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beyerdynamic dt-250 80ohm + fiio?

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by sancco, Jun 9, 2012.
  1. sancco
    sup all
    i've got a pair of dt-250 80ohm beyer's and was wondering if they'd benefit from a fiio amp.  for $50 i'd expect a fair improvement in audio quality.
    when i'm at home i use an asus essence stx.  it sounds pretty darn good - good value purchase.
    would i get good value out of a fiio amp too?  i think it was an e6 fiio that i saw on ebay for $45 australian.
    thanks for ya help,
  2. sancco
  3. nikp
    You might want to get a DAC if you're looking for improvement in sound quality and I am quite sure the STX can power the DT250 80 Ohm sufficiently so getting the E6 would be almost pointless.
  4. sancco
    thanks for the reply... i'm talking about a portable headphone amp though.  i'm happy with my pci sound card.
  5. nikp
    Well, it depends on your portable source. Amps improve SQ a bit only if the headphones are under-powered. The difference in sound quality (amped vs unamped) for headphones around 80 ohms is generally unnoticeable at least according to my ears. Even if they improve, improvement is subtle.
  6. sancco
    my source is an ipod classic video 160g with flac rips.  i only ever have to turn the volume up half-way, so sound quality is all i'm after.
  7. sancco
    actually i'm reading alot of things saying that the fiio amps have radio frequency intereference.  yuck - i might forget the idea entirely.

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