1. zeluiz22


    Hi.  I purchased these on 11/29/11 and have used them fewer than ten times.  They have not left my house.  They are truly like new, come in the original box and include the Amazon receipt.   Price includes shipping in USA.
  2. haesor

    WTB: Audio Technica ESW9 or Westone UM3X. Only EU/UK!!

    Hi,   I'm looking to buy used ATH ESW9 or Westone UM3X. . Offers from EU/UK only.    
  3. ExpatinJapan

    Pico slim, P51-Mustang, Arrow, ALO The National or Hp_p1 for ATH-ESW9 / UE-TF10.

    Time to spend some cash on a yearly upgrade. (Wanting a mid to high end portable amplifier).   I have ATH-ESW9 and UE-TF10s w/Null Audio cable.   Source is ipod touch 4G w/ various apps (flacplayer, sonicmaxpro, equalizer, EQu). 95% music is lossless ALAC or FLAC.   Music...
  4. Syrk

    Audio Technica ESW9 *Price Drop*

  5. cute

    Audio Technica ATH-ESW9 with Moon Audio Blue Dragon cable upgrade

    For Sale;   Audio Technica ATH-ESW9 Headphones with Moon Audio Blue Dragon cable upgrade!   Mint condition!  Check my positive seller feedback!   Offering pair of ESW9!  Moon Audio Blue Dragon cable upgrade, more musical sounding with lots of detail, a true upgrade to the original...
  6. Jazzyfi

    WTB: ATH-ESW9, DT-1350, B&W P5

    I'm looking for a good on ear closed back headphone for traveling. Let me know if you have the ATH-ESW9, Beyerdynamic DT-1350, or B&W P5.   For the P5, I prefer the newer version with a cut out in the pad, not the old muffled one.   Thanks,   Jazzyfi
  7. agoston.berko

    FOR TRADE Audio Technica ESW9 EUROPE with MOON AUDIO CABLE (Trade for: Grado RS2i, HF-2)

  8. ExpatinJapan

    Have ATH-ESW9, thinking of ATH-ES10 and DT-1350

    I have ATH-ESW9 but am considering acquiring a second set of portable phones, the DT-1350 seems to be the top of the line, but I could never wear them so am considering the ATH-ES10.   I want something fuller and less mid based, also fairly flat would be good.   Anyone have experience...
  9. Jazzyfi

    FS/FT: Audio Technica ATH-ESW9 with Moon Audio Blue Dragon cable upgrade

    I'm selling my ESW9 with moon audio cable upgrade to fund my new iQube purchase.   €200 (+3% extra for paypal fee, or paypal gift) including shipping inside EU, add €10 for other destination.   I got the ESW9 from agoston.berko, check out his gallery for more pictures, the headphone is...
  10. Lumient

    Audio Technica ATH-ESW10JPN and ATH-ESW9

    For sale due to lack of use:   ATH-ESW10JPN   One of the best portable headphones. Condition 8/10. Looks as new, but when closely examined there are hairline-scratches on the cups. Only visible from certain angle. Otherwise like new as far as I can tell. Sounds superb. Have the original...
  11. drews


    Selling a pair of mint Audio Technica ATH-ESW9 headphones, first owner (purchased from Amazon Jan 2012).  CONUS only, PayPal (gift or equivalent amount).     Shipping is included.   Drew
  12. KT66

    ATH-ESW9 - fake or not? urgent help and opinions required from forum members, please

      about to buy these but am worried   do they look like fakes?
  13. Sil3nce

    Audio Technica Ath-Esw9 Sovereign Wood

    First off, let me alleviate any concerns regarding the authenticity of these cans. They are of course 100% real with the blue drivers.  They were purchased from Adorama a couple of months ago.    Condition is practically mint, with no cosmetic problems at all. The wood cups are still...
  14. cel4145

    JVC HA-S500 plus spare ATH-ESW9 earpads

    Update: posted these right at Xmas time, and no takers (I'm sure people already thought they were sold). I've reduced the price slightly to $60 shipped.    For sale is a pair of JVC HA-S500 earphones. I purchased these earlier this fall. They have about 150 hours of break in, with only about...
  15. TTker

    Audio Technica ESW9 (ATH-ESW9) SOLD

  16. Aillas

    Is it true that the Audio Technica ESW9s don't perform well when it comes to metal and hard rock?

    Many claim that the ESW9s are too "slow" for fast, aggressive genres of music like metal and hard rock while a few claim that they work well at playing back any type of music you throw at them.   I generally don't listen to metal or hard rock often, but the odd times that I do listen to...
  17. sirusblack

    Best neutral, closed, and not Made in China-Taiwan headphones ?

    Hi everyone,   Like the title says, I'm looking for neutral, closed and not Made in China (or Taiwan etc.) headphones. If possible that doesn't need amp, but not necesserily, I want to know both. And of course, less expensive it is, better it is.   I'm posting in full-size section...
  18. rintantan

    Your Favourite; ATH-ESW9, B&W p5, or HD 25-1 II's?

    What are your opinions on these cans? They are all very stylish and I was thinking of picking one up for commutes and travel to use with un-amped (for now) iPod classic. Just wondering what your thoughts were on sound quality, un-amped, between them and comfort for extended periods of time...
  19. Bill-P

    ATH-ESW9 fake or no?

    Well, I took a gamble and "tried" to purchase some ATH-EW9 (the clip-on) from China. All paid and done two weeks ago. Then package arrived today. I opened it up and found, to my surprise, a pair of ATH-ESW9!   Considering they came without a box, and kind of barebone, I was afraid they were...
  20. ExpatinJapan

    IEMs with a ATH-ESW9 signature/sound? BOUGHT! Solved!

    Looking for some IEMs with a similar sound to the ATH-ESW9.   Any recommendations or suggestions?   Thanks.   _________________________________________________     I ended up buying the ATH-CK10, thanks everyone.
  21. BoxBoxBox

    Audio-Technica ESW9 with double helix upgraded cable

    Please PM me if you are interested. It is in perfect condition, cable is 5 feet. Free shipping, PayPal is accepted. Bought from Amazon and upgraded, so you will know it is real. 
  22. ragtop

    Audio Technica ATH-ESW9

    ATH-ESW9 bought from audio-technica  2 years ago , excellent condition .I also will throw in case used for the noise cancelling headphones .
  23. tubenews

    Audio Technica ATH-ESW9 - SOLD!!

    Nice set of headphones.  I am the second owner and the cans have had very little use since I'm not a real mobile headphones guy.  I used them occasionally in the evenings outside on the patio.  Comes with original box, paperwork, accessory bag.  Camera broke, so I can't photograph for you, but...
  24. oregon

    Audio Technica ESW9- MINT condition

  25. xinghui0711

    Audio Technica ATH-ESW9 Portable Headphones

    I bought the ESW9 from Buy Dig ( an authorized dealer of AT) about couple months ago. The wooden cup is still in a great shape and I couldn't see any flaw by eye viewing. I would rate it in 9/10 condition still. I have the receipt,original box, and carrying pouch that it suppose to come...