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Just got the KRK KNS 8400s!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by siva108, Sep 12, 2012.
  1. Siva108
    First of all, thank you guys for all the help when I asked for suggestions on headphones.
    I just got the KRK KNS 8400s after literally hours spent looking at Innerfidelity graphs, and they are AMAZING. The detail. OH MY GOD THE DETAIL. Just wow. They're insanely clear as well.
    My source is a 4GB Indigo (<3) Clip+. There is absolutely no need for an amp. I'm listening to them as I type and I'm only at about 75% volume and they're at just the right volume. I can't handle any more than this.
    The isolation is INCREDIBLE. I literally cannot hear anything. At all. Well other than the incredible music of course. [​IMG]
    These are so good that I feel like I've literally rediscovered music. I'm about to see how it does with Bass I Love You and later on some COMFORTABLY NUMB!
    If you guys have any questions, feel free to ask. I recommend these HIGHLY btw. I paid $149 for them at Musicnextday (eBay) with next day free shipping. These are easily worth much more.
    Oh and the bass is certainly not lacking. It's not overemphasized though. Neutral bass, just the way I like it. :)
    Btw, much love to Tyll for those awesome graphs!
    Edit: Checked out Bass I Love You (FLAC). The bass extension is insane on these. All the bass in the song is clearly heard, that really deep (30hz?) rumble is perfectly audible. Very clean, very neutral.
  2. UCLA 15
    Gotta love the 8400s. I really wish KRK would get into the headphones game more because the 6400s/8400s were a fantastic first step into it. You just get so lost in the sound, because it's so good and so non-fatiguing. Total detail and clarity monsters for the price. The bass is definitely clean and accurate, only lacking in impact. But the lack of impact contributes to how non-fatiguing they are, so it's a tradeoff. 
    It's a shame I'll have to sell mine (and my M-80s) for some V-Moda M-100s, but they've been a fun experience. BTW, if you're a gamer these are the ultimate headphones to make people think you're cheating. Also they make for a great movie experience.
  3. roma101
    Love my KRKs so much that when I sold them the first time I had to go back and repurchase them. They're amazing and compete with headphones twice the price.
  4. tdockweiler
    Always have been a fan of these. I think KRK must have made some silent updates on them.
    The 8400 I have now sounds nearly as good as my $250 AKG Q701. In comparison the 8400 seems to have less bass, but maybe it's more accurate bass?
    The 8400 seems to have better low bass extension and slightly more treble. Q701 is a bit warmer too.
    I wish there was something I could do to get more people to try the 8400 with gaming. Competitive gamers (those still exist right?) who require a closed headphone need to try this.
    For Skyrim, the 8400 sounds like a closed Q701 almost. Pretty amazing with Fallout 3 as well.
    My biggest complaint is the microphonic cable. It's a bit annoying. I should get the coiled version instead.
    Think i've been through 3 8400s and two 6400's. I have both and now prefer the 8400.
    I still prefer the DJ100, but I won't go there [​IMG]
  5. jupitreas
    I still can't stand the 8400's farty bass.
  6. roma101
    lol Interesting, farty is the last thing I would call it (when I think farty, I think of the XB500).
  7. gelocks
    Not my experience... but they sure are detailed! For that price I'd still prefer the Shure SRH840s but I can see why people would like the KRKs!
    To the OP, glad you are enjoying them!
  8. tdockweiler
    If the 8400's bass is farty, I would hate to see your impression of the bass on the XB500!
    Maybe you have a lot more clamping force than I do.
    I always see these listed as an alternative for those that like the M50 and I'm all confused...
    BTW what has neutral bass to you?
  9. Beagle
    The upper bass is slightly farty. Just a step above warm would probably constitute farty.
  10. tdockweiler

    Oh ok. I guess I like farty bass. I just imagine farty bass like XB500 like bass..I can't even listen to that thing without an EQ.
    I guess this means the HD-600 is extremely farty. I've found that has more upper (and mid) bass than my 8400.
    I must be the only one on earth who thinks the HD-600 has too much bass. I actually modded mine to bring it to neutral levels [​IMG]
  11. talisman42
    There's so many kinds of...   can you clarify a bit more?  I know I would have described the Shures SE530 IEM as a wet one - but not in a bad way.
  12. Beagle
    OK, let me put it this way. I find the 8400 almost linear except for a slight warm bloated effect in the very upper bass/lower midrange. I don't hear it right away but after a few minutes it becomes apparent to me. I might be hypersensitive in that FR area. But everything else in very nice on that 'phone.
  13. Siva108
    Oh and I realised when I got these that you guys weren't kidding when you said these were uber comfy and light. I mean when I put them on, I forget I'm even wearing them.
    Absolutely 0 fatigue btw.
    It's a good thing I went with Tyll's graphs. There's no way in hell the Headroom graphs for the 8400s are accurate.
    I totally agree with UCLA about getting lost in the music with these. Progressive rock on these is mindblowing.
    Edit: If anyone's having volume problems with the Clip+, just set your region to 'Rest of the world' and choose 'High volume' in the settings.
  14. PastaChief
    How are you finding the foam on the headband? I had to take it off my pair, found it too uncomfortable.
    Just tried out Bass I Love You. Pretty sweet :D
  15. Siva108
    I think they're very comfy. They're pretty much pushing down on my head when I wear them since I adjusted the headband to the smallest size possible that'd still fit my head and I don't even notice them.
    I was actually pretty surprised how well the headphone did Bass I Love You. Wasn't expecting that 30hz rumble to be audible at all tbh.
    Oh and one other thing, I noticed a couple of holes on the top of the cups, does that make these semi-open? Or are those holes for something else? Like aesthetic purposes?

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