1. temuryusuf

    NE-7M vs RE0 vs R02ProII

    Recently lost my bent-plug Vibe Duo (first pair of IEMs) and torn choosing between these three as my next. NuForce NE-7M - US$60 shipped HeadDirect RE0 - US$110 shipped VSonic R02ProII (ebay) - US$ 42 (!) shipped. I honestly do not know what to make of the authenticity of these, but...
  2. chuckp

    Bought a set of Visang R02s, where's the bass?

    Just got a set of Visang R02s.  From the reviews, i assumed these would have decent mids and bass. I recall a review on here stating "the treble takes a back seat to the mids and bass"   Comparing them to my old set of Bose IE's, they sound pretty weak.  They lack bass all around and the mids...
  3. wooz

    Visang R02 and Soundmagic PL-30 comparison

    Hello, I'm certainly new to the high-end gear so please take these writings as merely a personal opinion rather than facts. Furthermore please feel free to ask questions =). Introductions: So the main thing I was looking for when considering the higher end gear was better sound...
  4. xpboy7

    V-Sonic GR02 R02 vs. VC02

    Hi guys, I'm looking for new pair of phones, mostly for calm-like music ( Jimi Hendrix, Dire Straits, Pink Floyd and even System of a Down)   i saw those 2 pairs which looked the best for my situation:   V-Sonic GR02 R02 pro ii    ---34$---...
  5. altfiv3

    Anywhere/way to get the ViSang R02's foam tips?

    I loved the soft, comfy tips that came with my R02's, I'd really like to find out how to get more of them.   Story: About 2 weeks ago, the foam part of the tip separated from the silicon where it attaches to the earbuds themselves... I continued to use them just pushing the foam onto it...
  6. eastPride

    Updated R02 Silver (again?)

    http://www.lendmeurears.com/product_info.php?products_id=63&osCsid=8054a2e71fa2f49afea5a60232f6ab9b   I guess VSonic sneaked in an update of the R02 IEM. Does anyone have any kind of information on these?
  7. Cu Chulainn

    MEElec CW31s or ViSang R02s?

    Hey guys,   Been looking to get some new iems, after my rather shocking CX400-IIs were stolen. Joker's thread and reviews have helped me out a fair bit and narrowed the choice down to either of the two mentioned in the title.   The CW31s I can get for £21, whereas the R02s are £26 - not...
  8. alirah84

    GR02 and R02 PRO ll

    I want to buy GR02 Bass Edition on internet but GR02 and R02 PRO ll Are same.How do I recognize GR02 than R02 PRO ll?Plz help me
  9. Cerace

    Tricky first foray in a brave new world - advice on budget IEMs

    Hi there everyone,   I've spent a couple of weeks searching and reading this forum in an effort to try and learn all about IEMs and how to purchase the right model. Finally I decided to ask you guys directly, and I apologize in advance for the inevitable overlapping with so many other...
  10. bbarnes1

    IEM recommendation : Bass Freq replacement... M6 didn't cut it

    My 5 year old V moda Bass Freq IEM are starting to show their age.  So, I looked around on here and it seemed like i wouldn't be able to go wrong with a set of meelectronics M6.   The M6s are ok i guess.  Sound fine on some music, nice deep bass extension similar to the bass freqs but more...
  11. wooz

    Visang R02 Feedback :-)

    Hello! I've been browsing head-fi for sometime, and purchased the Visang R02s due to the good reviews. After using the standard monitors that come with my musicplayer for several years (they dont go nearly as far in ear as the R02s) the improvement in quality is really really noticeable...
  12. Irbyz

    Sub-$50 IEMs to use with Clip+

    Currently purchased SanDisk Sansa Clip+ and looking for sub-$50 IEMs to compliment it with (may consider something slightly more expensive if it's very good option).   Atm i'm looking into ViSang R02 (Brainwavz ProAlpha), Brainwavz M1, Xears XE200PRO, Fischer Audio Silver Bullet, Fischer...
  13. Elhanan4

    JVC ha fxd80 vsonic vsonic r02 silver

    JVC ha fxd80 vs vsonic r02 silver What is better for instromental/progressive/classical music? (i Can get them both for the same price). I want a good /natural sound and a good build quality (i want the cable wont stop working after few months...) thanks
  14. Kavurcen

