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++ FULL-SIZE HEADPHONE RECOMMENDATIONS THREAD++ CLOSED: Please post a thread in the Introductions, Help and Advice forum

  1. HamilcarBarca
    The M903 gets excellent reviews. And, according to the User's Guide, it has
    UNBALANCED LINE OUTPUTS - A stereo pair of unbalanced line level outputs are provided via two RCA jacks. These outputs 
    should be connected to powered speakers or power amplifiers using standard unbalanced RCA cables.
    If it wasn't so far out of my price range, I'd buy one. Others that distinguish themselves?
    1. ODAC+O2 combo (US$285)
    2. CEntrance DACMini CX (US$795)
    Cheap DAC (but not the greatest amplifier)
    1. Behringer UCA-222 (US$30)
  2. Kasterolle
    yes, the thing is i could use the behringer UCA-222 or HRT Music Streamer II + and maybe a Burson HA-160. and save money. But if I go on the interwebb the next day and regret it, then I might upgrade soon. and then i wont save money.
    maan. i'll just buy it and shut the pluck up...
  3. GenericNameA
    Hi I am looking for headphones.  I have looked around but I am not sure about which ones to get.  
    Type Closed
    Price $200 or lower
    Sound - I already have the Beyerdynamic DT 880 so i would prefer something that sounds different.  I mostly listen to Rock and Electronic music, I also listen to some metal and classical.
    Comfort it is important to me because I have a large head and wear glasses.   
    Sound Isolation I prefer passive.
    Not Important
    sound leakage
    Portability I will be using these at home.
    I have looked at these headphones
    Ultrasone HFI - 580
    AKG k271
    Audio Technica ATH A700
    Audio Technica ATH M50
    V MODA crossfades M80 - i heard these were uncomfortable
    if you have any other suggestions it would help.
  4. Roller
    GenericNameA, Ultrasone HFI-780 for both rock and EDM, HFI-580 leaning more towards EDM.
  5. GenericNameA
    Thanks i think the UltraSone HFI 780 is the right one for me.
  6. HamilcarBarca
    I have two UCA-222's and I like them (especially for the price.) I'm still trying to convince myself that the O2+ODAC will give me audibly better sound.
    Good luck.
  7. Davedog
    Well I've got a portable rig. (HTC incredible S>FiiO E17>HD25IIs)
    but i want a desktop rig and in all honesty I have no idea where to start so any help would be appreciated.
    Cheers in advance.
    EDIT: I'm after something to play CDs. I have some vinyl as well (although thats an afterthought)
  8. basstwomule
    Thanks!  I am looking at the site right now.  What do you think of the HD 25-SP II?  It looks similar and comes with a 10' cable.  But I see some differences in frequency range and impedance.  If I am just using them for Netflix and a big of gaming on my laptop will these differences be important?
    And don't kill me!  I am also looking at the HD 202 II.  I know it is low end but, for my purposes (watching TV shows on Netflix while doing dishes each night) they might be ok.  What do you think?
    Thanks again for taking the time to help me with this!
  9. KG Jag

    With regard to sound, you say you want something different.  In what way?  The DT 880 is an outstanding near neutral audiophile can.
  10. KG Jag

    OK--what is your budget?  Do you already have a CD deck to meet your needs?  Either way you will need a receiver or desktop headphone amp and a new can.
    Is it the Senn HD 25-1-II that you have?  If not which version?  If so, do you like its sound signature?  What are you looking for in the sound signature of your new can?
  11. skidawgz
    I've been lurking for a while looking for the right headphones.  I listen to a range of music, and the cans will be used for all around listening without an amp (at least at first).  I was leaning towards blindly ordering the Sennheiser hd 598 based off user reviews here.  I really enjoyed the sound of the 558, until I checked out a few other sets.  The audio technica ATH-ESW9A sound perfect to me but I want a full size headphone.  I tried the AKG K5550, AT ATH-A900X, and both are close but not enough bass.  I listen to mostly hip hop/rock and would like better bass.  Bass in the 558s was perfect, but the midrange was weak.
    Headphones must be available at Best Buy.
    Budget (realistic) $250, but will consider up to $500.
    I'd rather have money to save to get an amp over anything, I will be listening at first without an amp.
    I don't mind PMs if you have a lengthy suggestion or some headphones to suggest trying
  12. Roller
    Consider looking into the Ultrasone HFI-780.
  13. KG Jag

    The SP version is inferior.  It has an inferior driver and less features.  The HD 25-1-II is the one you should get.  This is a bit dated, but gives you a good picture of the line:
    Don't waste your money on the 202.  It's entry level only.  Even the SP is much better.
    Yes, your listed uses aren't as critical as some.   However, unless your into planned obsolescence, there is no since in going the cheap route, when for a little more you can have one of the best portable cans in its class.
  14. basstwomule
    I had someone suggest AKG.  I took a look and pulled out the K 172 HD and K 142 HD.  Any thoughts on them vs the 25-1 II?
  15. KG Jag

    Yours is an usual take.  Most find the mids of the 558 to be its strength and the bass to be wanting for hip hop and other bass heavy genres.  What equipment did you use to test them?
    The 558 and 598 share the same drivers.  The 598 will improve your sound stage and mids, just a bit.  They are also a little more comfortable and much more colorful.

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