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AKG K324p/IP2 vs Sennheiser CX 300 II vs ViSang R02 ( Brainwavz Pro Alpha )

  1. C0rnholio
    So, I am in the lookout for some decent affordable IEMs and these 3 fellaz seem to stick to my head as they fair for about the same price ( give or take ).
    As far as the AKGs K324p and IP2 - what exactly is the difference between these 2  ? On the paper they look very much alike.
    The Sennheiser CX 300 II is a very well reviewed solution for their money but how do they fare against either of the 2 AKGs ? From what I know they are not all that different.
    And finally there's there is the ViSang R02 , or to be more precise I can purchase the Brainwavz Pro Alpha which from what I have read it's the exact same product ( under a different brand ). I know these are highly acclaimed sub $50 IEMs all over the place. Are these even in the same product class with the other options on my list ? I wasn't able to find a direct comparing of these and some AKGs/Senns.
    The AKGs/Senns would probably be purchased off eBay which brings us to the old FAKE/NON FAKE situation. I suppose the best thing to do is just purchase a pair from a seller with a great feedback. Some of them claim their products are ORIGINAL. If the item turns out to be fake I can just have my refund I suppose. Although some fakes have been reported to have some awesome sound quality, and with genuine items actually be produced in China officially, you can't know for sure which is which. Best case scenario, I end up with a decent fake item, and also get refunded :))
    Should I be worried about Fake Brainwavz ? Or their low retail value, plus the official chineese roots should keep other chineese folks from making copies ?
    The IEMs will most likely be used on an iPhone ( currently 3G, next will be the 4G ). I also will blow them with all sort of music, mostly Jazz/Blues but also Techno ( minimal tech house etc ).
    I currently own a pair of Everglide S-500 and a AKG K181 DJ. They are 2 very different products, aimed at 2 different type of clients ( the S-500 is actually a gaming set ). I can't believe how good the S-500 are for music playback, although the sound spectrum is more of a U-shape one ( with less vocals ) compared to the AKGs, I don't think there is anyone around here that ever gave them a go - again, these are gaming aimed headphones.
  2. C0rnholio
    Anybody ? So many reviews about K324p and CX300 II and also ViSang R02 ( Brainwavs ) but isn't there anyone out there that can compare them all ?
  3. CantScareMe
    funny I stumbled on this thread and it just reminded me- where are these brainwavz's that I ordered. Must have got lost in the post or something...
    I was buying these as a spare pair of iem's, as the cx300 II's (genuine) don't sound good enough to me at all- even for the price. In fact, I remember some creative ep630, £6 I think, sounded very similar.
    Anyway, you must have checked out 'IjokerI's mega killer multi iem thread:
    I guess if you don't get the answers here, you can post there.
    BUT, to give my take on this, I reckon the brainwavz should be better than the cx300 soundquality wise and most things else. Cable microphonics are another.
    Lastly, on the topic of fakes. Well, simply buy from an online store or amazon/play.com DIRECTLY. Not the market place on the latter sites, as these market sellers could have storefronts on ebay also.
    The cx300's fakes are notorious for their high quality- quality of fakeness! But some other fakes are lame attempts.
    In fact, I on purpose have bought fake headphones off ebay sellers- just get some experience. And what i've learnt- Before buying any headphone I'll google it to see if any fakes have been reported. If yes, then it probably involves ebay, and I'll simply stay away from ebay altogether.
    Seriously, some fakes are so hard to spot, that a feedback of 50+ for a sennheiser could probably mean 50 people have been tricked. Simple as.

    Oh yea- these brainwavz eventualy came.
    All i wanted to say before this dead thread is dead- the proalphas rip the sheesh out of cx300's.
    A big big difference.
    Big difference.  

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