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++ FULL-SIZE HEADPHONE RECOMMENDATIONS THREAD++ CLOSED: Please post a thread in the Introductions, Help and Advice forum

  1. Musifier
    Hi so I currently hace the AE2i, and i want better sound, Bluetooth, and NoiseCancel.
    I have a budget of 450 US, I'm using it for the school bus and airplanes (I'm 14) I like Alternative, Dubstep, and Electro.

    Help will be appreciated...
  2. tsoet
    I'm planning to buy a Fiio E17 (or another amp/dac that's about as expensive), and I'm looking for some headphones to go with it. The budget is around 400$, and I've been looking at Hifiman's HE-400, Beyerdynamics DT series, and also the Sennheiser 600/650. From what I've gathered they're all solid headphones, though. They're going to be used for rock/post-rock, hiphop, and electronic.
    Thanks in advance, <3
  3. ferday

    I love my he400's and they run great off the e17. I haven't tried the beyers but I find the he400's are far superior for edm/anything with bass than the 600/650. The senn's have a more natural soundstage but the 400's have a good stage as well, you really should try the two if possible as they are very different cans but at the same quality level
  4. Snufxd
    Ill help keep the forums clean. Im a basshead and im searching for a pair of over-ear headphones for my samsung galaxy s3 around the 80eur budget line, im listening to mostly dubstep/rock/metal. As a final note i live in israel and my selection for the most part isn't amazing. Any reccommendations?
  5. thecansmancan
  6. miceblue
    Headphone shopping for a Christmas present for my brother.
    (In order of importance)
    Music: He listens to a lot of vocal-based J-pop (Kalafina) and J-rock music (Stereopony), some "non-mainstream" hip-hop (Shing02, Nujabes), piano and instrumental, and anime soundtrack (Clannad After Story opening theme).
    Budget: preferably less than $200
    Type: circumaural, closed-back
    Source: MacBook (late 2008) or iPod Touch 2G; mostly "meh" quality files (< 320 kbps MP3)
    Amp: preferably no
    Design: some sort of folding mechanism for storage
    Headphones I've considered (in a random order):
    1. Audio Technica ATH-M50 (he likes the limited edition colour)
    2. Shure SRH840
    3. V-MODA Crossfade M-100 (he claimed the treble response wasn't very good, and I don't blame him XD)
    4. Audio Technica ATH-ESW9[A?] (though I've read these are fairly fragile)
    5. Logitech UE6000 (the treble range might be "meh" for him, I'm not too sure though)
    6. AKG K550 (though it's out of my budget)
    Any help is appreciated. [​IMG]
  7. aDoStereo
    Hi !
    Thanks of give us this space to get the best headphones for our needs :) (sorry for my english is not my native language)
    Ok guys i'm tired of buying in-ear headphones, i think i want a some good headphones-
    I'll use them on the bus, most of the time with my Ipod, maybe my next buy will be a ZUNE or something like that.
    i listen all kind of music, Rock, Electronic, Rap, Hip Hop... that kind of stuff.
    I'm looking forward to get closed cans, so i can't hear the annoying street sounds.
    Another important thing is their size, i have the 558 HD but their are really big, i can't wear them when i'm walking, so they need to be smaller. 

