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Sheepskin pads for ATH-M50?

  1. Kdavis71
    I am having the issue of stock pads for my ATH-M50 being quite uncomfortable but I like my sound quality. I read about putting DT250 and the Shure velour pads on my headphones but from reading multiple reviews of all those pads on M50s it seems they all hurt the sound quality which is something I don't want.
    What about sheepskin earpads for the M50s?
    That is an Amazon link to some sheepskin earpads. They don't list ATH-M50 as one of headphones they were designed for but the same people sell a pair of Velour earpads made for the same headphones as the sheepskin with reviews saying they fit great on the ATH-M50.
    The Velour link is here:
    I know any change in ear pads will change sound quality but does anyone know if sheepskin will be a more positive effect on sound than the velour?
  2. Kdavis71
    Anyone ever tried sheepskin leather on ath-m50s?
  3. Kdavis71
  4. Kdavis71
    I guess no one has tried those pads on ATH-M50 but does anyone know in general how sheepskin pads affect sound as opposed to pleater and velour?
  5. adroid
    I am also interested. Bump.
  6. 7keys
    + 1

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