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Headphone identification challenge!!! ("Let it go" and 20+Headphones)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by rsaavedra, Mar 31, 2014.
  1. rsaavedra
    OK guys, here's something I immediately thought of when watching this video: whether we can collectively identify absolutely all headphones appearing in this video. There are 25 languages, but not 25 headphones. Some appear more than once, and Spain and Portugal aren't wearing any. Let's see how sharp-eyed we are :)

    By the way my absolute favorite voice among all those is the Serbian one. Incidentally, I can't even identify the brand of the headphones she's wearing (maybe AKG?)

    I start with the ones I can more or less identify, will update with people's suggestions:

    01) English: Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO
    02) French: Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO
    03) German: Beyerdynamic DT250
    04) Dutch: Beyerdynamic DT250
    05) Mandarin: Sony CD900ST
    06) Swedish: Beyerdynamic DT250 ?
    07) Japanese: Sony CD900ST
    08) Latin American Spanish: AKG K240 studio
    09) Polish: Beyerdynamic DT150
    10) Hungarian: AKG K271 MKII
    11) Castilian Spanish: ---no headphones---
    12) Catalan: AKG K171
    13) Italian: Beyerdynamic DT100
    14) Korean: Sony MDR 7506
    15) Serbian: AKG K77 ?
    16) Cantones: Sennheiser HD280
    17) Portuguese: ---no headphones---
    18) Malaysian: Sony MDR 7520 ?
    19) Russian: AKG M80 MK2
    20) Danish: AKG K271 MKII
    21) Bulgarian: AKG ?
    22) Norwegian: Beyerdynamic DT250
    23) Thai: Sony MDR 7506
    24) Canadian French: Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO
    25) Flemish: AKG K271 MKII
  2. ForceMajeure
    03) German: Beyerdynamic dt250?
    04) Dutch: Beyerdynamic dt250
    05) Mandarin: Sony cd900st
    06) Swedish: ?
    07) Japanese: Sony cd900st
    08) Latin American Spanish: akg k240 studio
    09) Polish:Beyerdynamic dt150
    10) Hungarian: akg k271 mkii
    11) Castilian Spanish: ---no headphones---
    12) Catalan: akg k271 mkii
    13) Italian: Beyerdynamic dt100
    14) Korean: Sony MDR7506
    15) Serbian: ?
    16) Cantones: Beyerdynamic dt250
    17) Portuguese: ---no headphones---
    18) Malaysian: sony mdr7520
    19) Russian: akg k512?
    20) Danish:  akg k271 mkii
    21) Bulgarian: ?
    22) Norwegian: Beyerdynamic dt250
    23) Thai: Sony MDR7506
    24) Canadian French: Beyer DT 770 PRO
    25) Flemish: akg k271 mkii
    Thanks for this thread, I think I need to go watch this Frozen thing to so what the fuss is all about... over 1B$
  3. rsaavedra
    Thanks ForceMajeure! The Mandarin and Japanese Sony you list as the CD900st look exactly like V6's. I wonder if those are simply different regional names for the same Sony headphones.
  4. rsaavedra
    You should definitely watch it, particularly in 3D, a visual feast!

    The climax in the movie to me was seriously dissapointing though. Wrote a huge critic about it (to be read only after watching the movie). It's in Spanish, here it is anyway:
  5. ForceMajeure
    Ok, taken into account :)
  6. Ishcabible
    Catalan's is the K171, Serbian's is some sort of lower-end AKG (I wanna say K77), Cantonese is the HD280, Russian is AKG M80 MK2, and the Swedish one *kind of* looks like the DT250. And the difference between the V6 and CD900ST is the silver trim.
  7. rsaavedra
    Great, thanks a lot Ishcabible!

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