Earbuds Round-Up

  1. hex182
    I see all of these are marketed as heavy bass or just bass. How is the Snow Lotus 2.0 different enough to recommend it? Also have you tried the FAAEAL Narcissus 2.0, is that any better?
  2. theoutsider
    Do you rank them near the best of your earbuds?

    The inner shells seem smaller than MX500, maybe the protruded back shifted the center of gravity and threw the earbud out of balance.
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  3. waynes world
    Nice update. If possible, please suggest some tunes that you find challenging for the graphenes. Or, just some metal band or tunes in general that you like (I've been listening to some Metallica lately, and wouldn't mind trying out some other metal). Thanks! Edit: I'm a bit familiar with Dream Theatre and Black Sabbath, but that's about it (unless you call Led Zeppelin or King Crimson metal lol).
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  4. HungryPanda
    As I only got them today I will let them burn in for a bit before my final thoughts but at the moment they are as good as my OurArt Ti7's
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  5. seanc6441
    What did you dislike about the graphene’s?

    Edit: Just read your previous post about rock eletronic and drums being an issue. Personally I think the diy pk2 handles drums better than pk2s and graphene because it has tighter controlled bass/mid bass but not much sub bass so it should quicker and a short decay compared to pk2s which has a little more bloom and graphene which is deeper bass but pretty emphasised and not as tight (albeit still of good quality overall).

    Pk2 has the best signature for rock no question but i found switching to a full thin foam like the cheap ones (1$ for 100) on aliexpress or ve monk thins (new pack is thicker than before and works well here for seal) helps smooth out the texture and gives the midrange a better tonality (because the detail and sparkle is very present in this earbud.

    PK2s is better for pop and generally anything with a bass beat. But initial impressions I don’t get the same texture and detail in the sound (possibly due to tuning and how the back vents are filtered with thicker foam which helps bass but at the cost of air flow) the pk2s definitely has more thump and is smoother but less airy overall and details don’t quite extend like the pk2.

    This newer variant of Diy pk2 with the right foams is definitely a great choice for electric guitar, acoustic and drums if that gives you an idea of the sound signature here. I did note that the newer pk2 i received last week was improved over the last one so I can recommend it and the pk2s for different genres.
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  6. gazzington
    I agree, snow lotus 2.0 is a special bud for the low price.
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  7. Matija Osrečki
    What are the bassiest earbuds with Yuin PK shell?

    And which have the strongest bass in general?
    (I know about f150c, and have emx500, that's about it)
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  8. silverfishla
    If you really want to hear what the Graphenes can do, may I suggest an artist that I've only newly discovered? He's called.....Rahman, I don't know if you've ever heard of him before. Haahaha, just kidding. I'm going to have a bowl of noodles now. :wink:
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  9. seanc6441
    Sub bass or mid bass? Cygnus and DSQM PK2 has the most mid bass quantity. Shozy BK has the best overall bass response if you want balanced between sub bass and mid bass it reaches lower than cygnus and dqsm but has less mid bass bump slightly. Still considered slightly bumped mid bass though, cygnus just has more.

    DSQM has a nice bass for a pk2 shell but it’s not the tightest compared to shozy bk and maybe slightly less quality than cygnus but not much in it. Cygnus can be abit bloomy too but not too much.

    I think most will enjoy the bass of the cygnus the most but in budget range dqsm is good.
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  10. mbwilson111
    Did you ever receive the Edifier H190? I love mine. I bought that from Amazon after you made me curious. Later I also bought the H185 and I enjoy that also. Both fit well.
  11. waynes world
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  12. RodRevenge
    Sure i can do that.
    , Graphene makes drums in this song too snappy, especially cymbals can get piercing, also chorus (in this and other songs) feels clustered, metal tends to have this wall of sound effect and it gets accentuated by the graphenes nature of making everything sparkly.

    You can look at those 3 let me know what you think
  13. waynes world
    Cool! I'll find them on Tidal, and try them out with various ear buds. Thanks.
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  14. seanc6441
    I have the graphene, pk2s, diy pk2 and Cygnus beside me and I listened to all 3 tracks.

    If you want the bass to hit deep the cygnus does all the 3 songs the best by a narrow margin

    graphene doesn’t play well with the metal btw, it’s veiled effect is ‘the wall’ you speak of imo. It’s like a filter between you and the music. The first sounded good except the drum hits were a little brittle.

    PK2 sounded the best for the mix of drum and beat but but misses the deep bass impact but I question the importance of sub bass in this genre of music so it just sounds a small bit less deep. Drum’s sound fantastic though.

    DSQM was middling-good on the metal and very good on the first track.

    Overall I gotta say assuming you don’t buy the cygnus as it’s not budget range get the diy pk2/dsqm pk2s and grab the 1$ thin foams. Great combo here.

    Here’s how I see it. Diy pk2 does treble better and has a tighter drum roll and details are crisp. But lacks bass impact.

    PK2s has bass impact but the treble is abit too smooth and not as sparkly, also the dynamics aren’t as quick/tight which doesn’t favour metal as much.
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  15. RodRevenge
    Thank you so much bro, i have the budget to get the cygnus but you think the SQ upgrade justifies the price jump?

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