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++ FULL-SIZE HEADPHONE RECOMMENDATIONS THREAD++ CLOSED: Please post a thread in the Introductions, Help and Advice forum

  1. NujaBlessed

    sq and genre preferences? open or closed? no one needs to know all the useless info you listed.
  2. automaton
    Just a bump from my above question:
    I'm down to a few sets of headphones for my office:

    Beyer DT-880
    Beyer COP
    V-Moda M-100
    Audio Technica ATH 900X
    AKG K550

    Budget is around $200, but will go higher if there's enough difference between $200 and the next tick up to make it worth the cash (up to the $310 that the M100 are going for).  Will be used in a private office, so no need for closed vs. open.  Would prefer not have to use/buy an amp, at least in the short-term, but plan to grab one down the line. 

    Listening: mostly EBM, techno, ambient, ect. 

    The DT-880 had been the top contender, but the M-100 seem to be more versatile.  

  3. sacrifice13
    As someone who usually buys pretty bass-heavy headphones, I thought it would be awesome to try out some cans that are more neutral.
    The genres I would listen to with these would be more acoustic type music like Adele and similar artists.
    The closest to neutral I have is the SRH-440, which I love but I find them very cold and analytical, whereas I prefer a warmer signature.
    Open or closed doesn't really matter as long as they are relatively affordable and not bright or sibilant.
    Thanks experts
  4. KG Jag

    You're in the wrong section of the forum.  This is for full sized headphones.
  5. KG Jag

    Are you using an amp?  How much are you willing to spend?
  6. cthchung
    I am trying to decide between the Schiit Lyr and Burson HA-160 for my Beyerdynamic T1s. Before I make the plunge on either amps, does anyone have experience with either combo?

  7. Christo4
    Can anyone recommend me some headphones for about 130-140$ other than CAL! and DT770 Pro that are good for gaming and movies?
  8. Roller
    Ultrasone HFI-580 or HFI-780. The former has more bass emphasis and a signature that handles immersive gaming and movies well, while the latter has is more balanced, working well with both immersive and competitive gaming, as well as movies.
  9. KG Jag
    Not exactly.  However, I can tell you that I like the T1 better out of the hybrid HiFiMan EF5 than out of the Burson HA-160.
  10. Christo4
    Can't really find them in Europe for less than 150... Any other suggestions?
  11. Roller
  12. Christo4
    With shipping to my country it costs 163 euro [​IMG].
  13. Davedog
    Thanks for the advice, i've had a look and the only way i could get the HiFiMan EF2A is buy ordering from an international seller.
    do you know of any other good beginner amps i could buy in the uk?
    Cheers in advance.
  14. iro-bot31
    Hello everyone, I'm new to this site and I'm hoping someone can give me some advice.
    I currently own the Alessandro MS1, I've had them for a couple years now and they're great but I figure it's time to start looking into some new cans. There are an overwhelming number of opinions out there, and even when reading through the recommended links it gets somewhat contradictory so I've come for some help.
    I listen to a lot of progressive rock/metal, but also some classic rock and rap. My favorite bands, for reference, are Coheed and Cambria, Dream Theater, Protest the Hero, The Hold Steady, and Childish Gambino. I would use them for movies and gaming as well, but these would be of secondary importance - the quality of listening to music it what I'm most interested in.
    I'm not really experienced at articulating what I'm looking for in terms of sound, other than that I want bass that is present and noticeable but not overpowering, good instrument separation, and strong mids for guitar and male vocals.
    I have no amp or DAC at the moment, though down the road I may get one if necessary. Preferably, whatever headphones I get would sound great on their own, but could be enhanced by adding an amp/DAC.
    At the moment I'm looking for some closed (or semi-open) headphones in the $200-$250 price range that would be a nice complement for what I already have. My interest has been piqued for a number of headphones, namely:
    1. Audio Techinca ATH-A900X
    2. Beyerdynamic DT-770 (250 Ohm)
    3. Shure SRH840
    4. AKG K550
    5. V-MODA M80
    Any advice is greatly appreciated, whether it's weighing in on these options or suggesting something that may be better suited. Thanks!
  15. thecansmancan
    I have the shure 840 and im quite a fan. They're well balanced, perhaps a touch of mid emphasis, and i do mean a touch...sorta. Anyway, they do well all round. Here's my review on them, i apologize for some of my slight misunderstandings and mild nieveness, but it was an early production...

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