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++ FULL-SIZE HEADPHONE RECOMMENDATIONS THREAD++ CLOSED: Please post a thread in the Introductions, Help and Advice forum

  1. Rawdawg3234
    Please help. I'm looking to modify my iPods. Are there any companies that offer modded iPods for audiophiles. I know red wine audio does their own. Are there any others?
  2. PurpleAngel Contributor
    The website anythingbutipod is dedicated to portable audio players, they might be able to help.
  3. wolfetan44
    Anybody that do iMod's to iPod Touch's?
  4. rbai76
    Need good headphones that will be used for my ipod, computer, and xbox 360(Cod black ops II)
    The most important thing to me is the best headphone for the kind of music I listen to which is EDM, DNB, Dubstep, with vocals, and I sometimes listen to rock.
    I would listen to headphones in my house, some times on travel, and when gaming, outside noise wouldn't be too much of a problem if it concerns the open or closed style.
    Still have no idea If I would need an amp or not but would like to have headphones that don't need an amp to listen to just for portability, but I could use an amp when I am at my house.
    I was recommended the AKG K550s which are around $300 does this fit my needs?
    Also what would be a step up from the AKG K550s that are noticeably better in the $400 range?
    They need to be from bestbuy.com because I get an employee discount.
    HERE ARE MY CHOICES http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olstemplatemapper.jsp?_dyncharset=ISO-8859-1&_dynSessConf=2558804486113811044&id=pcat17080&type=page&lcn=Audio+%26+MP3&sc=audioSP&st=processingtime%3A%3E1900-01-01&usc=abcat0200000&cp=1&sp=-bestsellingsort+skuid&nrp=15&qp=q70726f63657373696e6774696d653a3e313930302d30312d3031~~cabcat0200000%23%230%23%237rk~~cabcat0204000%23%230%23%23vg~~cpcmcat143000050011%23%230%23%23b8~~nf711%7C%7C4d61676e6f6c696120486f6d652054686561746572&add_to_pkg=false&pagetype=listing&gf=y
  5. Doc-holliday

    I just threw on a dubstep song with my K550 to make sure but no I don't think that the 550 will be for you. Unlike some people who have fit issues and don't get a good seal with their 550's I do and the 550 is one of my favorites. It would be great for the vocals and the rock music but the dubstep I would have to say it won't give you the bass quantity you are prolly wanting.