    My max budget is 100 usd
    Thanks for your help
  8. Mshenay
    Well that Bottle Head is EXPENSIVE, like $800 Bucks e.e
    But I Think I'm going to go for the Hifiman Ef-5 with the ALO  Audinst HUD-mx1, my only question is. I would have to run RCA out of the DAC to connect to the Ef-5 Yes... but I like the Pan Am in that it's Tube+Dac but then again it's Tube+Dac... which means if I want a better DAC or Tube I'll be back to where I am now, where as getting the HUDmx1 seems like my best bet since it has a number of outputs [as does the Pan Am] but most of all it's only a DAC [it might have a volume knob but I'm not amping with it ever...]
    Which puts my Official T3 right at about $1000, which is what I'm looking to spend <3 So I'm happy to wait till Next Spring for that set up! 
    Ouch, tough music selection, Paino and Instrumental AND Nujbaes really demand a very transparent can imo. They all sound good Extra Warm but are magic Transparent... then again I'm running all FLacs so <.<
    It sounds like he'd want a low impedance can with maybe some mid or treble sparkle... really >.> the Dt 880 32ohm comes to mind as I love it with ALL of what he listens to <.<, but those do not fold and could run you MAYBE $200 used so... I dunno... I'd shy away from bass heavy cans like the ATH-M50...
    I might try the AKG K550 used you might be able to snag them around the price you want to pay. But I'd really go for a transparent can, the iPod has a decent enough amp to give him color if he wants. And with 32 ohms can's he can also get a cheap amp for under $100 if he wants... but Vocal Based, Piano and Instrumental sound BAD on bass heavy cans >.> trust me I had XB700s for a year listening to that stuff <.<. My Dt 880 is ONLY paired with well Jazz, Instrumental, Orchestral, Nu-Jazz and Paino and it sounds magical... so TRANSPARENCY xD is all I can think of really :[ (I wonder how the Dt 770 would b...) 
  9. miceblue
    Thanks for the suggestions and yes I agree that a mid/treble headphone would probably be a good choice. Unfortunately the DT880 and K550 are out of my budget...I just spent $600 on my own system upgrades in the last month (Crossfade M-100 + ODAC + O2). >.>
    I forgot to mention that this will be his first "real" headphone, so I think that should open up some options. He's "upgrading" from some $20 iFrogz EarPollution earbuds, which sound pretty tinny and might be why upon listening to the M-100 he said "I'm used to hearing more treble".
  10. Mshenay
    Yea yea yea... again try the Dt 880 32 ohm used, and I think the dt 770 is apparently pretty transient. Now DO NOT get that 770 80ohm that's MEGA bassy but I think there is a some what transparent dt 770 in another Ohm rating so maybe look into it...
    But there's also used options... 
  11. FCO2013
    So I'm looking to upgrade my headphones (aren't we all), so instead of clogging the forums, I'll come over here.
    I'm looking for these qualities in a headphone, or at least, as many of the qualities as possible.
    Non SQ related:
    • A full sized open/semi open headphone. These are for home use, so isolation is not a priority.
    • Less than or up to 250 USD. I don't want to break the bank. Willing to stretch budget 10-20 or so dollars.
    • These would be amped through a Fiio E10. If I wanted to move around the house I have a Fiio E11.
    • Fairly comfy. I'm not too picky. Velour would be nice, as I've never used velour before, but it's not a requirement.
    • A detachable cable would be really nice, but I can live without one.
    SQ related:
    • A good soundstage. I don't want my music to sound congested and packed in.
    • Treble: Currently I own the Superlux HD668B. They are my best cans. One of the things I like about it is the treble, but it can be fatiguing.  I like a bright-ish type of sound, where the music feels "fast" and "energetic". So I'd like something similar to the HD668Bs treble, but reduced so it's not as fatiguing.
    • Mids: I'd like forward mids, or if the mids are recessed on a potential headphone, the least recessed possible. Basically I want it to have presence. It's something I find is a little lacking on 668Bs. I've heard mid-range is really important for classical, and I listen to a fair amount of classical/jazz/instrumental.
    • Bass: I'm not a basshead, so I'm not looking for boomy bass. Kind of the opposite of what I said for the treble, I like the bass on my HD668Bs, but I'd like it to have a little more presence. Not over emphasized where it rules the show, but so that it's there, and it still quality bass. On my HD668Bs sometimes it can get lost now and then. So I'd like something like the HD668Bs, but slightly more emphasized, while keeping it's quality/tightness (not boomy/loose).
    • I'd also like the headphone to be detailed and accurate. That's another I like about my HD668Bs. But not so detailed that the tracks where I don't have them in HQ don't sound absolutely terrible, just normal terrible haha.
    • Have a pretty wide genre bandwidth. I listen to classical, drum corps (think marching band minus woodwinds), rock, jazz, alternative, hip-hop, dance/punk, electronica. No metal or dubstep of any kind. I do have two other headphone though so if a possible candidate can't do it all, I have other options around I could use (Superlux HD668B, Sennheiser HD429)
    • Some of the (primary) artists/composers I listen to: Arcade Fire, Muse, Radiohead, Frank Sinatra, Gorillaz, John Coltrane, Debussey, LCD Soundsystem, Skyrim Soundtrack(Jeremy Soule), Nine Inch Nails, Pink Floyd, The Killers.
    Two headphone I was considering were the Beyerdynamic DT880 PRO 250ohm and the AKG Q701.
    I understand that you can't have everything, so if you all can think of some headphones that check as many boxes as possible, that would be awesome!
    Thanks in advance
  12. lowko
    Dear Head Fi community,
    Just found this thread! awesome!
    What I'm looking for:
    - Quality sound (obviously, I listen mostly to jazz/trance/classic rock/relaxing music);
    - Comfortable (I will wear them 5+ hours daily)
    - Max budget of 150 dollars.
    Right now I'm aiming mostly towards the HD 598's. Those seem awesome, but I've heard people complain that they're not really good for electronic music, but sound amazing for the other two genres I listed (classic rock and jazz).
    Does anyone have some final input before I actually purchase the HD598s? Is the bass 'good enough' for the occasional trance/hip-hop? 
    Also, I broadcast. I listen to music quite loudly while talking into a microphone a few inches from my face. Will a HD598 leaking intervere with the sound?
    Thanks a lot and have an awesome day!
  13. Goobley
    Hi there,
    I'm currently in the market for a new set of cans, however I'm having a bit of trouble narrowing down on my options.
    Budget: 100-250€ ('bout 300$)
    Type: I was originally looking for closed back circum-aural phones, but I'm also possibly moving towards semi opens.
    I'm in college/uni and often work around other people, so I don't want too much sound leakage. I currently own a paire of srh440 s, I also have a home built hybrid amp, and will be building an ss amp soon, so I should be able to power anything.
    My shortlist (not overly short) so far:
    Beyerdynamic DT250 (250 ohm)
    Beyerdynamic DT 770 pro (250) really not sure about these
    AKG K550
    Audio Technica a900x/a700
    Fostex T50rp (modded, possibly by mayflower (thread on the forums atm, waiting to see how it pans out) or mad dogs if the budget'll stretch)
    and just throwing this out there as the sound difference may be worth it:
    DT 880 (250 or 600 ohm)
    What I listen to:
    Classic rock, hard rock, metal (but not overly hard), a small amount of bass driven modern music, prog metal jazz fusion, classical. So they need to be rather polyvalent.
    I'm looking for something reasonably neutral but any upgrade to my shures would be good.
    I think the current favourites are the DT250, but I could really do with advice on the available headphones in my price range.
  14. FCO2013
    My post became the last one on the previous page, and so here it is, so people can see it again.
  15. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro 250-Ohm.

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