1. lramirez1959

    Astell & Kern AKT5P

    Reduce Price: 825.00 US Paypal fee and shipping to CONUS included   Pristine condition Beyer T5P Astell & Kern Edition   Beautiful and open sound, perfect match for Astell&Kern players   Termination is 2.5mm balanced for AK players, plus 2 Norne Audio adapters (2.5mm to 3.5mm and 2.5mm to...
  2. xnor

    Headphones sensitivity, impedance, required V/I/P, amplifier gain

    The following table is based on measurements, not manufacturer specs.   Target SPL is 110 dB SPL. The source is assumed to output 2 V. The amp is assumed to be a voltage source (0 ohm output impedance). Voltage, current, power are RMS figures.   What do the columns mean? S@1V is the...
  3. Synthax

    Headphones similar to Rehdeko speakers

    Dear music Fans, it is my great pleasure to join to your community. Actually I'm an owner of rehdeko speakers, Crimson pre (which suits also as a headphone amp) and a modified player CD104 by philips. Due to my family situation I started to use headphones, and now I'm looking for smth that could...
  4. nirki98

    headphones for friend

    i have a friend  that is looking for headphones around 1000$ and he listens to rock, metal and classic music. he wants to have an over ear headphones to hear music trew ipod (not for studio). what are the best over ear headphones around this prices?
  5. Allanmarcus

    Closed Cans, looking...

    Yep, this is another "what should I get" thread, but I now have ether-c headphones. I'm keeping this up as it might help others.             Company Model ohm MSRP Price Weight (g) AKG K553 Pro 32 199 305 Alpha Design Lab H128 68 430 330 Alpha Design Lab H128 68     Audeze EL-8...
  6. LoSt IN Hifi

    Recommend Headphones for travel?

    Hi everyone   This is my first post and glad to finally join the forum after years of reading   I was wondering if some people who are more knowledgeable than me could help me in choosing a headphone that I will use ideally at work and for travelling to work.   I need a closed back...
  7. jtycho

    Help with quality portable setup - Tera/Beyerdynamic?

    Hello Everyone,   I'm new to this forum but have been snooping around for a bit.  I'm an audiophile but have never had any interest in headphones, so I basically no nothing about them.  I've been struck with the urge for a descent portable setup for times when my iPhone just doesn't cut it...
  8. sy0296

    help choosing my first set of custom IME

    Hi guys, I need some guidance choosing my first set of custom IME.   I've had some experiences with IMEs in the past but I always went back to full size cans due to discomfort after long listening sessions.  I currently own shure e500, UE triplefi 10, etymotic er4-s and use them...
  9. lukEM22

    Best portable headphones under 250

    I posted this in the reccomendations thread and doubt it is going to get any recognition. That subforum is too busy. I just wanted some opinions on my next portables;   I am in the market for some over-ear or on-ear headphones under 250 that meet these qualities (in order of importance)...
  10. Random Guy

    Beyerdynamic: What is the best value for money (in the portable headline line)?

    Hey All,   I am after a full size over the ear portable headphone easy to drive and was wondering about what one of these would be the best value for money?   Beyerdynamic T5p for $1050 or Beyerdynamic T70p for $400?   I have read reviews and know the T5p is better but is the...
  11. hush4hire

    Which portable headphone has reference class/hi-fi sound quality?

    Which portable headphone has reference class/hi-fi sound quality? I'm planning to buy one ultimate portable headphone.
  12. drummerben04

    $1000 budget, should I go open or closed?

    *****POLL MISTAKE: MEANT LCD-2 NOT LCD-3!!***** I have a $1000 and my choices at this point are huge. Basically I have 6 headphones that I'm considering buying. The Mr. Speakers Alpha Prime, Beyerdynamic T5p, Beyerdynamic T1, Hifiman HE-560, Fostex TH-900, Audeze lcd-2. I would prefer open...
  13. jh7000

    How do you pick your favorite Headphone?

