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++ FULL-SIZE HEADPHONE RECOMMENDATIONS THREAD++ CLOSED: Please post a thread in the Introductions, Help and Advice forum

  1. Mshenay
    Dude Pro 880 250 and you'll never regret it <3
    ANd as you've seen you've got this recommendation a few times. The 880 250's DO how ever have a little to aggressive bass on the E11 for me as well as a TINY smaller sound stage but it's great non the less! I like my cMoy for the Dt 880
  2. Doc-holliday
    ^ +1

    Looks like your research paid off. You nailed it on your own :)
  3. Rawdawg3234

    The sennheiser pxc 450 are constantly rated #1. For active noise cancelation you can't get any better.
  4. cel4145
    Are you plan on buying the HD598s in used condition? Sennhesier's price on these is over $200, and they are clamping down on the vendors who sell under MSRP. Even the HD558s don't quite fit your budget, although with the tape removal mod, then will get you 95% of the sound of the 598.
  5. Rimpest
    Hi! I'm sort of new to good quality headphones
    The only good quality headphones i've ever had are AKG's 480 NC headphone and I've been recently checking out for a replacement to this headphones with a circumaural (or however circumaural is suposed to be written) closed pair of cans.
    I've been doing some research and I've narrowed my possibilities to these cans
    -Ultrasone PRO 750
    -Beyerdynamic DT770 80ohms
    -V-Moda Crossfade LP-2
    I am most likely to be listening to some alternative and indie music and I also love Electronic music so I want a pair of headphones capable of delivering a good bass without loosing the highs and mids. What would you recomend? At this moment my main choice would be the Ultrasone PRO 750 but what are your recommendations? (BTW: I won't be able tu buy an amp until December and I'm buying a CmoyBB ) Thank you for your attention.
  6. cel4145
    The Ultrasone HFI-780 are a little more budget friendly than the Pro 750. They are more balanced than the HFI-580s, so you won't loose the mids and highs. Very good with EDM. I think they are also supposed to be a little easier to drive than the Pro 750 (not sure, check on that).  Certainly sound OK with my Clip+, but a CmoyBB would improve the bass response. 
  7. headphonemania7
    neED  a bass over ear headphone for 150$-180$ please help......
  8. songmic
    I'm looking for a headphone amplifier that meets the requirements below. Could anyone think of some?
    1. It must be a transformer-coupled tube amp or a hybrid amp. That is, no solid-state or OTL tube amp.
    2. It must have not only inputs but also a pair of RCA line out or preamp outputs.
    3. It must have an output impedance of 20 ohms or lower (preferably lower).
    **For your information, having an output impedance of 20 ohms does NOT mean that it is compatible with 20 ohms headphones. I'm talking about the "output impedance of the amplifier", NOT the recommended headphone impedance load.
    4. It must NOT have an in-built DAC. A dedicated headphone amp with line out outputs, or a headphone amp/preamp.
    5. The price of the amp must be below $1,700, but not too cheap. $750 to $1500 seems like a good range.
    6. It should not be an old amp that's too old, preferably made in 2008 or later. Also, please don't recommend me models made by Cayin, Vincent, Hifiman, Antique Sound Lab, or Decware.
    So far, the only amps I could think of that meets these criteria are Schiit Lyr and Fosgate Signature headphone amp. The Schiit Lyr didn't work out well for me, however, so the only option I'm thinking of is Fosgate headphone amp. Unfortunately, there are hardly any info or user's review for this amp on the Internet. The Apex Peak/Volcano or Zana Deux SE meets many of the criteria above and have been favorably reviewed by many, but they are too expensive for my current budget.
    So, could anyone tell me some amps that satisfy the requirements above, besides the Lyr or Fosgate?
    Thank you in advance.
  9. wazzupi
    coming from someone who has owned both units I would tell you the q701 the imaging is beautiful IMO something I didn't get with the dt880 yea technically dt880 might be the better can but I can't get over how engaged I am when I listen through my q701's. from what you've said though the dt880 should meet all your needs. if you get a chance for the q701's go to a best buy near you, price match them ask them the return policy on those headphones and try them out. :)
  10. Rhymenoceros
    really interested in picking an akg k81dj up but concerned if it'll fit my head.
    my head is big.  huge.  when i had it the M-80 barely fit it if fully extended.  after stretching it got better but i kinda had to pull it down for it to cover my ears properly, so it was always snug.  will these be a similar fit, or larger/smaller?  i did try the Q460 briefly as it was on sale and immediately returned it because it just did not fit (the cups were resting on the top parts of my earlobes, that's the furthest they'd go).  are the k81dj the same size/"length" when extended as the q460?  also for comparison i have to almost extend the alessandro ms-1i fully to get it to fit comfortably (there's probably like a quarter inch of the arms left sticking up out of the plastic guides, tops).  it might also be the shape of my head but i'm not exactly sure.  maybe too much distance from the top of my head to my ears?  seems like if some headphones were more curved in shape they would fit quite a deal better on me.  any chance i could get the k81djs to fit me, as they seem like a real steal?  rather not have to deal with struggle of purchasing then returning them.  thanks.
    tl;dr: i simply need to know if the k81djs will fit an excessively large head.  any advice appreciated.
  11. lowko
    I guess prices are a little bit different where I'm from. In Holland I'm paying a bit over 150 euro's which is fine for me. :) Would you recommend it?
  12. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Sennheiser HD598s for 150 Euros ($194 dollars), nice deal.
    Sennheiser HD598s sell in the USA for $250 (194 Euros).
  13. headphonemania7
    please help.....
  14. lowko
    Yeah true. Will the HD 598 be good for what I want?
    Also, if I wanted to sit a little bit cheaper than the HD598s, which would you recommend for the same kind of headphones. 194 dollar is still a lot of money for me. 
  15. lowko
    New plan! Just realised that a closed headphone will be what I need.
    Short and easy wishlist :)
    - Closed headphones
    - Quality sound (obviously, I listen mostly to jazz/trance/classic rock/relaxing music);
    - Comfortable (I will wear them 5+ hours daily)
    - Max budget of 150 dollars.
    (- Gaming, not very important in this list)
    Recommendation anyone?

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