ViSang r02 issue: No left audio
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Aug 7, 2011
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Aug 7, 2011
Hey everyone,
I wish my first post here didn't have to be asking a question, but I'm in need of some help, or at least some answers.
The short version (tl;dwr): My ViSang r02s have no output of anything at all through the left ear no matter what I try, and I have no idea why, after only a couple months of normal use. Why did this happen? Is there any way I can fix it? Is this jiust a lemon, or should I maybe buy a different product?

The long story: When shopping for a cheap pair of IEMs, I puchased a pair of ViSang r02s off of eBay, due to what seemed to be a unanimous recommendation from both this site's forum, particularly the ridiculously huge and comprehensive IEM review thread (a resource I was extremely grateful to discover) and every other site I've seen review them. Their audio quality was excellent compared to the pair of sub-$100 Sennheiser IEMs I'd received for free and used prior to the r02s, and for the price I was extremely happy with my purchase. This first pair, unfortunately, met a tragic end after about six months of use. Depending on the angle of the wire at the Y-fork (or whatever it's called, my headphone nomenclature is horrible), audio in one ear would cut in and out. Assuming this was due to a pulled and strained wire at a solder joint or whatever it is that's in there, I immediately ordered a second pair, due to my experience with the quality of these headphones when they worked.
My second pair arrived and worked flawlessly; up until yesterday, about three months since they were purchased. This time, I had the same issue with the audio in one ear cutting out. However, no matter what I do (fiddling with wires, fiddling with the plug, swapping sources, etc.) I can't get any audio at all to play through the left ear. I literally listened to music for nearly a half hour before this occurred, left them alone on a table for an hour, and then when I tried to use them again nothing through the left ear. Not even the faint static that I can hear through the right ear when connected to my laptop and no music is playing. This leads me to my questions and concerns.

First of all, I'd love to own another pair of these, but the issues of durability and reliability come to mind; as indicated by the fact that ~$40 was the peak of my budget for headphones, I don't want to be replacing these every few months. My best guess would be that I got a lemon, since my prior pair lasted much longer, but this points to a major concern of mine. Initially I didn't think much about the prospect, as the headphones are fairly well made, but as a Chinese-manufactured product, I'm not completely sure about ViSang's quality control standards, or even manufacturing quality and consistency. So with these factors in mind, I'm not entirely sure if a third pair would be a smart buy.

Due to the nature of the problem this seems unlikely, but would there be any way to repair these? Or to begin with, is there a good way (or any way at all) to open up the headphones' housing?

Has anyone here encountered this problem, or could anyone help me identify the cause?

Thanks for the help,
-- Kav
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