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++ FULL-SIZE HEADPHONE RECOMMENDATIONS THREAD++ CLOSED: Please post a thread in the Introductions, Help and Advice forum

  1. havishpatel
    Hi there, 
    I listen to a lot of hip hop, rap, some trap and some dubstep and some mainstream stuff.
    I am looking for a £100ish headphone that has the best possible sound quality and clarity, good bass for the dubstep (good clarity, extension and impact) but doesn't bleed (hopefully) and obviously the best possible mids and highs. Crucially though, I would like the headphones to be "live" and "fun" to listen to - I don't want them to be analytical but to be great to listen to, hopefully this makes sense.
    I have big ears and am looking for something very very comfortable - I tried the Bose AE1 and that is the sort of comfort I am looking for, just a little bigger earcups!
    Portable if possible, but am willing to sacrifice here! 
    Will be powering of an iPod/ HTC phone.
    Any more info please ask!
    Thanks loads :) 
  2. JojoDanker19
    So after owning the M50s for almost 2 years now I'm looking  to make a new purchase.
    I am looking for: (in order of importance)
    Large Soundstage
    Forward Mids
    Deep & Tight Bass
    I listen to alot of electronic music, Im not too sure what im looking for in the Highs but Tech House ( Listen to this ALOT!) has alot of high hats and it can get fatiguing after a bit.
    Here is an example of what I have been into lately.


    "People Like Us" & "Elsewhere" is a great example!

    budget$ 150-250
    in other words something that its not anywhere close to an M50
    ps. I run Klipsch S4's on my Cowon C2 on love them. Would listen to them anyday over the M50s
  3. wazzupi
    ah-d600 or he-400 ? 
  4. A Jonaityte
    Could someone please tell me if it would make much difference in sound if I bought a portable amp for my Sennheiser HD448s? I recently listened to some HD 380s a friend got and ever since I'm not so happy with my own anymore, but I'd like to not buy new ones yet since I got mine just about 6 months ago.. If an amp would help, could anyone suggest one? Hopefully something under 60$ or 70$... I'm just a high school student =P
  5. HamilcarBarca
    A difference in sound from what?
  6. A Jonaityte
    I just mean, would an amp make them sound any better? I realize HD 448s aren't exactly that great, but I'm not really looking to buy new headphones yet.
  7. wolfetan44
    Good balanced amp for $500 or less?
  8. Rimpest
    Im going to buy my first serious set of headphones and I need to know wether to buy 
    Beyerdynamic DT770 80ohms
    Ultrasone Pro 750
    Any other recommendations are welcome but preferably I just want you to tell me which of these two headphones to buy. Thank you very much.
  9. szanella
  10. wolfetan44
  11. steve2151
    The headphone is usually more important than the amp unless you're not getting enough power. Given that the HD 448 is a low impedance headphone (32 ohms), you probably won't see much of a difference with a dedicated amp versus your mp3 player or laptop. Besides, the HD 380 is twice the price of the HD 448 and should sound better.
    For budget options around $70, there is the Grado SR60, any of the models in the Superlux line, the Koss Pro DJ, and the Phillips Uptown. 
  12. steve2151
    I'd recommend biting the bullet and shelling out $450 for the matching NFB-17 dac. Most reviews indicate that the NFB-6 is noticeably better running balanced than single ended. If that's too steep, try the NFB-10SE, which combines the functionality of the two into one unit for $500.
  13. wolfetan44
    I will have to think about a balanced amp. First I need to get a headphone that deserves a balanced cable; like a sennheiser HD600.
  14. audiocool
    need a portable and desktop amp/dac for hd650. price must be lower than the headphone itself but can drive it to its full potential. what do you guys recommend?
  15. HamilcarBarca
    Balanced-line equipment is extremely useful in locations where the cable lengths are exposed to strong EMI emission. In a normal home or office, it's extreme overkill. It doesn't improve the sound except through rejection of common-mode noise. That's its main purpose.

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