Earbuds Round-Up

  1. RodRevenge
    Btw i recieved my RY4S, they have a faulty driver, that was sad.
  2. wskl
    To my ears, the 120 ohm has more bass, less treble and a bit warmer. I wrote my impressions here if you want to read more.
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  3. JohnVoight
    Hi guys,
    quick question -
    Faaeal Snow-lotus 2.0 or Seahf AWK-F32T??

    which one to buy?
    Already have EMX500 and Vido. Wanting a change of sound in my new earbud. Which one would complement these two?
  4. CharlesRievone
    I've never tried any of the two (SL2 and Seahf f32t), but I've just read an impression on the SL2 that it somehow has a midcentric signature and very narrow soundstage.

    As for Seahf 32, most of the people I know who loved it use those buds for rock/metal. I guess this will be redundant since you already have the EMX500.

    Maybe also try another earbud with another housing as well?
    NiceHCK PK2
    DQSM Panda / PK2S
    Yinyoo Tank
  5. HungryPanda
    Much that I like the DIY PK2 I prefer the DQSM Z&W Panda PK2s
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  6. HungryPanda
    As I own all of these buds the Faaeal Snow Lotus 2.0 would be my suggestion
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  7. HungryPanda
    As you have not heard either of the two earbuds that have been inquired about reading your post could be off putting to someone reading it
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  8. seanc6441
    I got the DSQM today. I agree, it’s bass is more present and balanced, mid range is equal in quality but with a better tonality and treble is equally as good (these buds have excellent treble imo).

    I love the smoother front grille that opens up the sound more allowing more foam choices to sound good imo. Shozy should take notes on this aspect.

    This earbud is really well balanced and I don’t really find it U or V shaped probably just very balanced with regular donuts and/or ve monk thins, just slightly different between those two neither better nor worse imo.

    The soundstage is still not that large but it doesn’t feel as congested as the pk2 somehow. Very good earbud here.
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  9. seanc6441
    Lacks a little dynamism... Maybe it needs a little burn in but it’s not quite tight enough in the bass or crisp enough in the highs so it doesn’t feel as exciting but sounds good if I can describe it like that. Treble is more even than the diy pk2 but slightly less energetic. Maybe slightly

    That’s probably my only complaint so far because other than that’s its very good for this price.

    Hmm changed track and it sounded a better... could just be my ears, lol
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  10. vladstef
  11. seanc6441
    ok quick update between pk2 and dsqm pk2s.

    Bass: pk2s has more of it and reaches slightly lower. PK2 is tighter bass less bloomy.

    Mids: Pk2s has better tonality in vocals. PK2 has slightly better texture but somewhat dry sounding. Instruments are the same. I prefer the pk2s tonality but missing the texture of the pk2.

    High’s: PK2s is pretty smooth in the high’s with good detail. Pk2 is more sparkly and extended highs’s and sound more exciting but never harsh.

    The shell is playing a part here. The pk2s shell may be smoother but it’s vents are more centralised and thus the sound is more directed at you rather than around you. This is affecting the soundstage. Pk2s has more balance in frequency response and thus sounds less congested between vocals and instruments but pk2 has a wider soundstage.

    These buds are both not perfect but good at certain things. Wish we could have certain aspects of both because it would be a super earbud but sadly that’s not the case. Anyway that’s just my initial comparison of the two.
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  12. RodRevenge
    Do you think it would be a good idea to get the pk2s keeping in mind that the graphenes didnt quite make it for my prefered music taste?
  13. luckyeights
    Hmm a limited edition Shozy BK. We have any links yet? Is it supposed to be an improvement or just a cable change?
  14. HungryPanda
    I'm really enjoying them, very smooth. I have to wear them over ear as they kept falling out if wearing down
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  15. ATi7500
    Thanks for the review! Would be nice to have a comparison with Qian39, as they share the same shells.

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