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GR02 and R02 PRO ll

  1. alirah84
    I want to buy GR02 Bass Edition on internet but GR02 and R02 PRO ll Are same.How do I recognize GR02 than R02 PRO ll?Plz help me
  2. alirah84
    No one Is here?
  3. Sonic OCD
    I have the same question. I've been looking through various threads, and am still not sure. I read that the pro II is the name for the old version, and the bass edition is called just that: "bass edition"

    I am looking on Taobao and they don't seem to specify. They are also white, are these legit?
    Can anyone explain, and post a link that would show which is the bass edition.

    Another note, I think I'm seeing GR01 for under $20, can that be right?
  4. Sonic OCD
    Taobao also uses the term paperback, does anyone know what that means???

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