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++ FULL-SIZE HEADPHONE RECOMMENDATIONS THREAD++ CLOSED: Please post a thread in the Introductions, Help and Advice forum

  1. HamilcarBarca
  2. wolfetan44
    Really? I've heard a lot of praise for balanced amps/DACS.
  3. HamilcarBarca
    A good balanced-line amp and/or DAC deserves the praise it gets.
    The "balanced-line" part isn't necessary for the ordinary consumer or audiophile; if the manufacturer has a good design, the balanced-line circuitry is completely inaudible -- and it removes EMI, as it should, if it's present. If the manufacturer has a bad design, nothing (including balancing, unbalancing, cable magic, tube magic, op-amp magic, and standing-on-their-heads) will make it sound good.
  4. Doc-holliday

    The DT1350 and the AKG550 would both be good choices for you. The AKG you need to read about the fit issues for people with small heads or wear glasses. I don't have any issue with it at all. The DT1350 is just an amazing portable with great midrange detail and smooth highs. Bass extends very well with a flat overall bass response. Really really nice neutral picks.

    The 380 basically sounds very similar to the 280 except a much wider sound stage. A lot of room for your ears in the cups + large soft pleather pads make for a comfy but tight fit with clamping force that requires some stretching to loosen it up a bit. Good isolation. The 380 cable is also long and coiled (and annoyingly heavy). I changed it for a lighter straight cable. It is a 2.5 to 3.5mm headphone cable that you will need to find.

    I just ordered a pair of philips citiscape uptowns which I would recommend trying out at your local bestbuy (but order online for much cheaper). They fit your comfort/cable/isolation needs but I only got to try them for a very brief moment, but the comfort was impressive.
  5. Meoow
    Ok...I just ordered Woo Audio WA6 (that would make it the 2nd amp beside Asgard). Since the Bifrost only has 1 RCA ouput, how do I get a multiple connections from my DAC to 2-3 different amplifiers without having to get a more expensive DAC with 2-3 RCA ouput?
    I am going to have at least 3 amplifiers in the future and I won't upgrade my Bifrost anytime soon. Also I don't want to run around and manually switching RCA cables everytime I want to listen to a particular amp. I googled everywhere but I see not a single related "things" about this. 
  6. Mshenay
    I would think that maybe there is a spiltter of sorts, something that takes one RCA out and allows you to spilt it and spread that RCA out into two speakers... but I wonder how that "spilting" effects quality ... 
  7. pexon
    I hope I am asking in the right place... I have a friend who is working out in Japan for the next few months and he told me there are a few cool headphone shops. I'm after a protable pair of on ears up to 150$, anything over there that we can get in the UK/US? Thanks in advance peeps!
  8. Currentlypissed
    I've read the foums a long time, never really posted..
    I'm getting dissapointed. I can't seem to find a headphone worth purchasing. I've demoed alot now, and just can't seem to want to keep them for what I paid. I have yet to of been wowed. Here is my current dilema.
    Currently all I use headphones are for gaming, but I listen to music 24/7 when I game. I currently run Sennheiser PC350 with the bass mod to open them up, and increase the bass. They are powered through a X-Fi Fatal1ty Titanium HD (Not the THX Dolby Version this is the older one with just CMSS3D and Audio Creation Mode).
    I have had the PC350s for a long time, and they are simply outstanding. But I almost have to wonder if my listening has adjusted to them since I have been using them for so long and tainted my audiophile taste. I am big into audio, as I run a HT with elemental Design speakers. And my PC Speaker set up is powered from an H/k receiver with eDs as well. But since I don't use them often, I much prefer the headphones.
    Anyways my likes are tinny sounds, I much prefer titanium tweaters over silk, or cloth. The warm sounds are nice, but I much prefer the detailed sound from the titanium style. I also prefer clean bass. But I like it to be present as well. This seems to be the biggest problem I've had so far, I can't find any headphone with a nice, clean, tight bass that still represents itself. When it is tight, it's weak. When it's loose, it's distored. And this is my problem.
    This is what I've tried thus far.
    Audio Technica 900x (There was no bass, very weak in comparison to the HKG k550s, and the comfortabillity with the top pads, was just odd).
    Logitech UE 6000 (Bass was not smooth, or tight, completely over powering and overblown when you had the power mode on, and too little base, and mids seemd to diminish with it in passive mode). Pads were also too small, and depth made my ear touch the screen.
    BeyerDynamic DT770 80Ohm-
    These represented music very well, were detailed. I actually probably need to try these again as I tried them in store off my phone with no amp. Maybe the needed to be amped. Again, the wow factor wasn't there. Bass was nice, mids were great. But I felt the sounstage, and detail was lacking.
    HKG K550 (This was so far my best test. I actually almost walked out with them escpecially since Best Buy had them on sale for $249.99. But the issue was, the price tag just didn't wow me for what I was getting over the PC350s. They were very detailed, and bass was clean. But it just wasn't enough. Mids felt weak, and the bass, while tight and clean didn't present itself strong enough). However, these were incredibly comfortable.
    Sennheiser 558, well. These are practically the PC350s with the bass mod. Granted the PC350s bass sounded less destored, and more presented.
    Music I listen to is Electro, house, trance, Alternative, rock, and pop. Help me find my next headphone! I'm depressed I've had these PC350s so long and can't replace them!!!!
  9. Doc-holliday

    You need the dt770 properly amped. Bass is a bit slow and weak unamped. Sound will be bigger and bigger sound staging also. Ive never heard anyone describe its sound the way you did so with amping you should be very happy with them. They also are comfortable for long use and wont promote sweating because the pads are velour. Pretty much a can that was made for u based on ur description imo. I find my DT770 premium version to sound almost open. But if you really want a wide airy feel you are going to need to go open and the DT990 would also suit you in that case.
  10. A Jonaityte
    What are the best possible headphones I could buy for a friend under 40$? Preferably closed or semi-closed and around-ear, though on-ear would probably be fine too. Just trying to convince her that there's more to sound quality than iPod earbuds.
  11. Doc-holliday
    Beyerdynamic DT235 although not the most attractive thing in the world.

    The philips cityscape downtown is 40 bucks on onesaleaday "flash" section. Was on tyll's wall of fame. I have never heard it.

    The Koss Portapro is $40

    I think the CAL is $50 but again never heard them, though people call them the poor man's M50.
  12. A Jonaityte
    What do you think of the JVC HARX700? How do they compare to the ones you mentioned?
  13. cel4145
    JVC HA-S400 is a very good portable on-ear phone. Just coming to the US market, and MacMall has them on special. Some review and lots of discussion here on head-fi: http://www.head-fi.org/t/626332/the-new-jvc-ha-s400-30mm-carbon-nanotubes
  14. Doc-holliday
    never tried them but the jvc HAS400 isn't a bad sounding headphone. Can be had for $25.

    Also comes in white has400b (black) has400w (white).

    That downtown comes in a variety of colors too if your friend is into something besides black.
  15. TemPixel
    So I'm completely new to this and have done a bit of research, but I don't know. So I always bought those cheap headphones you could get for around 10/15 euro, but I want something a bit better. I'm searching for some closed headphones of around 40 euro or less, 40 is maximum, so around 50$. Doesn't have to have a lot of bass, preferably not. One that does not require amp and a removable cord would be nice.
    On the guide I saw the Sony MDR-V6, but that one goes a bit off budget, except if they are really a lot better than the others like the Sony MDR-XB500. Another I saw was the Sennheiser HD202-II, I first want to look at some others, though.

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