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Replacement Earpads suitable for Denon AH-D1100

  1. megaMANX6
    Im looking for replacement earpad suitable for Denon AH-D1100 as i feel that the original ear pad is a sweat generating pad when im using the can outside.
    Can someone recommend me other ear pad that could be use on 1100
  2. jant71
    I have a pair of DT250/V6 velours that I never used outside of trying one time. Not sure of the size of the Denon pads though. You'll have to measure them. The DT pads are 4" x 3" to the outside. Shoot me a PM as they have only been sitting in a drawer.
    They are these...http://www.buzzillions.com/reviews/beyerdynamic-velour-padded-earcushions-dt250-dt280-sony-mdr7506-v6-reviews
    Click on the pic to get a close up.
  3. megaMANX6
    PM me the price you are looking at.
  4. Prognathous
    Same situation here. I'd be happy to hear how the OP (and others) have solved this.
  5. Prognathous
    I sent an email to Denon Support. Let's see if they reply. In case anyone else have a different idea, feel free to chime in.
  6. Prognathous
    megaMANX6, I don't know if you're still looking for pads, but it's now possible to find them on ebay. Check out this post:

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