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  1. Angular Mo
    I made the mistake of inadvertently going to to full-size headphone forum.
    I want something that is easy to travel with for daily commuting on the train; they need not be perfect in the isolation, I don't like the pressure I feel from noise cancelers,
    1. over-the-ear, fully, not one-the-ear
    2. closed headphones.
    3. easy to fold up
    4. single cable attachment point
    5. prefer swap-able cable, especially if the attachment is not proprietary.
    1. I like to hear the bass, not feel it.
    2. good detail and separation.
    3. I like treble clarity, not bacon sizzling.
    4. Music: classic rock, acoustic guitar (e.g., Simon & Garfunkel), some Jazz (MJQ), Frank Zappa, complex instrumentals.
    5. I don't listen to heavy electro-music, or otherwise synthesized stuff, other than Franks' synclavier.
    Budget: USD 250
    I own ATH-50m, not portable.
    I recently bought KRK KNS 8400, not portable (OK, I was in the wrong forum), and the attachment is proprietary
    DT880 are my home rig, I like the fabric more than pleather cups.
    T50p, I had considered these, though not over-the-ear, but the double cable attachment ruled it out.  
  2. Eric_C
    If you don't consider the M50 portable, I'm not sure what circumaural will meet your needs...
  3. Angular Mo
    Eric_C, Thank you for the reply!
    I like the Bose AE2 size as a guide, but, well.... it just seems like the un-enthusiast's way to go
    on the full sized thread, I received a couple of suggestions from doc-holliday
    the JVC looked interesting, but I don't know anything about their sound signature, if JVC is one to have a sig.
    The AE2 are the kind of fit and size I want.... it justs seems to be a lazy, and expensive choice.
      I come here to learn new things.
    Please spare me from a Bose AE2 fate !
  4. dweaver
    I too am looking for something like this. Currently Sony has a new headphone coming in November called the MDR-1R that looks very promising as does Vmoda with their M100 but both are going to be about $50 more that your budget. Both will have replaceable cables and the vmoda at least will likely not be proprietary, I am not so sure about the Sony's though. Other than those two headphones most are on ear or slightly to small to be truly circumaural (Sennheiser Momentum being one of the almost circumaural).
    I personally am very tempted to try the MDR-1R.
  5. Eric_C
    I would have asked you to reconsider the AE2 if you didn't have an issue with the noise cancelling sensation. It's apparently got a very inoffensive sound--I tried it once in a store and thought it was decent, though not flat-out impressive.
    I'm guessing something built like the Sony V6 would be the right size? Flatter cups than the M50 for sure. Flatter sound too (hah!); not for everyone, and definitely not for me. Between the V6 and M50, I found the M50 nicer sounding.
    Is there a Beyer DT 250 available where you are? It's got the same great velour on its pads as the 770 and 880, but its size is between a V6 and M50. Sounded good with classical and acoustic material when I demo'd it, and single-sided entry like you want. Dunno how much it costs where you are though.
  6. Angular Mo
    I believe the Bose AE2 are noise noise-canceling.
    DT250, I live in the New York City area, so I can look at them.
    not sure what to do.
  7. Eric_C
    Yes, I know they are noise cancelling. You said you don't like the "pressure from noise cancelers" so I am not recommending them.
    Sorry, I don't follow what you mean. Can you try the DT250? If you can, what are you not sure about?
  8. Angular Mo
    I am a tired dope (it is 1.15am in New York)
    AE2, I checked Bose's site, not noise canceling, (If I can still read at this late hour.)
    DT250, I can go to B&H and take a look at how large they are - I suspect though they may be too big.
    I am afraid if I buy the Bose, no one on this site will ever reply to a post of mine...
    - Angular
  9. Eric_C
    Angular: ah I see what you mean now. Yeah, if you buy a Bose you'll be exiled. We can still PM though, that's cool.
  10. dweaver
    Psst I own a pair of Bose IE2's :wink: LOL.

    I did forget to mention the Sony ZX700 and their iPhone siblings. Not a bad on ear as well. Also there is the Panasonic RP-HTX7, and the JVC HA-S600, the JVC isn't supposed to be all that good but the Pannies have good reviews.
  11. Doc-holliday
    Ah, there you went.

    Ok, I know you are thinking because those S500 are "JVC" they must not be too good. I mean when I was growing up JVC to us stood for Junk Very Cheap.

    This product uses a new material invented by JVC called "nanotubes". To give you how good these sound, AT HOME I listen to them in rotation with my DT990 Premiums and my DT770 Premiums. I was just listening to him 5 mins ago and listened to them for 4 hours last night.

    I do recommend one "mod" to really get the most out of them which is to put the Sennheiser HD25 ear pads on them. 2 reasons - one is a tad bit more comfortable but the main reason is they really bring out the mids and especially lower mids to give you a really, really balanced sounding headphone.

    Read that thread I linked for you. You need to get price out of your head.

    If you don't like that idea try those Sennheiser 360's I linked you for 50 bucks. I have purchased from VM innovations refurbs before and they come in factory refurb packaging and my phones were in like new condition. Or the Beyer DT235 is a small headphone that is highly regarded and is over ear for those with smallish ears. It is 40 bucks from amazon and will also smoke the Bose.

    Last word on the JVC -- I also have the ATH-M50. I will listen to the JVC over the M50 twenty nine times out of thirty. I say they are better and a lot of people agree with me.

    All 3 of the ones I just gave you are super portable, sound great and cost half or less than your budget. What more can you ask?

    S500 > DT235 > PX360 > AE2
  12. Angular Mo
    hey doc_holliday,
    Thank you for following me where the post belong, and
    Thank you for the prescription, I can't ask for anything more; thank you for the diagnosis to my aural psychosis. 
    Wow, JVC S500>Beyer DT235, or as some Docs in America say "take a beyer, and call me in the morning." you can call me, Mo

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