1. Phayzon

    Best dubstep/hip hop headphone under 150

    Last thread died, so here's one to be specific. Needs clear, tight, deep or punchy bass, but also keeping clarity and having good mids/highs/lows, etc. preferably. Please, please keep it around or under 150, a lot of people givem e stuff over my budget :/. And also, less leakage is a plus...
  2. mk4gtijoe

    ultrasone question

    i understand that the pro 550 and the dj 1 pros are the same headphones in terms of sound.... what are the differences? sound? physical?
  3. dutchgenius

    Help finding a full size headphone for my cranky ears

    This might be a wild goose chase, but I am trying to find a decent set of headphones that will not kill my sensitive ears or raging OCD.  Here is what I am looking for:   Price - preferably under $100, I know this is tight but I can probably stretch it to $150 if it is my only option Size...
  4. Arion

    [SOLD] FS: Ultrasone Pro 2900

    Hello,   I am wanting to sell my Ultrasone Pro 2900's as I don't really listen to them anymore and figured somebody else would get more use out of them. I am the original owner and they are in excellent condition and include everything that came with the headphones (cd, box, carrying case...
  5. GLrunner13

    Ultrasone DJ1 Pro with V-Moda BoomPro Cable?

    Does anyone have any idea if this will work? The main issue I see is the threaded bayonet-lock that the Ultrasones use. Will the BoomPro cable fit? Does anyone know of a straight 3.5mm to threaded 3.5mm adapter/extender? Really looking for an inline microphone solution for these (ultrasone has...
  6. Hameem

    Ultrasone DJ 1 pro vs Sony MDR - V6

    hey every one, My HD 202s have broke and I need replacement, I am Looking to know which of the headphones have a better punchy kick sound and sharp growly mid bass for Dubstep music . .   I have been reading alot of reviews and forums talking about how the V6 sound even better than ATH M50...
  7. jad5122

    Ultrasone DJ 1's

    I found a real nice deal for a pair on amazon. So is it worth $120 for a brand new pair? Just want to know because I have the beats pro I got for $160 the other day and they are good but I kind of want the dj 1's for the gym and portability. Also does anyone know if there is a detachable cable...
  8. jad5122

    ath pro700mk2 vs hfi 580 vs beats pro vs DJ1 BASS HEADPHONES

    It will cost me $50 more for the beats pro, so keep that into consideration. Which are the best? I want really good bass and I think all of these have a detachable cord. so does anybody know? Thanks! Just found out DJ1 is same as hfi 580
  9. Tweakings

    V Moda Cross Fade M-100 vs Ultrasone DJ1 Pro vs latest headphones, best DJ, best sound reproduction/soundstage

    Hi, this is my first post.   I have been reading up on headphones for a few months now from this forum, many others, and looking on review sites and youtube.   I am looking for the "best of the best," but not "luxury" $1000+ headphones. My top qualification is sound: the most accurate...
  10. undersys

    UltraSone DJ1

    Hi,   I have a set of UltraSone DJ1. Comes with original bag and original 3.5mm 6.5mm adapter. Nothing else is included. They had some use and show some wear on the pads. Nothing wrong with the sound. $50 USD  + Postage  ONO
  11. Syrk

    Ultrasone DJ1 PRO (same as PRO 550)

    Low usage and in excellent condition. Still have the carrying case and accessories(straight cable, coiled cable, extra ear pads, etc.), but no box.   It looks better in person as I'm bad at taking pictures.   Looking to get $old.
  12. EyeDoc

    FS: Ultrasone DJ1 (HFI-580)

    Selling my Ultrasone DJ1 (HFI-580)  in 9/10 physical condition, performs perfectly.   I am the original owner.   PM if interested   Price lowered to $95 shipped CONUS.
  13. crazyion

    Another "help me pick my next headphones" thread: Bass without killing the mids and highs for $100-200

    Hey I'm a long time lurker but just made this account to ask my first question on here.  I'm looking for a set of cans that will be good in the bass department without completely destroying all other areas.  I mainly listen to hip hop and a little bit of electronic stuff, but I would also like...
  14. captian73

