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++ FULL-SIZE HEADPHONE RECOMMENDATIONS THREAD++ CLOSED: Please post a thread in the Introductions, Help and Advice forum

  1. kamcok
    genre jazz, rock
    budget $80-200
  2. wazzupi
    I'm looking to get one of these headphones the hd650/hd700/hd800/he 400 my current setup is pc>dragonfly>o2 amp>q701 right now  I'm looking for something to complement my setup or just improve it overall.. I love the synergy with my setup right now if the q701 had some sub bass that would be amazing. so yeah basically I'm not sure what I should do I'd rather purchase a second pair of headphones and keep my dac/amp setup any suggestions would be great. 
  3. NujaBlessed
    HD800 to me is just in every aspect an upgraded q701.  if you want a complement, you could realistically look into the HE-500 which will sound musical but still be very refined. the 650 is also a complement, very dark and will be quite a bit more bassy than the q701.
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  4. HamilcarBarca
    The Sennheisers aren't exactly known for sub-bass. While I have no complaints about my HD 650, they're far from bass-head cans.
    If those headphones you're considering, you can easily stick with your O2. That is, unless you prefer that "tube audio" sound.
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  5. KG Jag

    Have not idea what is available in the UK.  That said, I would have to go up in terms or US street prices to the Schiit Asgard, Matrix M-Stage and Audio-gd NFB-12.1
  6. KG Jag

    Bassy cans and jazz do not mix well.  Without an amp, the Shure SRH 840, which still gives you a mid bass hump, might be right for you.
  7. KG Jag
    The O2 is a nice little amp, but its below class when paired with the middle two cans you listed.  The HD 650 would be my choice between the remaining two.  However, I would not expect a great deal of sub bass.  Just months ago I would recommend the D2000, D5000 and/or D7000 for that.  However, Denon has discontinued them.  Outside of these Denons (especially the D5000 & D7000), I can't think of any balanced mid-fi priced can that will give you your sub bass fix.  The next step down for sub-bass would find the HD 650 and DT 880.
  8. wazzupi
    I don't understand the difference between the hd650 and q701 which do you believe has better imaging ?
  9. randomZash
    Hey dudes and dudettes,
        I'm looking for a general purpose headphone $250 max. I'm not rich. Gotta sell some shiet to justify purchase. I don't mind used.
        I come from earphones. I like plenty of detail but hate sibilance, I was never satisfied with the bass of BA drivers, need dynamics' oomph.  
        TDK EB950 - u-shape, good detail but non-sibilant, non-obtrusive mid bass hump, extends low (~20Hz)
        UE TF10 - v-shape, detailed, engaging, fun, energetic
        Vsonic GR06 - non-fatiguing, good cord for portable use
        Brainwavz R1(new!) - impactful bass (tight enough with amp), decent detail, big soundstage
        Brainwavz B2 - harsh treble, sibilant, cold, drummers on vacation, oh wait drummer's back but he's only got cymbals with bells and whistles too! 
        Xears TD II / III - every bass note sounds the same, sometimes too much bass
       E10, E6, cMoyBB
       Circumaural, I've got big ears (think Obama.) I want more clamping force than T50RP, 
       open/closed, don't care much, maybe open's better but need bass
    I don't have a lot of headphones to compare to, sorry. I've used the stock T50RP, not enough detail or bass. 
    I like U/V-shaped fun sig with bass > treble. Would like decent sub bass. I listen for long stretches, don't want to be too fatiguing.
    I like fun over analytical, NEED decent detail, hate cold and boring. TF10's are my upper limit for detail, anymore crispness and I won't be listening for more than 10 min.
    Me was eyeing DT990 Pro, see some around $165 used but I'm worried if it's too much detail. Are the straight cords worth +$50 for dt990 premium?
    Any other suggestions are welcome.
    I hope I answered most needed info on preference.
  10. Davedog
    Thanks again for the advice.
    Turns out the choice of beginner desktop amps in the UK is pretty measly so i'll have to order either the Matrix M-Stage or the Hifiman EF2A from an international seller on ebay.  
    Is one significantly better than the other or should i Just go for the best price.
    Cheers in advance.
  11. KG Jag

    They are different.  In the US the EF2A is much less expensive.  It alone has a DAC.  It is a hyrid--so it has a semi tubby sound.
    The solid state M-Stage is a better amp that comes in several flavors, which allows some customization.  Check out TamAudio, which appears to ship the M-Stage to the UK.  See:
  12. KG Jag

    The Q701 has more detailed imaging, but some find it too artificially spread across the sound stage.  In the end their sound signatures are simply very different.  I think Tyll captures much of what the HD 650 is in his short write up naming them a member of his Wall of Fame:
    The HD 650 is a can that scales up with each level of better amps that are paired with it--although you'll have to pick the right ones at each level.
  13. KG Jag

    Don't know any of your favorites (are they all IEM's?), but you are probably on the right track with some flavor of DT 770 or DT 990.  Check the "Deals" thread in this section of the forum.  There is group buy of the DT 990 being discussed there and time is short.
  14. PooJou
    Hey KG - They're very much like the Triple Fi 10's - laid back in the treble, warm midrange, decent bass.
    I've auditioned a bunch of headphones now, from GS1000 to M50 - and the only that sounds "similar" to what I'm after is the Beyerdynamic DT770Pro (the black ones) - are there any others you guys could recommend?

    EDIT: just saw your recommendation above - I found the DT990's too crashy. I know, I live in a very detailed world (haha) - but they overemphasised every cymbal hit in every song (and made Paloma Faith and Adele almost excrutiating to listen to)
  15. Christo4
    Any recommendation for headphones good for movies and games other than the CAL! for for 110 euro?

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