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Should I get DT-770, DT-250, or Custom One Pro?

  1. HelloMelly
    I'm shopping for a new pair of headphones, primarily for dance music, and I think I've narrowed my choices down to these three. I'm curious to see which people would recommend I go with, they all seem similarly-priced and competitive with one another. 
    The DT-770 seem to win out on bass response at the low end, looking at Inner Fidelity charts, and on design/comfort. But I've gotten more than one recommendation to go with the DT-250 instead, because of a supposedly better mid section. Then there's the Custom One Pros, which I can see so many mixed things about. I'm really totally unsure of which way I should go. Which would you go for?
    I have an Octavart O1 amp/DAC combo unit, as well as a Chaintech AV710 sound card, if the other equipment matters.
  2. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Sell off the Octavart 01 and Chaintech AV710.
    Get the Sound Blaster Z sound card.
    DT770 vs DT250, have no idea.
  3. HelloMelly
    What's the benefit to doing that? I probably would sell off the Octavart for a cheaper solution, I dropped $400 on it when I probably didn't need it and could use the money for better headphones and a cheaper amp. But the Sound Blaster Z, is it really a replacement/worthwhile? Plus it's PCI-e and I have no PCI-e slots left...
  4. MrTechAgent
    The DT250 is an interesting headphone for sure. It has all of the qualities of the DT770 Pro 80Ohm, but maybe a tad more refined in some areas. 
    The treble on this headphone is super laid back, like a HD650, but is not veiled or syrupy. It's jsut so smooth and effortless. The extension is a bit lacking as they roll off early but the treble is detailed yet relaxed. The mids are ncie as well and aren't the typical thin and or recessed beyer mids. They are lively and just great! Much like a HD600's mids IMO, though not nearly as refined. Guitars and vocals have nice realism. The bass is similar to the DT770 Pro 80Ohm model in that is very forward and punchy. The bass does not extend that far nor is it all the detailed to me ears. It's more of a one tone bass. It does have awesome authority though. The soundstage is very dissapointing to me. It's very small and incredibly 2-dimensional. Seperation is ok but nothing great. Everything just blends together.
    This is what Zombie-X thinks 
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  5. smartypants
    DT-250 is honest sounding/excellently resolving and is most comfortable/isolating, while not being huge. I have DT990Pro250, my next one is DT-250. For me after long shopping I found this one to be best one for everywhere type headphone - when I am not looking to ultraportable(earbuds etc.) in a pinch iPhone 5 drives these alright, certainly they could benefit from an amp - in caseyou want take them for walkabout.
    DT-770 are huge and they have more limited sound stage than open cans.
    Honestly you can't go wrong, I am getting DT-250s because of their reduced size while being flat.
    Good luck.
  6. HelloMelly
    smartypants, how do you find the comfort of the DT-250s? The cup seem kind of small, and they say they rest on your ears... that doesn't bother you after a while? Maybe I'm just used to huge cups (AD-900s).
  7. smartypants
    They are almost as comfortable as DT-770 and don't look as ridiculous(huge :) ) when you go for a walk in them. For the fit they are plenty comfortable for me, but biometrics differ so one needs to try the fit. Velour on beyerdynamics though is premium I never get tired of wearing it.
    Also because of metal construction I am sure you can bend them if they are too tight.
    I chose DT-250 as universal subway/walk/office type headphone, if you would leave it in the office I gather either one should be fine, IMO.
  8. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Never mind what I said about the Octavart, I mistook it for something else.

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