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++ FULL-SIZE HEADPHONE RECOMMENDATIONS THREAD++ CLOSED: Please post a thread in the Introductions, Help and Advice forum

  1. Retrias
    Need Reccomendation
    need gaming headset , I am using a laptop , so I don't think I can get a new soundcard with this (unless its a USB soundcard)
    I need a compact lightweight headset, the cable shouldn't be long , should be USB of some sort as connection (unless you guys can suggest me a really good USB soundcard), if possible can it have multiple inputs? so I can just turn down game or chat volume ? Like turtle beach px21
    so far I have
    px21 (hissy noise from the inputs, like really bad hissings)
    Logitech g35 (its... heavy , it pressed down on my head harder than what I would have like)
    so any suggestion?
  2. Meoow
    Audio-Technica ATH-A700X (the upgraded version of the popular A700) which can be found around $150. This headphone is much of a All-rounded headphone when being compared to the Audio Technica M50 which is more of a bass-head. Don't take my word yet because there are a lot of other good headphones around this price range. I own the ATH-A900X which is the best all rounded headphone at ~$200 range. The AKG K550 would be the king at ~$250 range.
    I hope this help (=^.^=)
  3. preproman
  4. TranceDude
    Try looking here and asking here.
  5. lowko
    Funny thing is that the AKG k550 is the cheapest where I live out of the ones you listed.
    They are still out of my price range tho.
    Anyone else for 
    - Closed headphones
    - Quality sound (obviously, I listen mostly to jazz/trance/classic rock/relaxing music);
    - Comfortable (I will wear them 5+ hours daily)
    - Max budget of 150 dollars.
    (- Gaming, not very important in this list)
  6. milligan
    I am getting some Grado SR80i's soon and I am wondering...
    Is it worth it to get a FiiO E11 amp?
    Also, is it worth buying a Sansa fuze or clip over the ipod touch (3rd gen)?
  7. Achmedisdead
    The Grados don't need the extra amp power, but the E11 does have a bass boost feature that you might like using with them. 
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  8. PCMusicGuy
    My travel headphones (HD201) need replacing. They've seen better days and the cable is now exposing the conductor. I've been very happy with them for the $18 or so I paid for them years ago. I don't know if it matters but my headphone background is this: I own the HD201, HD280, and HDR180 (kleer wireless) headphones and I've been happy with all of them. I use the HD280s at home on my stage piano and my computer (music/movies/games), the HDR180s at work in my office and the main building, and the HD201s while traveling, working offsite or in the lab or testing facility. I listen to modern country and orchestral type "soundtrack" music the most with an occasional dab or rock and pop. I thought about giving the HD380s a try but am a bit out of touch with the current market offerings.
    Requirements -
    Comfortable (HD201s are really light and I could wear them all day)
    Good cord (HD201 cord was too long and a hassle most often)
    Easy to drive (i will be using a laptop, or airplane jack to drive. no amps please)
    Quality sound (vocals, mids, and highs much more important to me than bass)
    Under $250
    Thanks in advance.
  9. Musifier
    The 450-x or the 450?
  10. ListeningAura
    Hi all! I am currently looking for a pair of headphones to upgrade from my frankly ****ty Beats pros I received from a friend a year or two ago. I love to hear ALL the sounds within a track, and love to hear the differences even the the littlest things. My favorite genres of music are Electronic, Dubstep, Dance, K-Pop, Symphonic Metal (Nightwish, Epica), and  Epic music (Two Steps from Hell).
    I don't own an amp but would have no problem buying one and I would really love some amazing cans. If I could use them with my computer or iPhone then that would be great, but that is not a must and I do have a decent CD collection. I love bass, however not too much bass (The beats) but would like something that is really balanced. As I said, I would like to hear "all" of my music and listen to lossless files. Thanks :)

    My budget is around 1000 dollars, yet I could + or - 50
  11. AgentCOPP1
    It seems like you are looking for a really, really nice set of headphones based on your budget. If you want a really professional-grade set of cans, I would recommend you get either the Sennheiser HD 650s or maybe something from Audio Technica like the ATH-W1000x. Now, if you really want to get a high end phone, you will be hard pressed to find one that puts an emphasis on bass. That's just the way it is. If you want a good solid set that DO put emphasis on bass, you might want to try the Sony MDR-XB700. Note: don't even think about the XB1000's. They're worse than the 700's. With the Sennheiser and the Audio Technica's that I recommended, you will HAVE to have an amp with them. Someone else might be able to make a better recommendation, but what I use is the Fiio E09K desktop amp. It works great and I really have no issues with it whatsoever. Of course you can get higher end amps, but like I said, you might want someone else to recommend an amp. Plus, they can get REALLY expensive, just like headphones can. You know how it is.
    Hope I helped.
  12. Djo77
    Right now I'm using the 8.35Ds from German Maestro. I like these phones, however I want something better.
    I am using it with an arrow 3g portable amp btw.
    I listen to all kinds of music.
    Bass, preferably deep, tight and punchy (without bloating of course).
    Drums, I like to feel/ hear some kind punch with them if you get what I mean.
    Noise isolation and blocking is preffered, I listen to my music obnoxiously loud (that won't change I'm addicted like that), and I listen to music where I might bother other people if it is too loud. -such a shame to have so many great phones falling off then, ...meh
    Suitable for all kinds of music.
    Tolerable mids and highs on higher volumes, since I'm bound to play it loud.
    Comfortable for long listening sessions.
    Also, fit for portable use, I do have a portable amp.
    It's a plus if they can be worn comfortably around the neck.

    It's a plus if they are somewhat forgiving, however perhaps I should just find more ways of getting that flac.
    And of course the best possible audio I can get for the money, rich full sound and all that good stuff (if possible). I don't think I'm one for 'neutral' sound if that means the music being kind of bland (which I experience a bit with my current phones).
    Yeah, I know I'm demanding[​IMG]
    Planning on spending a max of about 400eu.
    Also I am planning on getting a decent DAC in the not so not soon future. Probably a decent desktop amp too, but can't afford it all at once.
    Phones that caught my ineterest:
    Ultrasone Pro 900
    Denon D2000
    I plan on finding a place to test the phones that seem 'best'.
    What are your suggestions whoever reads this?
  13. AgentCOPP1
    Sony MDR-XB700 if you want good bass.
  14. Goobley
    My post sort of got lost, but it doesn't overly matter. The headphones choice has been going round in my head for weeks now. I need a decent set of closed headphones (not to avoid ambient noise per se, but to avoid inflicting my music on others). I'm in europe (france), in therms of budget I'd like to keep it to 200€ although I will stretch to 250€ for the right cans.
    Current ideas:
    -Beyerdynamic DT250 (250 ohm)
    -AKG K550
    -Audio Technica a700x
    -Mad Dogs? -Difficult to get here
    as of today I decided to widen the serach to include supra-aurals as they can provide decent isolation too. (Would it be stupid to use supras as every day home use cans?)
    -Sennheiser HD25 1 II
    -Beyerdynamic DT1350
    I listen to an awful lot of different things but my main genres are progressive metal, classical, classic rock and jazz fusion, the headphones would need to be good all rounders. I'm looking for a reasonably neutral sound signature (like my current shure srh440s but with a bit more bass and not so sharp treble (it can really sting)).
    Feel free to suggest anything that you think may fit whether I've listed it or not, I'd be very grateful for any input.
  15. thecansmancan
    Sony XB700

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