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single ear headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by catmus, Nov 22, 2012.
  1. catmus
    I am losing hearing in one ear. Does anyone know of any company that makes a single ear headphone?
    John H.
  2. machoboy
    Beyerdynamic makes a single-ear version of the DT 250
    However, your options would increase if you just looked at DJ headphones with a mono switch, which would have the exact same effect as a single-ear headphone (all of the sound would be present in both ears rather than stereo channels).
  3. catmus
    Thanks, machoboy,---I am freaking out about my hearing loss--I have a growth in my left inner ear--I would hate to have to give up my music/headphone set-up: Grado 325's, Jolida 100A cdp (telefunken tubes), Channel Island headphone amp/matching power supply unit, and Artisan Silver Dream interconnects, but looks like my Grado days are over, unless they start making a single ear can.
    John H.
  4. catmus
    machoboy--forgot to ask you, is there a good DJ headphone you could recommend, say up to $500.00
    John H.

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