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sub $100 with a whole lotta bass

  1. bambam123
    i just bought an ipod touch and i can't stand the apple earphones. They sound terrible and they always fall out every 15 seconds. I'm looking to purchase earbuds from anywhere between 50 and 100 bucks. I want earbuds that are very bass heavy. I don't want it to be muddy though. What do you guys recommend. How are the klipsch s4?
  2. bambam123
    i read the long review by ljokerl and now i'm interested in the ViSang R02 / Brainwavz ProAlpha.  what do you guys think about these and what is the difference between these and the r03
  3. ljokerl Contributor
    For very bass-heavy you really don't want any of the ViSang/Brainwavz earphones. You want the Fischer Audio Eterna or something around that level. The new Nuforce NE-700 has tons of bass (to my ears) as well.
  4. racer_x124
    I wouldn't suggest the S4 at all (they sounded like tin cans to me). The Hippo VB were some of my favorite sounding IEMS, the bass went REALLY low.
  5. dweaver

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