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Brainwavz Pro Alpha - A great deal? Yes. Budget basshead heaven? Not by a long shot.

  1. hojomojo96
    Testing Setup:
    ipod touch -> Fiio E5 -> Brainwavz Pro Alpha
    I listened to a mix of songs, all of which were mp3s, 192kbps or higher.
    Yesterday, in the mail, I recieved my Brainwavz Pro Alpha. To tell the truth, I was quite excited, as I missed the holiday sale on these, and had been waiting for another for a while. Here are my first impressions:
    Packaging/Build Quality/Accessories:
    Well, quite frankly, the packaging looks NICE. In my opinions, the flat black looks sleek, and quite high class.
    As far as build quality goes, again, I was impressed. The earphones are very well built, with a right angle plug,and adequate strain reliefs at the y split and plug. The only disappoointment was the lack of strain relief at the ear piece. However, in my opinion, this was more than made up for in the cable. I mean, I just recieved the Meelectronics M6s, as well, which have an amazing cable, but the cable on the Pro Alphas is just... Amazing. It doesn't tangle, has low microphonics, looks very nice, and manages to be thin and yet sturdy.
    The accessories are nothing incredible, just 3 pairs of fake Sony Hybrids(?), a pair of bi-flanges, and a case. I like the case a lot, as it seems to be the perfect size for the IEM's, and seems quite sturdy. Unfortunately, these lack a cable slider, which is quite dissapointing, but is not a HUGE deal. The biggest surprise had  to be the bi-flanges, since I was under the impression I would not be recieving them.
    These are quite comfortable, not the most comfortable I've worn, but still. They are very light, and don't insert deeply, so I hardly notice that they're there. Keep in mind that I prefer deep insertion when it comes to IEM's.
    Sound Quality:
    I have been listening to these IEM's for a few hours, and to tell the truth, I was quite impressed. Although I expected good sound quality, I was almost dreading the overpowering bass that I felt was sure to come. Yes, there is a large quantity of bass present, but it doesn't drown out the rest of the music. In parts of a song where the mids and treble drop out, however, the bass is a joy to listen to. The bass is VERY nice when there are small amounts(in the song), but in songs with a lot of bass, it CAN, but will not always, get muddy. The mids are great, clear and crisp, although not as nice as those of, for example, my Super.Fi 5's. The highs are also nice, and very smooth, although there isn't anything remarkable to talk about there. I wouldn't go as far as calling the highs recessed, but the sound signature of the Pro Alphas is definetely bass/mid-centric. The soundstage is quite good, although still beat out by the Super.Fi 5's. Instrument separation is great, and the speed of the Pro Alphas is quite respectable.
    Conclusion: (pre-burn-in)
    No matter what is said, these are NOT basshead IEM's, at least, not straight out of the box. How ever, they are very warm, fun-sounding IEM's. They aren't meant for analytical listening. In my opinion, at least ATM, they seem to be a great deal at $40, and just an INCREDIBLE steal at the $22.50 I paid.
    I'll update this later, after they have burned in.
  2. rawrster
    I had the ViSang R02 which I believe is the China version of the Pro Alpha and they definitely are a great set of earphones that don't cost very much.
  3. hojomojo96
    Yup. :) The Visang R02 are the Pro Alphas, except the Pro Alphas have a right angle plug, and I believe the R02s have a staright one?
    I love them. For me, the most impressive part was cable, even more than the sound quality :p
  4. Anaxilus
    EQ these and you'll be surprised.  More flexible than a gymnast.
  5. seanmo
    whats the difference between the pro alpha and the m1?
  6. hojomojo96
    I try not to EQ with my itouch, as I find that no matter which IEM I'm using, they sound better without EQ.
    The M1s have a colder sound: less bass. Thats all I really know, might wanna check out ljokerl's review thread for more.
  7. Anaxilus


    Just tuning.  Same driver to my knowledge.
    I pretty much never Eq either but I feel the need to sometimes w/ my Clip+.  It's a $20-$30 phone playing from a $20-$30 source so who cares.
  8. hojomojo96
    *$40 :p And I know, but to me, all my phones just sound better when not EQ'd. They just don't sound full when EQ'd with an itouch.  

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