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++ FULL-SIZE HEADPHONE RECOMMENDATIONS THREAD++ CLOSED: Please post a thread in the Introductions, Help and Advice forum

  1. AbsoluteZer0
    Audio-Technica ATH-M50 or Shure SRH840? I can't decide between the two, read mostly good things about them both. They both sound like incredibly good headphones for the price range, just dunno which to go with. I mostly listen to rock/metal, occasionally rap or country though.
  2. cel4145
    Sounds like you already figured it out. The only way to get further would be to stop reading and demo each [​IMG]
  3. AbsoluteZer0
    I definitely would, but there aren't really any places around here where I could do that lol. Just read a review on the ATH-PRO700MK2, are they worth spending a bit more for?
  4. bharathitman
    Hello guys , I have an asus xonar DG sound card , currently i have ttesports Shock headset , but it stopped working , so i am getting refund from the seller (they dont have one for replacement). So I am in the market again for a headset , my budget 40$ to 80$ . Any advice?
  5. Deathburger
    Does anyone have any experience with the beyerdynamic dt770 pro 250 ohm? I'm interested in hearing about the soundstage in particular. How are they compared to other closed or open headphones in the 100-200 dollar rage? 
  6. Doc-holliday

    Zero the shures are a good start for you. Look almost no matter what you get you are are going to do one of the 3 following things anyway a) find something you want to improve about them b) read about something new that you think is better or c) decide they weren't what you REALLY wanted to begin with......

    All of which will result in one thing.......UPGRADE-ITIS.... Yes my friend accept it. You should have realized it when you pressed enter on the sign-up screen. Eventually you WILL buy more headphones. So quit asking in 3 different threads about the same set of cans and PULL THE TRIGGER and enjoy them! Then get more later! :beyersmile:
  7. Deathburger
    I'm also interested in the the vocal clarity as that is very important to me as well
  8. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Technical Pro HPT990 (Takstar Hi2050), semi-open, 60-Ohm, $70.
    and your pick of whatever add-on mic you choose.
  9. Doc-holliday

    They DT770 IMO have a nearly open sound to them. Airy and wide soundstage for a closed headphone. Those and the K550's are both closed cans with a more open feel than most but I feel the DT770 has the edge on the AKG. You should listen to a pair of open cans like the DT990 so you can hear the sonic differences yourself because it is more than just sound stage. IMO they both have their pro's and cons.
  10. AbsoluteZer0
    Haha thanks man, just always like to look into whatever it is that I'm gonna get and find out as much as I can about it. But I'm definitely going to though, appreciate the help!
  11. NujaBlessed
    Bottlehead Crack with Speedball
    ALO Audio Pan-am
    Hifiman EF-5
    in descending order of price/performance.
  12. bharathitman
    Thanks , but sorry , I forgot to mention that I live in India . So it's very difficult to find the ones which you mentioned. It would be much appreciated if you could recommend one from : SteelSeries, Sony , Razer , Sennheiser, Skull candy .
  13. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Still recommend the Takstar Hi2050.
    It's about as good as you can get for the price range
  14. samwell7
    I nearly started a new thread and then I saw this,

    I'm looking for a new rig purely for 'listening'
    Basically all of the audio equipment I own i've bought for it's neutrality (well as neutral as i could afford, for mixing/mastering purposes)
    I currently have AKG K702's, KRK KNS-8400's, Etymotic MC5's and an O2 amp amongst other things (monitors etc) the DAC I'm using is a Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6.

    But i'm looking for something that I can just listen to, I want some warmth (for the price),
    I'm considering buying some Allesandro Ms1i's (2009 Improved) and either building or buying a Tube-Amp,
    Does anybody have any reccomendations?

    I wanna spend all up probably $350-450.  Or around $300 just on the amp
    Thanks in advance for your help!
  15. NujaBlessed

    I think the hd598 are quite good for just warmth and a wide soundstage, or if you prefer closed, the ultrasone pro 750 is also pretty musical. Good amp for 300$ or so would be to me the bottlehead crack. Slightly warm sounding while retaining clarity.

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