    So I have gone feet first into headphones and bought, auditioned, and sold a lot of headphones in the last month. I don't claim to be an audiophile.... as I started with some HD280s, then moved to HD558 and found a huge difference... so I started reading reviews/head-fi and all of a sudden I had...
  14. soundslikebliss

    PERCEIVED Flat Headphones?

    Hey all!   Still pretty new here... I have a question regarding an issue that I'm surprised no one has discussed (or at least that my 'advanced search' skills were unable to find).   The issue I'm talking about is the perceived curve vs the actual curve of headphones in comparison to...
  15. whoelse

    Quick: King of close back headphones still in production

    Kings nominated from this thread:   Audio Technica W5000 Beyerdynamic T5p Denon AH-D7100 Fostex T50RP Mad Dog Fostex T50RP Paradox Fostex TH900 JVC DX1000 Kenwood KH-K1000 Ultrasone Edition 8 Ultrasone Signature Pro AKG K550 Fostex TH600 Sony MDR-1R Sony MDR-CD900ST...
  16. ngkwunwah

    What is the different between Beyerdynamics T series and DT series?

    Besides the Tesla technology, what is the different between them like T90 and DT 900? On the other hand, I have a T90 one. If I want to buy a new one, is T1 a good choice for me to upgrade? Is the T1 significantly better than T90? Or AKG 702A is better? I always listen to classical musics and I...
  17. ggpops

    My best gaming headphone

    When I say gaming headphone, I don't mean that I want a mic, volume control or any other external feature. I want a can with mostly linear bass extension - flat sub bass that doesn't recess with midbass that doesn't interfere with male vocals. I also want imaging that allows me to accurately...
  18. Boyz2men

    Owned D5000 and T5P. Would K812 or GS1000i be complementation?

    I owned my D5000 and T5P for half a year. Now it's time to have something different. I'm looking for a pair of headphones coming as a complementation instead of a replacement. Any recommendation between K812 and GS1000i? Or any other cans?
  19. pastortommy

    $300.00 to spend on EITHER IEMs or Closed Can over the ear. What do you suggest?

    Hello everyone, I'm really bummed today as it seems my Sennheiser Momentums were stolen.  I LOVED them in just about every possible way.  I liked that they were only 18ohm impedance which meant they were easy to drive and could easily be enjoyed via my iPhone, mac, etc.  I loved the sound...
  20. Woodshed

    B&W C5 opinions and Sennheiser IE60 opinions

    New to the forum and I am hoping to hear some opinions from folks who have maybe heard both. I currently own the B&W P5 headphones but want to move into an IEM. The basis for these 2 options is simply that these are the 2 I have available to me through a rewards site I frequent. Thanks in...
  21. GalaxyGuy

    Beyerdynamic T5p - Relist

    Selling a pair of lightly used Beyerdynamic T5p portable (closed) headphones.  The cans are in very good condition and include everything that was originally included.  I am the original owner.  Headphones always used in a smoke free environment.  They sound great, but I just haven't been using...
  22. skunkworker

    Portable amp for T5P

    So i got the Beyerdynamic T5Ps and i am currently looking for a portable amp. I am not so experienced with headphones or amps for that matter so looking for some help  when it comes to choseing the right amp. Been looking at the Beyerdynamic A200p so around that price range 400$. Appreciate...
  23. skunkworker

    Beyerdynamic T5p is change of cable possible?

    So as the title says i am wondering if its possible to change the cable to the T5p, and if it does is it easy to do it youreself? 
  24. Bossatiger

    Beyerdynamic T5P vs Fostex TH-900

    They are both around the same price, fostex being a bit more expensive. I'm looking for a high end closed back driven without a dedicated amp. I have narrowed it down to these two. My focus is on comfort and sound quality. I want something on the neutral side but smooth/non fatiguing. Comfort...
  25. Boyz2men

    t5p vs d7000. Which one has the wider soundstage?

    Now I'm considering getting a pair of top class close-back headphones. Can somebody tell me the major difference between t5p and d7000? And what will be the second-hand prices? Thanks!