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I'm Crazy! Sennheiser HD205 Beyerdynamic DT250 Mod [PICS!]

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by sandwich, Jun 10, 2010.
  1. Sandwich
    So my HD205s needed new earpads. Can't sell these for more than $10 and  I wasn't about ready to send a letter to Germany to request those crappy pleather earpads of pain. I wanted velour and I wanted to MOD!  I heard a lot of people put DT 250 pads on their MDR-V6s to improve comfort and keep a nice seal. And I figured, heck I'll try and see if they'll fit and if I can be arsed to make em fit... if not I'll give the earpads to my mum who has V6s.
    So they didn't... but the adapter plates that came with the pads inspired me. They were similar in feel and strength as those black DVD cases, so i figured, heck, I'll just get one of those old AOL cases and cut me out an adapter plate. Gotta love AOL.
    Enough backstory...
    Sennheiser HD205
    Beyerdynamic DT250 Replacement Earpads (w/ plastic adapters)
    Black DVD Case (ABS plastic)
    Dremel or similar tool
    Xacto Knife
    Masking Tape (preferably a color you like, I used blue painters)
    Pen, Pencil or Sharpie
    This mod is reversible
    So I used the plastic adapter plate from the DT250 to draw an outline on the DVD case then cut out the piece i was gonna work with.
    Then I used a dremel with wood grinding bit to clean out a hole in the middle. (I also used a file to wittle it down a bit, not necessary though).
    After this you want to wash it off. get all those little scraps of the edges and make it clean
    Next, line it up with the HD205's own adapter plate and make sure none of the holes are covered.
    At first, I tried to use glue and various adhesives. Nothing worked. regular glue created gaps and ugly blobs. high strength adhesives just ate away at the plastics. In the end, masking tape was a better solution and it's a bonus that it's reversible.
    if you can avoid taping over the holes you don't need an XACTO knife, though it helps to get very precise cuts when getting the tape of.
    After that, just put the new dt250 earpad on as you would put it on the original adapter plate. I didn't put the foam in at first, but I did later.
    Then the new assembly should just snap in into the HD205s.
    So in the end... Comfort is improved greatly, the phones look a little snazzier (blue is siiiick), SQ is a little better (everything is a little better, a lot less muddy), isolation is VASTLY improved.
    I think this would be great for DJ's on a budget. eBay price of 205s are at $11, pads at $18 and factor another $1 for materials and $30 gets you a decent set of comfy and super isolating phones. Not to mention, this is reversible so you don't have to sacrifice the DT250 pads, just take em off if you don't like the mod. Make a new adapter for another set of cans [​IMG].
  2. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    Those pads look hella comfortable. I thought the pads on the HD201s were horrible... probably the same as the HD205...
  3. Mr Joboto
    Lol the pads cost more than the 'phones XD
  4. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    That's some hardcore loving for the HD205s then.
    Reminds me of the crazy mods that people do to the KSC75.
  5. Sandwich

    Yeah it sure is. I had gotten the HD205 right when it came out as a gift it was like $49.99 or $54.99, not sure. I needed it for plane trips and studying in the library. Worked great for that but I didn't want to scrap it because its burned in and has served me well and the price I "paid". I have dbi Pro 700s now so I don't really need these now :/ conundrum. Might just gift it to a family member. I don't DJ so I can't use it for that.
    I've been listening to some dubstep with these on and it is fantastic. Comfort-wise, the Pro700 is still better as the HD205 clamping force is still pretty tight; but b/c of this the isolation is better. dbi Pro700 is more balanced and sounds better but the bass on my mod just feels really really good.The rotating swivel cup still works on the 205 which is nice. 
    The stock pads for 205 are more uncomfy than 201. Speaking of KSC75, I have a enclosure mod for those also I should probably get around to posting... 
  6. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    I'd like a modded JVC HA-S700. I may no longer have them, but I was fond of them for the 1 days I owned them before selling them to my roommate. Seriously, for $30, they were stellar. [​IMG]
  7. Sandwich
    what mods did you do to the JVC?
  8. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    No I mean I would LIKE a modded JVC. Lol.
  9. Sandwich


    what mods though?
  10. Sambones
    Wow, I did something like this so I could use the V6's pads on a cheap headset, after I bought the Beyer pads. You have me thoroughly beat, though, as I just cut out a piece of cardboard, and stuck it underneath the normal baffle. This is awesome, though.
    And I think the best mod for those JVC's would be to transplant a SFI isodynamic driver into it.
  11. Mad Lust Envy Contributor


    Better drivers and recabling really. They sound pretty good for the price, but they could be better. It's just that the design itself is very pleasing and comfortable. Same can be said about the Bose Around Ear, but the JVCs have a much better build quality, IMHO. It's $25-30 vs $130. That's why the JVC is perfect for modding, IMHO.
  12. kikimaru024
    I'm thinking of doing this mod now, but the cheapest I can find the DT250 pads for is €30 (shipped from Thomann).
  13. MPBateman
    Not sure if anyone knew this but underneath the thin pleather layer on the 205's stock earpad is a velour like material. Mine started to peel off so i peeled the rest and now I have free velour pads. No change in sound as the inside of the pads are still pleather covered.
  14. Sennhy90
    Really nice idea but how do they sound?
    I would like to mod mine 205's but the pads cost more than 205's haha :]

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