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++ FULL-SIZE HEADPHONE RECOMMENDATIONS THREAD++ CLOSED: Please post a thread in the Introductions, Help and Advice forum

  1. KG Jag

    First of all--both of those are full over ear headphones and the 142 is semi-open.  Neither of these is good for portable use.  If you want an under $100 over ear semi-open AKG, get the K 240 Studio (currently about $75 at Amazon). 
    But be aware that you are now talking about an entirely different sub-set of headphones than the one you first said you were after.
  2. invalid404
    What is the bass impact like on the AKG K181DJ? Any fans of them browsing this thread please give me your thoughts on these headphones!
    Thanks :)
  3. basstwomule
    I plan to go test drive the HD 25-1 II at Best Buy.  Thanks again for your patience and help!
    What do you mean by "good for portable use"?
  4. KG Jag

    It means use away from home, including easy transport from place to place.
    GL!  I think you'll enjoy your new cans.  They are one of my favorites for unamped portable use.
  5. Christo4
    Hello guys, any recommendation for a pair of headphones at a budget of max 140 dollars (i wouldn't say more because of shipping fees)? 
    I would mainly use them for movies and games and as such i need them to have good bass and to be closed-back.
    I already have a pair of Senn HD 380 Pro which i use for music, but they don't really have the bass for immersion. Should i just buy an amp for them (like the Fiio) with bass boost instead?
  6. hipster2010
    I'd look into the Creative Aurvana Live! and if you can find one within your price range, maybe the DT770 Pro 80
  7. KingdomWhit
    Hey there again guys. Sorry to interrupt the flow, but I have encountered a slight problem. I recently bought the Ultrasone hfi-780s, and they great! Except, they don't clamp my head very much, so the ear cup area where the sound comes from isn't close to my ears. This makes sound (like music from my iPhone 4S, more tinny rather than nice. Are there any other clampy over ear headphones with bass that really thumps, but good mids and whatnot? And that also sound good with movies and games? Thanks guys I really appreciate it
  8. Roller
    Just bend the headband inwards. It has a metal strip inside that can be used for both stretching and compressing the headband, therefore allowing you to fix the lack of clamp.
  9. Davedog
    I've got the HD25-1 IIs. I like them as they have good punchy bass but with detail, the mids are neutral but sound good for most things.
    However the soundstage is disappointing and the treble is harsh to my ears.
    I'm getting a pair of dt990s, however if I'm going to get new home cans I'd like them to be detailed, good soundstage, and a bit fun sounding. Something that can handle most music and isn't fatiguing.
    Any purchases will be after Christmas (cause that's when the second bit of my student loan comes through xD) and my non-headphone budget will be around £400-£500 and my headphone budget will be £200-£300.
    I have absolutely nothing in the way of home equipment (bar a DAB radio), no CD deck, nothing so I'm after complete beginner home rig start-up advice.
    Cheers in advance.
  10. KG Jag

    Ball parking based on US street prices: Onkyo C-7030 CD deck (about $175 to $200); HiFiMan EF2A amp [with dac] ($169)--which mean you would then have enough to get AKG Q701, Beyer DT 880 or Senn HD 600 or 650.
    If you want to go with an A/V receiver the Yamaha Aventage series have a good headphone section.
  11. Christo4
    Thing is I can find the DT770 at 150 dollars, but from what i understood don't they need an amp? Can't really spend more than 150 and the shipping fees to my country are also pretty high.
    Are the Creative Aurvana any good? i can find them for about 100 so i don't have any problem purchasing them.
    Any other suggestions?
  12. skidawgz
    I listened to everything straight out of my phone.  (Moto Bionic)  Had I never listened to anything else, the 558s would have seemed perfect, in fact for the price they are one of my favorites.  The bass is perfect.  I prefer hip hop with lives instruments like The Roots, and for Rock... "Muse, Black Keys, Korn", the other large majority of my listening is female singers: Joss Stone, Norah Jones, Amy Winehouse.  Maybe, for 558, what I'm calling a lacking mid is the lack of soundstage.  Perhaps that is why the K550 and larger Audio Technica sound perfect minus the bass?  
    I'm glad to hear they are more comfortable, I want something I can wear for a while.
    I easily can detect and pick soundstage for floor standing speakers, but with headphones I haven't seemed to pick it up as well.  I'll go give another listen.
    Any suggestions though?
  13. Sorrodje
    I think Ultrasone HFI-2400 is an option to be considered. Same league than HD598 , more bass , good allrounder , warm and fun sound and more slam too. HD598 sound lighter/more airy and more balanced to my ears. Ultrasone's S-logic system gives a great feeling of soundstage.  Amy Winehouse and Norah Jones are in my favourites singers too with Cassandra Wilson for example. I have every time the "wow" effect when I listen to their voices through my HFI-2400 :wink: .
    I listened long minutes HD598 and I like it enough to use them as a Xmas present but I prefer my Ultrasone.  HD598 is more comfy though HFI-2400 is IMO enough comfortable to keep it on head during hours. 
    Hope this experience could help !
    should i get sony mdr ex600 or sennheiser mx980. will be used at home so no isolation is required
  15. kamcok
    Hey guys I've been reading this forum for some months now but i mostly read the IEM sections and i'm thinking of buying an over ear/ on-ear headphones since i don't have one that i'm happy with yet. 
    From what i've read the V-moda crossfade LP2 / M80, JVC s400 and Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro seems like my type of headphones. 
    However, having never tried any of them, I don't know which one has the best SQ. Out of all of them, or any at a similar price range, what would you recommend ?

    I like to hear bass that is nice and full but not too overwhelming that it leaks to the mids, having owned the AKG K450 i thought the bass wasn't very pleasant even though there were plenty.
    I'm thinking of buying in the 80-200 price range  
    I'm a bit iffy on buying an on-ear headphone though 'cause the k450 felt uncomfortable after a long period of time due to the pressure from the pads on my ears.
    What do you think will best suit me? 
    I'd like to thank in advance for any recommendations.[​IMG]


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