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++ FULL-SIZE HEADPHONE RECOMMENDATIONS THREAD++ CLOSED: Please post a thread in the Introductions, Help and Advice forum

  1. Roller
    Start by adding a higher quality EQ developed by a fellow Head-Fier: http://www.foobar2000.org/components/view/foo_dsp_xgeq
  2. Doc-holliday
    I don't think he is saying either one of those things. For example I would say that I'm perfectly happy with my DT990's with the stock cable through a standard plug amp, and that doesn't mean I am saying there is "no difference" it just means I like what I have and don't feel any need to change it.

    If it is worth it for you to spend the money on the recable and to buy a balanced amp and you have the dosh, go for it.

    I think he is saying something along the lines of pick up a deal on an 880 for $250 or so and if you really feel the need to upgrade, go for it. If you want sonic differences between the two, ask KG Jag or one of these guys about the stock semi-open dt880 vs the open he400. You might want to ask about fit and comfort as well.

    I think you are coming here asking about recabled versions of the two and no one is answering up really because they don't have them like kg said earlier. You may need to try the summit fi section?
  3. HamilcarBarca
    The main benefit of a "balanced line" is its rejection of EMI (electronic noise) picked up by the cable. While there are a number of potential consumer sources of noise, like CRT's, power supplies, microwave ovens, etc., homes and offices generally don't have the EMI which makes balancing worth the cost. OTOH, if done correctly, it shouldn't distort the sound in the slightest. (NB. This isn't the conventional folk wisdom among audiophiles, so while many engineers agree have this opinion, there's a difference of opinion.) Wikipedia has an article, Balanced line, which isn't too technical until the very end.
    Somehow, I thought the DT 880 was still ~$220. My mistake. I've heard the DT 770 and own the DT 990. I could recommend either, although the '880 generally gets better reviews here than the '770 or '990. I considered the HE-400 until about two months ago. When it became clear that a third revision was imminent, I went with my other first choice, the Sennheiser HD 650. I haven't heard the '880 or the HE-400. The relatively small price difference makes the choice that much tougher.
  4. KG Jag

    You have to go to the HE-500 to beat the DT 880. 
    Also many here have posted concerns about which rev. version of the HE-400 to get.  If memory serves, most have have said that rev. 2 is much better than rev. 3.
  5. Kasterolle
    Hi. I am buying dt990 250ohm, and in max 6 months I will buy LCD-2 rev2 (or i might waight for the lcd closed cans, maymaybe).
    So I need an amp and a dac. And I am thinking of buying the Grace M903.
    I like bass, but i also love to hear all the instruments so i like soundstage too.
    Should i perhaps get another amp and dac? And use more money one a amp and just get a cheap dac? But I really do not want to start upgrading and selling next year.
    I am also thinking of buying myself floorstanding speakers soon. If i buy amp for the speakers could i use the M903 as a dac then? Or should I just buy a reciever now and listen throug that?
    foobar, 320 and /or flac. To be honest I just want to know if there is a better option than the M903 :S
  6. KG Jag

    1.  I don't own any Fiios, so I can't help on that issue.
    2. The 940 has neutral bass--less than than the 840, which has a mid bass hump.
    3. It's very difficult to beat the quality of sound offered by 940 with any closed can in its price range.
    The 550 is well regarded but picky.  You have to get a good seal with it.  Glasses, sideburns and beards have all caused problems for some.
  7. KG Jag

    Never heard of the Pro Anniverary here in the US.
    The 2400 is a good can for fun, bass and slam.  However, I would not use it for mixing or critical listening.  I would say the same thing about the HiFi 780 and Pro 750.
  8. MarcoGV

    I have just returned from a cross-country trip where I used the Philips Cityscape Downtown.  Excellent isolation (good enough for the plane ride!), very comfortable (although YMMV), and good enough sound for the hotel, at a price well below your budget.
  9. KG Jag

    The Sennheiser HD 25-1 II plus extension cable.
  10. MarkoOktabyr
    Having glasses, sideburns, and a beard, I think I'll save up for the 940. Thanks for your help!
    PS: Is there an amp you do own/recommend?
  11. Roller
    The Pro Anniversary is a limited edition of the Pro 650. Of the models sigmundklaus listed, the HFI-680 would be an option to get, with the Pro Anniversary a second option. The HFI-2400 are quite nice headphones, but not for critical listening, IMHO.
  12. KG Jag

    The only portable amp I own is the HeadRoom Total AirHead.  It provides quality power that will drive almost any dynamic can.  It also happens to be on sale at half price for $49:
  13. KG Jag

    What exactly do you see as being included in this home rig?
  14. Hooster
    Just a big thank you to those who have responded, much appreciated. [​IMG]
  15. KG Jag

    I got the EF5 just before my HD 650 arrived.  I think that poodytang has done some tube rolling with the EF2A.

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