    FS: Ultrasone DJ1 headphones

    Ultrasone DJ1 headphones - £70 no offers!   Shipping to mainland UK only.    
  15. i2ehan

    WTB: DJ1 PRO, 750 PRO, or HFI-780

    In search of new to lightly used (like-new) condition; please PM me a reasonable offer as I dont want to brush off potential sellers due to a low asking price. I can make immediate payment via PayPal, and am located in the US, Maryland. Must have original packaging; US sellers only please! Thank you
  16. Gardevoir

    well after ordering some ultrasone dj1 PROs because of recommendation

    I plug them in, Immediately weird sound and I have to twist the cable just to GET sound. ummm..? :/ Edit: Now I see, the connector that screws in is a bit weird and is almost never a normal fit, but when it does it sounds like headphones should sound now.
  17. kidcharlemagne

    FS - Ultrasone DJ1 (sold), Creative Aurvana Live (sold)

    The DJ1s are in great condition, though the pads are hardening abit. I will include a pair of new Shure SRH240 pads in case you'd want to replace them. They are made of pretty much the same material as the Ultrasone pads (vinyl?) so it doesnt affect the sound.  I bought them about a month ago...
  18. maelstrom99

    Recently Purchased comparison: Audio-Technica ATH-M50 vs. Ultrasone DJ1 S-Logic headphones, both preamped click for the winning!

      Well, I got the m50's about a week ago. Here's my profile, I am a musician producer and drummer. I spend a good time listening to tracks from my laptop for school or for personal work on my macbook pro, and needed some closed ear pseudo-isolated NON-amped closed back full sized headphones. ...
  19. themick

    Ultrasone HFI-700, HFI-2200, DJ1 PRO

    HFI-700 x2 - $80 each or 150 for the pair DJ1 PRO - $100 HFI-2200 - $150   All items are the older models but are in great condition and work fine.  Pm me if you're interested or want to make me an offer.  I'm just not using these much anymore so I'm looking to clear out some space...
  20. indy1314

    sony a845 or cowon s9 for ultrasone dj1 pro?

    i would like to get a mp3 player for my dj1 pro. is the a845 or cowon s9 better for hip-hop / rap, more bassy mp3 player. Or any other mp3 player are better? It is iphone or any apple product wouldn't drive the dj1 pro?
  21. jbeef86

    Ultrasone DJ1 broken right speaker wire

    Hello to all...   So I just bought a pair of Ultrasone DJ1 headphones off ebay. Plugged them in and the right side was out. I took a closer look at them and the wire where the speaker spins where it has the "R" was completely separated. It's the part where it spins the speaker from the...
  22. Optimus Praim

    Are the Ultrasone DJ1 Pro's suitable for my need?I would really use your advice..

    Hi guys.. Since i joined Head-fi i found myself entering a world of unlimited audio knowledge. I felt that before i was living in stone age era,missing a lot of what is out there.. So after reading many reviews and chating with quite a few people i ended up getting the Ath-M50's because at...
  23. Dr.Badger

    WTB: Ultrasone DJ1

      Hey I live in New Zealand, Auckland to be specific.   We dont really have access to many headphones over here! Anyway, I am looking for reasonable prices for VERY GOOD condition ultrasones, I will pay shipping of course.   Any reasonable prices will most likely be accepted...
  24. Parall3l

    Amp for the PRO550/DJ1 PRO ?

    I recently purchased a pair of DJ1 PRO as my first pair of decent headphones and they are on their way to me right now. (should arrive in 5 days) Just wondering if they would improve with a lower end amp like the fiio e11 because I doubt that my ipod is capable of driving them to their fullest...
  25. Mostafa1000

    what is the diffrenece between Ultrasone HFI-580 and DJ1

    I just need to know he difference between Ultrasone HFI-580 and DJ1 from these points :   how they sound in highs and mids and bass the comfortability of each one how gives more tight deep powerful bass the box contents of each one (and the diffrence between them)   and i need to...