1. levinhatz

    Subtle, unassuming headphone amp/dac for work

    Hi head-fiers,   This might sound like a weird question. But.   I'm looking to bring a headphone amp/dac to work and my criteria are two fold. Firstly I'd like something that'll de-muddify the mids of AT W1000X headphones and power them nicely. But equally as importantly, I need it to be...
  2. genclaymore

    Alt earpads for the A900X?

    I been using my A900X's for a long while, I do enjoy the headphones very much but their ear-pads started to hurt my left Ear. I tried twisting  the pads around, Thinking that it was on wrong. But that doesn't solve the problem. I def do not want to change from the A900x. But I was wondering if...
  3. Allanmarcus

    Closed Cans, looking...

    Yep, this is another "what should I get" thread, but I now have ether-c headphones. I'm keeping this up as it might help others.             Company Model ohm MSRP Price Weight (g) AKG K553 Pro 32 199 305 Alpha Design Lab H128 68 430 330 Alpha Design Lab H128 68     Audeze EL-8...
  4. ZSamuels28

    Looking for closed headphones

    Hi All, I currently have the Grado RS1i's but I am looking for a closed headphone that is equivalent because I want to use my headphones at work and do not want everyone around me to hear what I am listening to. Please give me your recommendations. I will be looking to trade my Grado's...
  5. thelamppost

    Thinking about upgrading headphones (~$400 or less)

    I've had the ATH-M50s for about two years now and they're great!  The problem, however, is that I've shown them to my dad and now I can't ever use them.  So I'm using this opportunity to move up to the next step.  I'm considering a few options:   Darth Beyer V4 (Terminators) Denon...
  6. Makiah S

    Review Sony ZX 300 -My Most Spotted Can

        Sony MDR ZX300   Source Win 7[Foobar2000 WASAPI] -> oDac -> MonoPrice Premium Coaxial Cables -> Matrix M Stage [0 db Gain Lme 49990 OpAmp]   Compared against modified Audio Technica w1000x   Obviously there's not much comparing a $30 can to one that's upwards of $600. Non the...
  7. JensL

    Another Beyer Manufaktur arrives! (Pics)

    So...I finally got my customized Beyerdynamic from their fine Manufaktur website. It took over a month, apparantly they had some problems making enough leather pads. My custom Beyer is a DT990 32 ohm, with blue rings and forks, and leather headband and pads (not in pictures). The real...
  8. BlueRain

    Do Beats Studio headphones improve after burn-in or should I just burn them?

    Back in November 2010 I purchased a pair of Studios at the airport so I could listen to my iphone on the plane.  Didn't really listen to them too much after that and gave them to my stepdaughter (no, I wasn't trying to be mean to her...really).  Well, she didn't use them very much but actually...
  9. Music Fanatic

    Great headphone/audio stores in Taipei?

    Oh collective head-fi group mind -- please tell me where (in your opinion) are the really fantastic audio (and headphone) shops in Taipei. I'm looking forward to your suggestions.
  10. enm260

    Headphones for the office

    I recently decided to get a good pair of headphones for use in the office, hopefully someone here can recommend a pair.  Up until now whenever I wanted to listen to music in the office I would use the klipsch reference s4, but I stopped because in-ear headphones just aren't very comfortable for...
  11. punish

    Best Noble CIEMs focusing on mids and ~ USD$1k

    Hi all,   Noble IEM's obviously intrigue me based on the consensus as well as their absolutely stunning, unparalleled looks.   I had a look on their website, but thought I'd like some more opinions on which ones of their customs would be comparatively more mids focused. Amazingly smooth...
  12. pekingduck

    New Audio Technica Woodies: ATH-W1000Z announced   Note: By Google Translate   W series of proficiency that enjoy the sense of unity, such as wearing the sound.  Tone, warm with a bang by Wood housing of natural teak.   Wood housing * 1 carved solid natural teak is the...
  13. Makiah S

