1. tannerbnd

    My wife thinks I have a problem! Lol

  2. Ode2Joy

    Headphones for Classical music for person with minor low tone hearing loss

    Hi all,   As you can probably tell, this is my first ever post. I have a conundrum I am hoping to get help with. I love to listen to classical music (not an audiophile by any stretch of the imagination) but am tired of listening to it on Bose ie2's. I have some minor low tone hearing loss...
  3. tylermoney1

    Help please

    Hi. Complete noob to this site. Ive done a lot of research and just really haven't had any luck getting a straight answer. I want a headphone with Good bass but doesn't completely ignore highs and mids Comfort Decent style I'll be using it mostly with my iphone so it needs to be portable. I...
  4. knopi

    Which universal model is the most similar to Westone ES50?

    I have always wanted ES3X then ES5 and now ES50 but from my experience with JH13 I do not want customs again due to the possible sale in future.   They have new models W40, W50, UM Pro 50...   Thanks for help
  5. earin-obsessed

    Ear phones to laptops

    Can we plug in any earphone with any max power input (say 50mW) to a laptop......? is max power input a criteria?
  6. oonkb

    What amp/dac would you recommend to pair with Swans M50W?

    Hi everyone, am new here and would like to thank you in advance for all the advise.   Have just upgraded my desktop 2.1 speakers from Logitech Z2300 to Swans M50W. What an upgrade and difference it made! Currently it's rigged to a Fiio e10. Although i'm very happy with the result, was...
  7. piggypinggy

    Please help, W50 or UM 50 Pro?

    Please help, W50 or UM 50 Pro? I am using iBasso DX50, most of my music are WAV format. I am currently using um3x and want to upgrade it to W50 or UM 50 Pro. 1. Do I need to get an AMP for W50 or UM50pro? 2. What are the difference between them?  Thanks for helping^^!
  8. ninjapenguin120

    Differences / Pros and Cons between M50s and WS99?

    I loved my ATH M50s. They were great headphones. They were perfect for me, as an average guy on a budget, who wanted headphones with isolation, clarity, a relativity neutral sound signature, that looked good enough to wear in public, and above all, good sound to price ratio. But our lives...
  9. cyanescens

    Brief review of SE846, W40, W50, SE535, SE535J, IE800, CKM1000, x11i

    Hello,   I am new to the forum, I am not a musician nor a sound engineer, nor do I write blogs. So I won't write anything that covers every aspect but just point out things that interested me, hoping that it could be some value to potential shoppers.   I own: Westone W40 Sennheiser...
  10. hisagishi

    So how much better are the M50s vs a gaming headset?

    As the title says I am wondering how much better the M50s would be than a gaming headset?   So for instance, I have a pair of Vengeance 1500s, if I buy the M50s, would it be worth it? And how is the bass on the M50s in particular? Anyone have any frequency response graphs of the 1500s?
  11. BrNexus7

    Is there a Headphone with Grado like high end clarity with AT- M50 quality bass?

    I was wondering if there is a pair of over ear headphones that offers both great high end detail while producing solid bass impact as well? It seems to me either headphones give you great high end clarity with weak bass, or strong bass with weak highs.  I would think there has to be a set that...
  12. PCHU

    M50 vs A900x (and GMP 8.35D)

    Well... My M50s are deteriorating (the pads are cracked as I don't know what and the headband is looking really rough), but the drivers work fine. This wouldn't be a problem if the wiring didn't get screwed up on it due to me accidentally applying force on the sides of it while the plug was...
  13. Flognuts

    Are the M50's the sweet spot in the Headphone line up?

