Portable closed headphone with great bass and no amp required
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Nov 11, 2011
I have this brother I am trying to not convince to get Beats or Bose. Many of you understand this struggle, if not with family than with friends. I have an obligation to show my little bro there is a better place for him and his music nirvana. Unfortunately, his needs and mine are different,and so thats why I need Head-fi's help once again. He wants something really portable that does not require an external portable amp (im the same way with my portable phones). He generally listens to electronic and pop, so something that sounds great with those genres are preferred. He will definitely not be listening to any Beethoven or Melody Gardot anytime soon. My price range (im getting it as an XMAS gift is $100-170. I tried the Beyerdynamic DT-770s and HD 598 already. The DT 770 has crappy bass imo and the HD 598 is not a great performer for the genres he likes. Any ideas? Help would be greatly appreciated.

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