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++ FULL-SIZE HEADPHONE RECOMMENDATIONS THREAD++ CLOSED: Please post a thread in the Introductions, Help and Advice forum

  1. wazzupi
    buy denon's old model or save for the ah-d600.  or get the akg q701's and price match them at best buy they just lack good bass but amazing for gaming in every other aspect.
  2. Rawdawg3234

    Sounds like you need to check out some ultrasone cans. I'd recommend some pro 2900's, or if your budget allows for it a pair of sig pros.
    Both are extremely easy to drive.
    The 2900's have excellent bass and in my opinion they are a perfect headphone for the money.
    Excellent build quality, ultra comfortable, and just plain fun.
  3. gdelnegro
    Hi guys, and girls, i'm new to the forum, this is my firts post, but i'm always reading the topics here. I want to buy an headphone to use with my ipod Classic. I listen to every kind of music. I had a Sennheiser HD205, and use a Turttle Beach X12 on Xbox.
    I want your advice on which headphone to buy. I live in Brazil, so headphones are a little salty here (a beat's pro for example, cost around 1.1K U$D). I want something in the price range of 100-200 U$D. My thoughts so far are:
    Audio Technica ATHM50
    Shure SRH840
    Shure SRH750DJ
  4. xSpartanCx
    I want an all-rounder (every type of music), relatively balanced (I like high treb and moderate to high bass) with good clarity

    I don't really care if they're open or closed (circumaural, I wear headphones for hours on end)

    I won't ever be using these away from my computer, so no portability/amp required

    p.s. I have a slightly smaller than average head

    price range ~175 USD

  5. evomunk

    1. The M50s is a good balanced headphone. Good for entry level users to hear what good sound is like. The M50s got me hooked into the audio world now and I want to experience more with different pairs. The M50s made me never want to look back at the quality of sound that I've been experiencing for all these years. For me, the M50s set the new standard line of sound quality.

    2. I will use them primarily for music.

    3. I listen to pretty much everything besides metal and country. Though I mainly listen to rock, hip hop, and electro.

    4. It doesn't matter

    5. A little more bass would be nice.

    Originally, I was going to get a pair of ATH-A700s as my first audiophile headphones but I went with the M50s because it seemed that it was a little better overall than the 700s. At the same time as I was doing my research, I saw that AT was releasing a revised version of the ATH-700s and 900s. That's also the reason why I had went with the M50s first.

    Since now I have a general idea of what to expect, I want to go for a pair of ATH-900x. Mainly due to a larger soundstage.
  6. Malacoda
    Alright guys, looking for an upgrade over my M50s for around $300. I listen to nearly all musical genres. I am not really that interested in "bassy" headphones as I tried the Denon 2000s and absolutely hated them. They felt incredibly flat to me and the bass just felt too forced over everything else. I enjoy a good overall, detailed sound but also enjoy them to be relatively loud as well.
    I have been looking at the Beyer 880s and AKG550s or even something cheaper like the HD598s. I am also not really picky on whether they are open or closed as well. 
    Any recommendations out of these three or perhaps something else?
    I also do not have any sort of DAC or amplifier at the moment. 
  7. steve2151
    By flat, I'm assuming you mean too laid back for your taste? I've owned the D2000 and didn't like it much for the same reasons. I think that the DT 880 (quite neutral) or a Grado SR225 or SR325 (more aggressive) would be closer to your sound preferences. You should pair the Beyers with a good budget dac/amp for best results. I've had good results with the NFB-12 and HUD-MX1.
    For another $100 or so used, I think that the ATH-AD2000 or ATH-AD1000PRM would be perfect for you. They are fast and detailed headphones with plenty of air but not much bass impact. I really like the forward upper mids on my AD1000PRM for acoustic music. They also play very loud out of any portable since they are about as sensitive as the average iem.
  8. RubberDuk
    I had Grado RS-1 with a Millet Hybrid Max amp. Due to comfort issues and the fact that they seemed to excel in music played with instruments I moved on and got a pair of Darth Beyers (still the same amp). These days I mostly listen to electronic music (psytrance, ambient, downtempo, ebm/industrial etc) plus some metal.
    While I'm fairly happy with my current setup, I guess I just want to try something new. I'm something of a bass head and the Audeze LCD-2 certainly seems interesting.. but it's beyond my budget even used. Hifiman HE-500 might be doable, but tentatively my max budget is 400eur/~520usd. Electrostatics are one possible direction, but the bass might not be enough for me (and they tend to be on the expensive side, especially if you need a separate amp). I enjoyed the RS-1's tight bass, but these days I tend to prefer more of it. I'm interested in any thoughts you guys might have.
  9. linuxid10t

    Electrostats can be the **** for electronic and metal. Extremely clean and punchy. Depends on your bass preferences though. Anyway when I had a pair of Stax Lambda Pros they were by far the best metal cans I've ever heard.
  10. MadlyB
    I've been looking to buy some headphones and have been doing some extensive research on some products I'm interested in. I am by no means an audiophile, but would like some good headphones, with good sound, good comfort (especially since I wear glasses), durable, that won't break the bank.
    The ones I've been most interested in are Creative Aurvana Live!. They seem like good headphones, but I'd like to hear some testimonials from people about them before I buy them. Are they as comfortable as people say they are? Are they good for glasses wearers? Are they good at blocking out ambient noise?  Are they durable?
    Creative Aurvana Live! : $60
    I've also looked at Urbanears line of headphones, mainly the Plattan and the Zinken. I like that they fold, but I hear that the Plattan is an on-ear, as opposed to an over ear headphone, and that makes me wonder comfort-wise. I've not seen too much about the Zinken as far as comfort and how they feel for glasses wearers, but I love the color choices and would love to hear more about them. They are a little more expensive than I'd like to spend, so I need to hear some VERY good things about them to sway me.
    Plattan : $60
    Zinken : $140
    Another type of headphones I was looking into are the Bose AE2 headphones, these are very expensive for me anyway, but would I be getting what I'm paying for, is it definately worth it? Good for glasses wearers?
    Bose AE2 : $150
    I'd like to hear more about headphones that have color choices. This is by no means a determining factor in whether or not I buy a headphone, but if I can find a good quality, comfortable, colorful headset that won't break the bank, this may have to be my new choice.
    I've never actually bought a pair of headphones that are remotely close to being high-end, so this all new to me so please excuse the ignorance on my part. O:
    My main uses for the headphones are music and video game playing on my laptop. :) If this makes a difference.
    Thanks ahead of time. ^^

  11. szanella
    The NFB 17+NFB 6 combo is amazing.
    I love it!
    Like Steve said, the output out on the nFB6 is significantly better than the usual single ended. Yet, the se is also great - much better than (for example) the Schiit Asgard I had previously.
    However, if the price is too steep, I'd try going with the NFB10 DAC+Amp combo for $550:
    If it is any good as it's brothers, is definately a bang for the buck
  12. wolfetan44
    I'll probably get the 17 in a year and the 6 in 2 years/ or never[​IMG]. I really want to focus on headphones and regular amps/DACs right now and I think i'll just try to collect as many headphones as I can until I can get some more money.
  13. zeinharis
  14. RubberDuk
  15. pexon

    Can anyone help me?

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