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++ FULL-SIZE HEADPHONE RECOMMENDATIONS THREAD++ CLOSED: Please post a thread in the Introductions, Help and Advice forum

  1. samwell7

    Thanks for the reply!

    I forgot to mention i'm in Aus!
    saw the bottlehead crack just before it looks pretty good, I'll check it out,
    I'll also see if I can go listen to some HD598's or those ultrasone's anywhere, Thanks again
  2. heyalbert
    After reading many reviews.... and watching countless review/unboxing videos of different headphones.. and buying 3 headphones.. I would like a recommendation. I have purchased the AKG 550s, Audio Technica ESW9, and Grado 325is.. out of the three I like the sound of the ESW9's the best. I want to keep them but my only complaint is that they are on ear headphones and they are very uncomfortable. I also really like the wood look.I listen to alot of Hiphop, alternative-rock, electronic/trance, indie music... I like bass, but I do not want it to over power and lose clarity in the highs and mids. I really want over the ear headphones. I am currently looking at the Denon D5000 or the Audiotechnica W1000X... anyone have a recommendation between those 2 or a different recommendation? I looked at the ultrasones but I think they look hideous. Any help would be appreciated. My budget is around $300-$350. I also really like the look of Grados but I don't think they make any that work well with hiphop (because they are open design?)
  3. Mi3zu
    I am looking for a pair of headphones in the 50$-100$ price range.
    I had some Grado's a while ago and fell in love with the sound but they broke down on me. Since I couldn't get some others I got a pair of Sennheisers HD428 from a local retailer. I have to say that these sound completely BORING compared to the Grado's.
    Now I'm planning on getting some Alessandro MS1's but I'd like to know if there is anything cheaper that can get me that Grado sound, or something similar. I'm mostly looking for some headphones that sound good with rock and of course guitars and who have that in your face sound. I'm not using any amp.
    Thanks in advance
  4. TranceDude
    What kind of sound I'd like:
    Warm, rich, full, a bit bassy, possibly recessed mids (forgiving)
    Sound quality wise:
    Better than AKG K181 DJ
    Music preference:
    Trance, techno but also everyday listening and internet browsing
    Up to 300$
    iBasso D2+ Boa, Headstage Arrow 12HE
    Additional info:
    Headphones to accompany AKG Q701 which will mostly be used for movies and gaming
  5. zeinharis