    You would be better off getting 2 pairs of 150 to 200 dollar headphones IMO than trying to get one for everything. Get a pair of DT770's for gaming and your home listening which have great bass then get a pair of HD25'-1 II for on the move. Buy a $50 fiio E10 to drive your DT770's at home and use the HD25 direct out of your phone.
  6. wazzupi
    what about a pair of denon d600 they are around his price range since his employee discount is worth something now. :) 
  7. Doc-holliday
    Not a bad idea. Forgot the bestbuy part. Yea I haven't heard the newer denons yet.
  8. Hovis
    I'm on the hunt for some headphones that will probably end up being my first serious purchase, they will be used as an all round pair of headphones.
    So what I'm looking for is a pair of ON-EAR closed back headphones. I'll be using them at home as well as outdoors, so that's why I'd like to get closed back headphone. I don't want to hear people, and they probably don't want to hear my music. I'd also like them to be portable and comfortable, that's why I'd like a pair of on-ear headphones. I find IEMs uncomfortable and around-the-ear headphones are too much hassle to carry around.
    I listen to a lot of different music, so I'd like a headphone that gives life to saxophones and guitars as well as being able to shake my brains with bass. Also maybe this is too much to ask, but I'd like a headphone with character. These monitor type headphones don't interest me.
    Budget: £100. MAXIMUM. I know I can get the M80s for £135, but ideally I am looking for something in the £60 - £80 price range.
    I don't currently own any amplifiers and I really want to avoid getting into all that, so "easy" to drive headphones are a bonus.
    I currently own a handful of headphones and they all do specific things (and they do them well), but none of them do everything... which is what I'm looking for. Anyway what I own and my opinions of them are:
    Grado SR60 - I enjoy them for listening to rock, indie and metal but when it comes to anything else I find them incredibly boring. Major problem with the Grados is that they are open-back, so I can't use them outdoors. I don't want to be hearing everyone's conversations on the bus while I'm listening to my music and they probably don't want to be listening to my music.
    Sennheiser PC 350 - Originally bought just for gaming but ended up becoming the main headphones I pick up and listen to, after I did the ourfpshero's mod to them (link). However they are not at all portable. Even though they are great at playing most genres of music, the sound it produces is very... flat. They were designed for games, and the sound they produce is incredible for this, but it means music will never be energetic, or have character (I'm not sure how to describe it) when listening to these headphones.
    Koss Porta Pro - The sound they produce is pretty much the complete opposite to the Grados. Strong bass, but misses all the details. Also open back so has the same problem: I don't want to hear everyone else and they don't want to hear my music thing.
    Sennheiser CX 400 II - What I currently use while out and about. They may have strong bass and thus the sound they produce is muddy, but they bring a smile to my face whenever I listen to them. They definitely have character and add their own flair to the music they reproduce. However The Achilles Heel for me with these IEMs is that I do not enjoy the sensation of having something stuck in my ear... It's something I've been willing to put up with while out and about though, but I need a change.
    If you've spent the time to read all of my post I am incredibly thankful and I'd love to hear what you think would be the right purchase for me. However for those of you that like to skip to the end:
    TL;DR: Looking for on-ear, closed back headphones that can play many genres of music without giving up bass or treble performance. As well as being able to add their own character to the music they reproduce which will hopefully bring a smile to my face. Budget: £100 (MAXIMUM MAXIMUM MAXIMUM).
    P.S. Maybe this is too much to ask for the price, but that's why I'm here, to find out what my options are.
    --> PLEASE REPLY HERE: http://www.head-fi.org/t/634258/need-some-recommendations <--
    I've created my own thread as I want to keep it organised.
  9. Errymoose
    Someone recommend me a cheapish, comfortable, closed, circumnaural (that alliteration... :/) pair of headphones to wear at work.  I bought some AKG Q460 a while back to use for portables/at work, but honestly I'm not a big fan of on-ear headphones to wear all day.
    So I'm thinking of passing these on and going back to my in ear v-sonic's for on the bus (really good isolation, yay) and getting something that's really comfortable and good for listening to mostly instrumental music at low volumes at work.   I don't want to turn them up too much at work, so even something semi-open should be okay if low-medium volumes won't be noticable to people a metre or two away.
    Currently thinking of the Shure SRH440 or Denon AHD510.  Any other options people want to tell me is better for a similar price?  I have a FiiO e10 on my desk here to avoid the abominable onboard sound on my work comp, so I can do headphones which require a little amping.
  10. fatmaggot
    Hi, looking to buy a new pair of headphones in the near future,
    I am currently using the AKG K242's with my fiio e11, and I will be buying an o2/odac before i get some new headphones
    Anyway, what i like about my headphones is that: there is nothing wrong with the bass i am getting, i sometimes find it overwhelming, the mids are good as people have said, that i feel like i am wanting more in the treble. I mostly listen to ambience/chillout, jazz and hip hop.
    Here's what I was thinking, Beyer DT990/880 250 ohms
    Grado 325i
    Senn HD600.
    Denon D2k (used, hopefully)
    I would rather some closed back headphones, because i am getting really sick of constantly being told to turn my music down when it isn't loud. This would probably defeat the purpose of buying some headphones for home use I guess though,
    Anyway Head-Fi, I was just wondering which one of these would you recommend for my needs? Any other headphones i should take into account?

    Thanks in advance.
  11. Achmedisdead
    It's debatable if you could get something better in that budget range....
  12. GeorgeStorm
    Currently got a pair of DT770s, connected to an e7/e9 combo.
    Due to an offer I can get 50% off on iheadphones.co.uk
    Anyone recommend something worth getting? Can probably stretch to £150 (so £300)

    Also after some half decent in-ears, maybe £50? (wouldn't use them very much so no point spending a lot)
  13. SRCP
    My old post didn't get any respones, maybe it was too long.
    Anyway, for a $150 budget, what are the best headphones I can get for gaming? If possible, they should have good noise cancellation so I can use them at work (where people talk a lot) for music and videos on my tablet, but the main usage will be gaming for sure.  
    I have an Onkyo HT-R390, I have everything connected to this home theater through HDMI, including my PC (using an ATI video card that also outputs 5.1 sound). I should be able to get audio from the headphones from any device I have plugged in to my hometheater right? Including a PS3? Also what should I use to connect them directly to the PS3? would they sound as good as when I connect them to the hometheater? Thanks!
  14. Doc-holliday

    Man if I would kill to have that deal. Based on what I saw on the site. I would get TWO of the following if I were you:

    Sennheiser HD25-1 II (for your portable pair)
    Sennheiser HD598
    Beyerdynamic COP (custom one pro)

    OR I would buy one pair of HD650. I am uncertain if your amp will work well with these.

    Any Sennheiser item you can get for 50% off will be a steal cuz it is getting harder and harder to find them on sale. Senny is cracking down.

    That is just what I would do if I had the same deal. Not based on any particular knowledge of what your tastes are since you did not list them, but man that's a great deal.

    I would spend more rather than less if it is a one time thing. In fact I think I would spring for the T5p for that discount.
  15. pexon
    Really? They are that good?!

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