1. punks15

    beyer dt250/250 vs srh840 amped

    hello just some newbie want to upgrade his rigs this will probably the last closed i'll buy considering my budget... so the title says it all which is better when amped? ( rec me a good amp too for each phones ) Beyer DT250/250 vs Beyer DT250/80 vs Shure srh840? i listen mainly to vocal...
  2. dreamLRG

    Dt 250 Velour pads on the Ultrasone hfi 580?

    Has anyone tried these? and how much does the sound stage? for the better or worse?
  3. donunus

    DT250 earpads and the DT48

    Does the dt250 velour pads fit on the dt48? I really want to see how the dt48s sound when using velour pads.   Also if anyone knows of any specific velour or cloth pads that fit the dt48, please let me know :)
  4. bookaboo

    Beyerdynamic Dt250 vs shure srh840 a brief comparison

    I would like to do a brief comparison between the dt250 80ohm and the srh840. I have had both side by side for the last week and have just returned the srh 840s which gives away the verdict of the comparison a little but I stress this is IMHO. I will break the comparison into three parts...
  5. roker

    Do the DT250 pads fit the new Sony ZX700s like they did the MDR V6 / 7506?

    I bought the ZX700 and it sounds great but the comfort is not where I'd like it to be. Does anyone if this swap will work?  I got word that the V6/7506 pads are smaller, is does the DT250 big?  Can I make it work?   THanks ahead of time
  6. ThomasAH

    Beyerdynamic DT250 80 ohm vs 250 vs 400 ohm...

    Hi Everyone   I am kind of new to this, would someone please explain what is the difference between 80, 250 or the 400 ohm that i can get in those Beyerdynamic DT250?   I am going to just use them on a regular day, train rides, which one would you recommend? I listen to all kind of...
  7. Tresholdz

    What's the difference between DT 770 pro and DT 250?

    Thy are both 250 ohm model, both closed, both circumaural, etc what's the diff? T.Y.
  8. AzraelDarkangel

    Anyone compare Beyer DT250 250ohm to Sony CD900st?

  9. breadcrumbs

    alternatives to Beyerdynamic DT250s

    Recently bought a pair of the 80 ohm version. Terrifically comfortable, but they suffered from egregious channel imbalance, with the left driver nearly twice as loud as the right at some frequencies, so they'll have to go back.   Reluctant to go with another pair of the same once I get...
  10. Kodhifi

    Stupid Amazon cancelled my order of DT250 V6 velour pads. Looking for a reputable dealer

    After 5 days of "not yet shipped" they cancelled the order this morning explaining they were out. I'm looking for a reputable dealer for the DT250 velour pads to upgrade the ones on my Sony MDR-V6 and I don't want to get ripped off. Replacement pads on my 880's are only $30 or so and $45 for...
  11. sancco

    beyerdynamic dt-250 80ohm + fiio?

    sup all   i've got a pair of dt-250 80ohm beyer's and was wondering if they'd benefit from a fiio amp.  for $50 i'd expect a fair improvement in audio quality. when i'm at home i use an asus essence stx.  it sounds pretty darn good - good value purchase. would i get good value out of a...
  12. MDR30

    Beyer DT880/DT250 hybrid

    Let me introduce a sweet sounding, balanced and universal headphone.   A few months ago I bought a DT250 (€12) with a broken yoke to use for spare parts for my regular pair. It turned out everything else was in working condition. The cable came in handy for my DT48, but what to do with the...
  13. mrBiffMann

    Does a Beyerdynamic DT770 headband fit on a pair of DT250s?

    Hi, I have a pair of Beyerdynamic DT250s that I use every day. I'm really happy with them so far but the headband is starting to fall apart, and as I was looking for a new replacement part I found that I like the look of the headband for the DT770 a bit better than the one for the DT250s. Does...
  14. Mato

    Closed, Classical, DT150/DT250?

    I'd like to buy a pair of closed headphones for listening late at night. My budget is about £150 which puts both these phones well in price range. Just wondering what people's opinions on them are for classical music, what with the closed design? I need a closed pair to minimise leaking...
  15. AzraelDarkangel

    Grado question...

    I've owned the SR60 and SR80/I both many years ago and just last year. Most recently I owned the Beyer DT880 pro 250 ohm. While I think the Grado is an amazing value for the price, very clear and dynamic, listening to the Beyers confirmed some feelings I had about these Grados. Listening to the...
  16. victordg25

    Need to choose a comfy headphone

    My english is ****, but I'll do my best. I tend to use headphones a few hours a day for listening to music while studying and comfort has lately become a necessity. My unit requires:   1 Closed back (library use),   2 Velour pads (to keep my ears from burning)   3 Confortable for...
  17. catmus

    single ear headphones

    I am losing hearing in one ear. Does anyone know of any company that makes a single ear headphone? Thanks, John H.
  18. headphone man07

    top ten most indistructable cans

    rules as follows 1 got to be indistructable (well at least as close as possible) 2 got to have different drivers 3 got to be full sized closed cans lets find these hard headphones who think they're strong enough n.b. no tests will actually be done on them
  19. Asr

    How my journey for closed portable bliss came to an end

    Let's start with the pursuit: ever since I first came to Head-Fi, I've always been looking for a closed portable headphone that I could use at work. So in the interest of tracing history I'll go back to the beginning and explain why I tossed out each one I ran into: - Senn PX 200...
  20. Angular Mo


    Hello, I made the mistake of inadvertently going to to full-size headphone forum.   I want something that is easy to travel with for daily commuting on the train; they need not be perfect in the isolation, I don't like the pressure I feel from noise cancelers,   Desires: 1...
  21. Siva108

    Just got the KRK KNS 8400s!

    First of all, thank you guys for all the help when I asked for suggestions on headphones.   I just got the KRK KNS 8400s after literally hours spent looking at Innerfidelity graphs, and they are AMAZING. The detail. OH MY GOD THE DETAIL. Just wow. They're insanely clear as well.   My...
  22. GnomeKid

    New Sound Design Grad Student - Need good all purpose studio headphones

    Hello!   I recently started in an a sound design MFA, and I'm here to ask some advice about headphone options.  I've been working with a pair of 40 dollars skullcandys [don't recall the specific name, and i couldn't find them on their website anymore. Regardless, they're consumer quality]...
  23. fe2cruz

    Will High Power Amplifier + dampening that creates forceful air movement overly stress my drivers & shorten their usable lifespan?

    I have beyerdynamic DT250 headphones: 45mm drivers 250Ohms 100mW 97dB I sealed off the cup exhaust ports and covered the cups with acoustic foam to maximize isolation and tighten up the bass that was dark, overpowering and slow to release. After the changes they sounded bright and bass...
  24. FarhanR

    Modding My Audio Technica ATH - M50

    Hi guys,   Ive been using M50s (Old model) for over a year now. They are good sound wise (a little bass heavy) but the comfort SUCKS. After wearing them for a few minutes, your ears get sweaty and paining. So i've thinking of the 2 below options are if they are strongly recommended    1)...
  25. namaiki

    Suggestions for closed headphones with decent subbass.

    Hello, I'd love any suggestions for closed low fatigue headphones with "movie/cinema" type sub bass that isn't very much rolled off. Budget is preferably <$1k.   I've heard that these might be hard to get a decent seal and might therefore sound bass light. AKG K550 Beyer T70   I...