    I got my hands on a pair today, and I gotta say they are amazing for the price.....they are the best price to performance headphone I have ever heard. They take me back to the days when I first heard a good set of headphones and just enjoyed the music. I now know why people rave about these...
  14. blastpast


    These are the options I've come down to and I was wondering which one had the following. BEST SOUND BEST COMFORT BEST ISOLATION I mostly listen to rap but I love all the genres mostly older stuff I don't listen to anything from the past 10 years unless its rap honestly. Also please don't give me...
  15. blastpast


    These are the options I've come down to and I was wondering if you could tell me what the best option is based on my preferences? BASS( NOT MUDDY BUT I WANT A NICE BODY AND TEXTURE) SOUND OVERALL(SOUND STAGE,CLARITY,MIDS,TREBLE,HIGHS,LOWS I WANT IT ALL TO SOUND GREAT I WANT TO HEAR DETAILS I ...
  16. TsKen

    Got tired of my M50 so I went to try a new headphone, sadly....

    Got tired of my M50 due to lack fo comfort.   As suggested by someone I went to get CAL as my new replacement for comfort and sound. Sadly I was GREATLY disappointed.   There was absolutely no bass on the CAL. Even though it was comfortable my ears felt pressured and I just could not...
  17. shiroihollow

    Upgrade from ATH-M30s to something other than M50s

    Hey guys, looking at making a more serious purchase & seeking some advice. Budget - Flexible if it's really worth it but greatly preferred under $225~$240 Source - Smartphone, Desktop, Laptop. Requirements for Isolation - I'm going to be using these at work (corporation), home, and in...
  18. techboy

    Swan M50W 2.1 v/s Swan M10 2.1 v/s Audioengine A5 2.0 Review

    Setup: Asus STX sound card Audioengine A5 2.0 Powered Bookshelves on AE DS2 desktop recliners Swan M50W 2.1 multimedia speakers on Auralex mopads The positioning etc wasn't the same because I couldn't manage that. Anyway, I listened to one set at a time. Music only Sound Signature: Audioengine...
  19. Bartmasta

    Need help with the replacement of the headphone jack on my m50's

    Hi guys,   I accidentally damaged the jack on my headphones cause it got stuck in the door and I got it replaced at a cheap repair shop. They put on a cheapo plastic plug/jack but from what I heard it doesn't really make a different and it sounded fine to me. A week later the metal part of...
  20. Bartmasta

    Samsung Galaxy S (i9000) w/ Cyanogenmod 10.1 has weak volume for my M50's - any suggestions?

    Hi,   I recently bought a used Galaxy S. I really like the phone and I read somewhere prior to buying it that it has a decent audio chip so I was pretty happy. I wasn't getting the phone mainly for listening to music but I still considered it important. I installed the latest Cyanogenmod...
  21. Dexter M

    So, the spring on my M50's 3.5mm jack was pulled out of its socket.

    For those that don't know what I'm talking about, this is what the spring looks like: , now it's just on the wire.     This doesn't sound like a problem right? IT SHOULDN'T BE! IT SHOULDN'T MATTER!!   But guess what, when the spring is not touching the metal (for reference): , the...
  22. blueturtle

    M50 VS Momentum

    Hi,    I bought M50 two weeks ago and will receive the Momentum in one week as a gift. Which pair should I keep? Is the Momentum real upgrade to the M50?   Best Regards, BT
  23. SpencerWood

    So I just received my Jaycar Pro monitors in the mail... Everything sounds incredibly muddy compared to my M50s. Am I crazy?

    I mean I wasn't expecting anything crazy, the headphones are in the same price range, but for the most part people here on head-fi seem to say that the Yoga Drivers > the M50s in terms of mids, and soundstage. I'm listening to Dvorak's ninth, jumping back and forth between the two out of my Fiio...
  24. 3

    Transitioning from M50's to A900X's, but learned the A900X's aren't portable. What do I do?

    (Cross-posted in Portable Headphones)   http://www.head-fi.org/t/659174/transitioning-from-m50s-to-a900xs-but-learned-the-a900xs-arent-portable-what-do-i-do   Basically, I saw the deal of $130 for ATH-A900X's a couple days ago and jumped on it instantly after some quick googling - it's...
  25. J Bones

    Audio Technica Battle: Pro700MKII's vs. M50's

    Has anyone here actually gotten to own both of these pairs or tried both long enough to compare them? I can't really get a straight answer as to how they compare, only opinions and reviews on one or the other as most people have either owned just the M50 or just the Pro700. It seems to me that...