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Earbuds Round-Up

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  1. golov17
  2. golov17
  3. waynes world
    Golov, you seem to have a weeee bit of experience with earbuds lol. My first and only pair of earbuds comprise of the VE Zen and Asura beta. I didn't think I'd really like earbuds in general, but it turns out that I like them better than iems (I find them much more comfortable and healthier for the ears also imo), and the Zens are now probably my most listened to head gear (due to many factors including SQ).
    I know that you also like the Zens, so my question to you is, what other earbuds would you consider worthy for an earbud neophyte?
  4. golov17
    Вlox BE5,7 Edifier H101,185 
  5. waynes world
  6. Daijiro
    golov, i saw your posts about Coogoo dx400 & suvov s20.
    My local seller starting to sell them.
    Which one have better bass & vocal quality?

    And how about meizu ep21hd? Is it have thin bass just like DIY Powerbeats?
  7. Expansion
    Thank you for the review. However, I'm afraid about that dark sound. I don't like it to be dark, i want it to be airy, even if it's only distortion. 
    About Awei ES10, you can forget them. The more I listen to them, the more I realize that they have a bad voicing. They don't sound right, detailed, nor engaging.
    Back to scratch again, I don't know what to buy. E100 were on my shopping list, but now I have some doubts.
  8. golov17
    Cogoo DX400 for vocal, Suvov S20 for rock, pop music. Meizu EP21HD not recomended..
  9. golov17
    Handing out advice, it is not rewarding activity, lol. All that I say, IMHO, based on my personal preference and experience. Please, take it critically :)
  10. Daijiro
    thanks bro :D
    Looks like dx400 suit me best..

    If i ask you about Jiushao e300 vs ve monk, which one would you choose for all rounder listening?
    Both have almost similar price
  11. golov17
    Really only Monk :wink:
    I no listen new Monk, lol :)
  12. Danneq
    I've got the Baldoor Earbell E100, which is the same as Mrice E100. I would not consider them dark. I've also got the AKG K319 in my somewhat too big collection, and the K319 are a bit brighter than the E100. Bass is better overall on the E100. To me, the K319 lack depth in the soundstage and instrument separation is so so. E100 has got a better depth than the K319 and better instrument separation. So overall, I prefer the E100 to the K319. But I like the sort of dry sound of the K319 which is why I keep them. Also, they have good synergy with my somewhat digital sounding Cowon MP3 players (X5 and S9). My E100 don't go well together with my Cowon DAP:s and highs become too harsh and bright.

    My biggest problem with the E100 is the fit. They are a bit too big and the earbud housing lacks a stem that can help secure the earbuds in my ears. Considering price/performance, I put the E100 on the number 1 position on my earbud list. They are not the best sounding ones, but definitely in my top 10 list. I've bought earbuds for 10 times the price of the E100 that don't sound as good...
  13. Expansion
    Danneq, thank you for the input.
    Can you also enumerate the top 10 earbuds for you, regardless of price?
  14. Topazus
    How come the Sennheiser MX 375 and MX365 are barely mentioned here? Are these cheap crappy earbuds not even worthy of the briefest commentary?
    Quite surprising because elsewhere on the web, they are well discussed, reviewed... Just not here.
  15. Danneq

    Well, I can only roughly rank the earbuds since my preferences might change and different earbuds will have different synergy with different sources.

    My number 1 and 2 earbuds are pretty much constant, and it will take a lot for an earbud to make it into my top 5.

    Please note that many of my earbuds are discontinued...

    1. Blox TM7 (balance, detail and just about anything I could want from an earbud)
    2. Sennheiser MX980 (Very close to Blox TM7 in sound except for bass not being as good)
    3. Sony MDR E252 (Vintage Sony earbud that also is close to TM7, although not as good)
    4. Sony MDR E282 (Another vintage Sony earbud)
    5. Sony MDR E484 (Perhaps the most legendary Sony vintage earbud. Bass is amazingly deep but still bass detail is great)
    6. Aiwa HP D9 (Top end Aiwa earbud from the early 90's. It is not very balanced since bass is very poor, but the highs are amazing and detail and soundstage is out of this world).
    7. Baldoor Earbell E100 (Great detail and soundstage and a pretty good balanced pair of earbuds)
    8. Blox BE3 (a bit more bassy than the E100. Great sound considering they cost only $38 with shipping included...)
    9. Aiwa HP V2 (really old Aiwa earbuds that still sound quite good. A bit thin but still detailed and sweet sound).
    10. Dasetn M760 (A better version of the Sennheiser MX760. I owned the MX760 but sold them since they sounded a bit artificial to me. M760 has got a big soundstage like the MX760 but a much more natural sound)

    (I would probably place AKG K319 on place 11 or 12...)

    If I were to make a list of only earbuds that are currenntly sold it would probably be something like this:
    1. Baldoor Earbell E100
    2. Blox BE3
    3. Dasetn M760
    4. Pioneer SE-CE521K
    5. Dasetn M1/MX1 (MX was an earlier version of M1 with better quality cable)
    6. KZ OMX2 (quite dark sounding, but with with some EQing, they sound very good)
    7. Yuin PK2
    8. Tingo TC100

    I think I'll leave it at 8 since the other ones of my earbuds that currently are in production do not really qualify...

    Right now, the only earbud I'm waiting for is the new flagship earbud from Blox. If it beats the TM7, it will be my new number 1...
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