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Modding My Audio Technica ATH - M50

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by farhanr, Sep 15, 2012.
  1. FarhanR
    Hi guys,
    Ive been using M50s (Old model) for over a year now. They are good sound wise (a little bass heavy) but the comfort SUCKS. After wearing them for a few minutes, your ears get sweaty and paining. So i've thinking of the 2 below options are if they are strongly recommended 
    1) Changing the Ear cushions, below is the Amazon link, it doesnt specify if it can fit on M50s so i would like your opinion on them.If possible please post your links below. I can only hope that changing ear pads don't 
    2) The Bass is a bit too heavy, i use them for Professional purpose and its a little problem since you dont get accurate sound. Is there a work around for it? Like is it possible too cut its bass a little?
    Also, ive been secondarily thinking of jumping to Beyer Dynamics DT-770. I'd like your thoughts on the same too.
  2. jupitreas
    The DT250 earpads do fit the ATH-M50 but they change their sound in a significant way. They are also slightly smaller than the ATH-M50's original pads and this coupled with the clamp of these headphones could make them quite uncomfortable.
    Instead, I found that it is best to simply sow a layer of cotton onto the original pads. The sound remains the same but they become far more comfortable.
  3. FarhanR
    TELL ME MORE! What should i be careful about? How exactly you open them? This idea is GREAT, i dont know it was THAT accessible!
  4. jupitreas
    Just remove the earpads (they come right off) and sow a layer of cotton onto them. (around the doughnut shaped bit). As for decreasing bass, you might consider covering up one or more of the bass ports.
  5. FarhanR
    Quite dont get how you did it. Did you thread them over your stock cups? 

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