    ViSang r02 issue: No left audio

    Hey everyone, I wish my first post here didn't have to be asking a question, but I'm in need of some help, or at least some answers.   The short version (tl;dwr): My ViSang r02s have no output of anything at all through the left ear no matter what I try, and I have no idea why, after only a...
  15. ClieOS

    [REVIEW] Sub-$30 IEM fight: ECCI PG100 vs. Ultimate Ears 100 / 200

    First, I'll to thank lendmeurears.com for the PG100 sample.   Here I have three sub-$30 IEM waiting for review: ECCI PG100 and Ultimate Ears UE100 are both in the $20 mark while UE200 is a bit more expensive at $30. Given so many people out there will never want to spend over 1/5 (or even...
  16. PointyFox

    Bose IE

    I recently refurbished a Bose IE, so I don't know what it's supposed to sound like.  Music definitely comes out, and it's all there, however, they sound anywhere near as good as I expected.  I was surprised, since I like the Bose Triports, and some "audiophiles" here who have bashed the...
  17. TJguitar

    Shure se215 vs vsonic ro2pro2

    What do you guys think?   I know what my options are and i've narrowed them down to these two. I'd just like to know which ones sound better and why.   
  18. Akella

    Nuforce NE-7M or ThinksoundTS02?

    What will be better in SQ? Sorry for opening another thread but i think i didn't asked correctly.      1. Nuforce NE-7M 2. ThinksoundTS02 3. Shure se215 4. Soundmagic pl30 5. Vsonic VS-R02PROII 6. Brainwavz m1/m2   Or something other?   I need the sound of headphones not crappy...
  19. C0rnholio

    AKG K324p/IP2 vs Sennheiser CX 300 II vs ViSang R02 ( Brainwavz Pro Alpha )

    So, I am in the lookout for some decent affordable IEMs and these 3 fellaz seem to stick to my head as they fair for about the same price ( give or take ).   As far as the AKGs K324p and IP2 - what exactly is the difference between these 2  ? On the paper they look very much alike. The...
  20. SumLuckyGuy

    Brainwavz M1 vs ProAlpha

    Hi everyone   Just joined head-fi after a few weeks of lurking on the site, glad to be here!   I am looking into my first proper IEM setup, and looking for a sub $100 cost c/w amp   Right now mp4nation is having a pre-sale for the Brainwavz M1 and the ProAlpha, and I am unsure of...
  21. blackz88

    [HELP] What earphones to buy ~$50

    Hello   Ive had a pair of Monster Turbines, loved its bass and punchy sound Generally nice seal But after i took it to the gym, i accidently broke the wire and sent it in for repair/replacement   So im looking for a new pair of earphones ~$50 that can used in the gym Was interested...
  22. hojomojo96

    Brainwavz Pro Alpha - A great deal? Yes. Budget basshead heaven? Not by a long shot.

    NOTE: ALL OF THE FOLLOWING REPRESENTS MY OPINIONS.   Testing Setup: ipod touch -> Fiio E5 -> Brainwavz Pro Alpha I listened to a mix of songs, all of which were mp3s, 192kbps or higher.   Yesterday, in the mail, I recieved my Brainwavz Pro Alpha. To tell the truth, I was quite...
  23. ljokerl

    Review: Brainwavz M1 - Taking ViSang off Steriods

    Intro   Anyone who has been following Head-Fi’s portable forum for the past few months has probably stumbled on and been confused by the ViSang R03/Mp4nation Brainwavz M2 debacle. Let me try to clear things up. First, ViSang released the R03, which I thought were a great value for money and...
  24. KneelJung

    Looking for an IEM to...

    ...use with my Clip.   Right now I'm using Porta Pro's which I like, just want something a little different. Most of my music is bluesy classic rock sort of stuff, some acoustic too. My main phones (home rig) are Grado HF2's. I'm open to something more neutral and analytical as opposed to...
  25. bambam123

    sub $100 with a whole lotta bass

    i just bought an ipod touch and i can't stand the apple earphones. They sound terrible and they always fall out every 15 seconds. I'm looking to purchase earbuds from anywhere between 50 and 100 bucks. I want earbuds that are very bass heavy. I don't want it to be muddy though. What do you guys...