    Battle of the Modded Wood Backs Comparative review of a Modded W1000x and LA D2k

    So guyz I've finally got both my wood closed backs with me again, and it's time to decide if I'm going to keep them both as I intended to... or if one is indeed better than the other!       
  14. Scorpion667

    ~$1000 budget for Cans for on the go

    Hello,   I commute 4 hours a day and am looking for a pair of cans on the go. My source is Theorem 720 DAC/AMP taking it's digital signal from my iphone 5. Headphones used currently are Ultrasone Pro 900 with silver plated OCC copper cable. I love the sound however the isolation and leakage...
  15. Endcode

    Feenix Aria Studio-Grade Gaming Headphones

    They might be gaming headphones, but they do really look beautiful. They also claim to be "audiophile level sound quality." An interesting choice of words for a gaming company to use to describe a product. Just thought i'd bring this product up to your guys (and girls) attention. official...
  16. PurpleAngel

    Audio Technica ATH-A900XLTD vs ATH-W1000X

    I'm tempted to swap out my current ATH-A900X (Velour pads) headphones for the ATH-A900XLTD or ATH-W1000X. The price is the same. Anyone have any ideas on how those two headphones (A900XLTD & W1000X) would compare to each other?
  17. Toxicman1994

    Audio Technica ATH-A900X vs Audio Technica ATH-W1000x?

    I am looking to upgrade from my ATH A900X and I don't know where to turn. If anyone wants to recommend a non-Audio Technica headphone that's perfectly fine too, but I'm just comfortable with ADT. Can anyone tell me if the ATH-W1000x is good enough (better than the A900X) to justify a purchase...
  18. sokolov91

    ATH-W1000X Review *UPDATED*

    Hello All! This is my second review, and given the class these headphones exude, I will do my absolute best to do them justice with the quality of my review. I plan on doing more reviews on my various headphones, so please do comment as to how I could have done better, what more I could have...
  19. Earbones

    Is the Astell & Kern AK10 a DAC and amp? Or just a DAC?

    Sorry for the noob question... I've tried searches, but sifting through the myriad of articles and threads has proved fruitless thus far. Most of the articles and threads refer to the AK10 as a DAC/amp, but there is no mention of it being an amp on the product page at the A&K website.    So...
  20. conquerator2

    Which DAC to get?

    Hi guys, I've been trying to choose a DAC/amp combo unit but am currently stuck between 4:   1] AUNE X1 24bit 192kHz USB DAC Headphone Amp...
  21. donunus

    Audio Technica Woodies

    Is there a thread somewhere that does a comparison of the AT woodies like the w2002 w100 w11 w1k w5k etc etc??? If anyone knows, can you pls post a link cause I cant seem to find one.
  22. Retrias

    ATH w1000x questions

    Hi head fi , I was gifted with this headphone from a relative , so far I am liking it . I have some questions about it though, I am seeing that the leather pads is sort of dropping off? is there some sort of alternative pad for this headphone rather than the original one? like velour or...

    Advice Please: ATH-W1000X ($399) vs. HE-400 ($399)

    Okay, so the ATH-W1000X is on sale and I need a little extra advice.   Prior to encountering this sale, I was looking at HE-400s at the same price, $399. My problem is, I live in a very remote coastal village--no HiFi shop within 1000km--and cannot personally audition these two phones. So...
  24. IrfCore

    ATH-AD2000X, ATH-W1000X and ATH-ESW11LTD

    Hello, I am looking into Audio Technica headphones and I am considering to buy both a open and closed headphones at the same time. This is a big step up for me. I currently use Audio Technica ATH-ES55 for portable use and I am keeping my ES55 for training/working out. I also have KRK KNS-8400...
  25. michnix

    cans to complement ATH-W1000X?

    Hello! Which headphones would you recommend to complement ATH-W1000X ? My amp is a Trafomatic Head One. HE-500? HE-400? or something else altogether? thanks for your help! dave