Sony MDR 7506 Or Beyerdynamic DT 250 80 Ohm for small head
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Jun 17, 2013

I've been searching around for some good, full size, headphones for under $200 for months. The Sony MDR 7506 seem to be well praised for their price. My most important concerns are:

Really Comfortable (will wear these for several hours at a time) and
Over ear

I also have a really small head so adjustability is important. Most headphones slip off or the cups completely miss where my ears are.

The beyerdynamics I think are probably the higher quality/ more durable of these two but the MDRs look a bit smaller.

I hope to order these today. I've put off this purchase for way too long. Anyone know how these compare comfort, or adjustability wise?

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Beyerdynamic EDT 200/250 Velour ear pads ($23) fit the Sony 7506/V6 headphones.
So save a few dollars, buy some used 7506s, with worn out pads and buy new EDT 200/250 Velour pads.
(guess it's the same Velour ear pads that are on the DT250 headphones).

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