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Anything better than Beyer DT250's for a Senn HD600 lover?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by tyson, Jun 18, 2009.
  1. Tyson
    I have to have closed headphones in my current situation. I love the HD600's, and I own the Beyer DT250's (the 250 ohm version), which I like quite a bit. My question - is there another headphone out there with a similar sonic signature that is even better from an overall quality standpoint?

    I use a singlepower supra as my amp, so super low impedance cans are out.

    Headphones that I also own which don't fit my needs - Denon D5000's, Lawton Audio D5000 Jurrah Wood, AKG K271's, and Audio Technical A900's.

    Also, no IEM's, they are not comfortable for me over a long listening session.

    OK, fire away [​IMG]
  2. phandrew
    The DT150 is said to have very similar sound to that of HD600
  3. rhythmdevils
    I agree, DT-150, but if you've already got DT250, then maybe not. The DT-150 sounds like a closed version of the HD600, with more treble presence, less mid-bass, and not quite as refined.

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