    You could ask jamato8 about it though
  6. JayOTheFirst
  7. songmic
    I'm looking for a headphone amplifier that meets the requirements below. Could anyone think of some?
    1. It must be a transformer-coupled tube amp or a hybrid amp. That is, no solid-state or OTL tube amp.
    2. It must have not only inputs but also a pair of RCA line out or preamp outputs.
    3. It must have an output impedance of 20 ohms or lower (preferably lower).
    **For your information, having an output impedance of 20 ohms does NOT mean that it is compatible with 20 ohms headphones. I'm talking about the "output impedance of the amplifier", NOT the recommended headphone impedance load.
    4. It must NOT have an in-built DAC. A dedicated headphone amp with line out outputs, or a headphone amp/preamp.
    5. The price of the amp must be below $1,700, but not too cheap. $750 to $1500 seems like a good range.
    6. It should not be an old amp that's too old, preferably made in 2008 or later. Also, please don't recommend me models made by Cayin, Vincent, Hifiman, Antique Sound Lab, or Decware.
    So far, the only amps I could think of that meets these criteria are Schiit Lyr and Fosgate Signature headphone amp. The Schiit Lyr didn't work out well for me, however, so the only option I'm thinking of is Fosgate headphone amp. Unfortunately, there are hardly any info or user's review for this amp on the Internet. The Apex Peak/Volcano or Zana Deux SE meets many of the criteria above and have been favorably reviewed by many, but they are too expensive for my current budget.
    So, could anyone tell me some amps that satisfy the requirements above, besides the Lyr or Fosgate?
    Thank you in advance.
  8. HawkiesZA
    Hi everyone. I've been a lurker here for a few weeks, but I think it's time I asked.
    My previous headphones were Ultrasone HFI-450s and I really liked them, but they got...forcefully redistributed (stolen). I'm looking for a new set and figured now is the best time to upgrade.
    These are going to be my daily home use headphones for movies, series, music (rock & metal mostly), and gaming. Movies/series and music are my main interests here, but if the headphones suck for gaming then I'm not interested. I'll be plugging into my laptop (ASUS G75), but I do have a Fiio E7 that goes everywhere with me.
    As mentioned, I enjoy rock & metal music mostly. I prefer warmer sounding headphones, but not overbearingly so.
    Max somewhere between $150 and $200. I'm flexible but I'm not looking to spend wads of cash.
  9. thecansmancan
    Well, there's the Shure srh 840. Fantastic sound stage, considering its a closed can. It has those great Shure mids so guitars and vocals sound great. I have full review (please excuse some of the confusions/misunderstandings about impedance and such, this is quite old and i haven't had a chance to update it)
  10. BloodyPenguin Contributor
    Bump for my nephew if anyone has any good suggestions.  Thanks.
  11. ferday
    They aren't the best and i'm sure i'll get flack as they are pretty hyped, but for techno/EDM i really like my ATHM50's and they are quite cheap, i much preferred them to the AKGK171.  the mids are recessed slightly, the treble can be pretty sparkly but easily taken care of with amp/EQ.  they aren't bassy but have good extension and decent punch.
    i really like my HE400's for EDM but they are out of your price range and require good source material (they are the opposite of forgiving).  i have several sennheisers and the senn house sound IMO is not great for techno, at all.
  12. SRCP
    I have an Onkyo HT-R390, I have everything connected to this home theater through HDMI, including my PC (using an ATI video card that also outputs 5.1 sound). I really like its sound but sometimes I want to use my PC while my TV is on, so that means no sound from my PC because the home theater is set to output DirecTV and I have no regular speakers for my PC.
    So what I do is plug in my headphones http://www.amazon.com/JVC-HAFX1X-Headphone-Xtreme-Xplosivs/dp/B004M8SAJ4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1351443113&sr=8-1&keywords=xplosive, I'm happy with them but the cord is too short, are there any good extensions that don't degrade quality? That's my first question.
    I was also thinking of getting some new headphones and just leave the ones above for my tablet/headphones, especially when I'm out of the house. Something that I can connect to my home theater for use with the PS3, PC, DirecTV etc (especially gaming). However, when I want to use both the PC and the TV, I would be connecting them to the PC directly, not the home theater, I don't have a sound card so it would be directly to the motherboard. Would this reduce the quality of sound that comes out? I'm guessing yes, it's "HD realtek audio" on the motherboard. But yeah, look at the headphones I was using, I'm not too picky. Something below 100 would be great. I would have loved some wireless ones but I heard they suck and I wouldn't be able to connect them to the home theater I'm guessing.
    Also, I know this is not the forum for this, so just ignore this question if you want. Is there a way I can connect my DirecTV and PS3 directly to the TV through HDMI without disconnecting them from the hometheater? I want this so I can leave the PC connected outputting sound from the hometheater while I watch TV/Blu ray movie with sound coming from the TV itself. I know I can do this with component and A/V RCA cables but no 1080p no thanks.
  13. Balgheet
    I've never heard of Razer but how can you even consider Skull candy on a site like this -_-
  14. Retrias
    At this point your  choice is limited to
    SteelSeries or Razer
    I don't think they have a good choice around that budget though
  15. JmanOfIsrael
    Hey y'all. Just sold my Denon AH D5000s because they are impractical for me--I need something portable (which is why I love my Pro 900s). My friend who always used my 5000s is upset though because she really loved them. Would you consider the Denon AH D1100 a good replacement for the 5000s? She used the 5000s in the library most of the time so the added sound attenuation of the 1100 should help. What are the downgrades sonically from the 5000 to the 1100? I will miss the 5000s as well so I am looking at the 1100s as somewhat of an "ode to the 5000". Let me know what you think. Thanks!


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