese home model and the "a" American model? I mean as far as voicing, etc. It seems they're now identical but I can't find confirmation searching the forum.
  16. Gorkem

    Returned AKG K550 and VmodaM100. Would really appreciate some feedback for my search!!!

    Hi Everyone,   This is a follow-up to my previous post regarding choosing in between AKG K550 and Vmoda M100. I bought both and was hoping to choose one to conclude my research for a semi-portable headphone. Unfortunately, I returned both. My requirements were:   Best sound quality I...
  17. Punnisher

    AKG K270 Studio, Thoughts

    I've been out of the headphone game for some time now, focusing on my 2-channel speaker setup rather than headphones for the last two years. The last headphones I bought were a pair of ESW9 for $80 four months ago (audio-technica warehouse sale ftw). Though I have  been slowly but surely making...
  18. Random Guy

    Headphones with Good Isolation

    Hey,   I was wondering which of these headphones isolate outside noise (such as on buses or in crouds) the best (please rate /10 of how well they isolate if you have heard them)? Note: I would not like on ear or IEM because i wish to use them over 8 hours and find they will get...
  19. AceBaran

    Audio Technica ESW9 + Marantz SR7005

    Hi all, Ive purchased a ATH ESW9 and hopefully it will be delivered within days. Ive done alot of reading here on the forum about the ATH ESW9 and they seem not need to be amped, but if amped they do sound even better. I have a Marantz SR7005 and want to get the best out of my new headphone...
  20. Wholelottalove

    Aiaiai tma-1 vs Audio Technica ESW9

    Hi! I'm torn between these two, which one is the better one? I'm looking for fun portable headphones that are comfortable with a smooth sound. I mostly listen to metal and rock (alice in chains etc) and some pop.   Which one is better?    Regards
  21. 1audioz

    Audio-technica ESW9 Durability Issues?

    Hey guys,   I'm in the market for a closed, portable pair of headphones that are good for use while I'm on the train to and from work.    I've recently re-visited the ESW9 as a potential option (if you see my profile, I'm a pretty big AT fan) - but some reviews from AudioCubes from a few...
  22. nabmeg

    International Shipping for Audio Technica ESW9s

    esw9s seem like one of the best portables, but i cant find any for a decent price including shipping. is $260 really the best price i can get these?? eBay - $260 - $285  amazon - $286 headroom - $300 accessoryjack - $305
  23. Aillas

    Thinking of getting Audio Technica ATH-ESW9 phones . . .

      There seems to be very little talk of the Audio Technica ATH-ESW9 phones here. But to you people here who've heard them: Would I regret getting them? Are there other portable cans in the same price range ($200-$300) that I'd be better off getting? How portable are the ATH-ESW9's? Would it be...
  24. crazyfrenchman27

    ATH-ESW9, I'm impressed

    I've owned nearly every piece of audio equipment imaginable and have begun to need a closed portable headphone as of late.  I read some complimentary reviews of the ESW9 and picked these up on the off-chance that they would change my mind regarding closed supra-aural portable headphones, a...
  25. Turnyface

    Re-cabling ATH-ESW9?

    moved to appropriate sectoin