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Grado question...

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by azraeldarkangel, Jan 20, 2013.
  1. AzraelDarkangel
    I've owned the SR60 and SR80/I both many years ago and just last year. Most recently I owned the Beyer DT880 pro 250 ohm. While I think the Grado is an amazing value for the price, very clear and dynamic, listening to the Beyers confirmed some feelings I had about these Grados. Listening to the SR80 makes me think of a mini-monitor with a metal dome; a bit overly forward and peaky up top with a midbass hump after which the bass falls off a cliff. In comparison the DT880 was like a full size floorstanding speaker with a silk dome tweeter. Very smooth but still detailed and dynamic without the midbass hump and extending much lower with a more gradual rolloff.

    Do the higher end Grados retain a similar signature to the lower end? SR325 or PS500? I found the Beyer vastly superior to the SR80 in every way. Just curious.
  2. Cakensaur
    mostly yes
    its whats known as the grado "House sound" there are a few different "flavours" if you will though
    I found the ps500 actually very good when i heard it.
    The bigger grado's (as opposed to the baby's, 60/80, of which i own the 80's) tend to get a lot more refined. that sub bass says hi a bit more,
    the treble gets more composed, but retains its forwardness. the midbass hump will always be there (kick drums sound lovely :wink: )
    they are never a true "hifi headphone" if you will. i don't mean to say however, that they are bad, they are in fact excellent.
    I have headphones that are technically superior to my SR225i's
    but that doesn't really matter all that much because nothing makes rock/metal so magic.
    And so you would find the DT880 better, they are better headphones. for most things.. (besides they cost a lot more, and at this price range we haven't hit the wall that is diminishing returns yet)
  3. AzraelDarkangel
    I never got the whole "Grados do rock" thing. The Beyers were vastly superior, had zero interest in my Grados after I got the Beyers and this was even straight out of my phone. Oh well, guess I just like a more balanced sound. I did have to sell the Beyers not long ago after some financial problems. Picking up some new phones and probably a turntable with my tax check in a few weeks. Probably a Beyer DT250 250 ohm or Audio-Technica AD900X.
  4. Cakensaur
    well they provide the aggression a lot of people like with rock, and especially metal.
    but hell, season to taste etc.
    everyone is different :wink:
  5. GREQ
    SR325i is more fatiguing in the treble than any other Grado. I prefer the 225i to the 325i.
    I love my BDT990, but for rock/metal the treble is too gentle and the bass doesn't have a natural timbre and decay.
  6. joseph69
    I own the 325is, and don't feel that the high's are fatiguing what so ever, and I understand some people do.
  7. GREQ
    Also it's worth noting that volume changes the perception of sound. 
    Grados are fatiguing for most people on moderately high volumes, but all of them are sublime at low volumes.
  8. joseph69
    Very much so. Also it depends very much on the music's recording/source.

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