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Visang R02 and Soundmagic PL-30 comparison

  1. wooz

    I'm certainly new to the high-end gear so please take these writings as merely a personal opinion rather than facts. Furthermore please feel free to ask questions =).

    Introductions: So the main thing I was looking for when considering the higher end gear was better sound visualization. All of my previously owned ear-pieces were 'good' enough to enjoy the music but not at the level of previewing all the tiny bits and pieces that the music consists of. I've noticed that there are alot more small details which are not insignificant, which I'm able to hear with the new gear. Really pleased about this.

    Visang R02 was my first IEM and wow what an improvement. Sadly, one of the ears stopped working and I had to send it back. Gladly I had it replaced, but meanwhile I was enjoying the PL-30 =). For only 15 euro's you can't pass on it I think. In the style of the multi-review, here's the comparison:

    Accessories: Equal; both had lots of mushroom earpieces to make a fit. R02 had hardcase, which is really nice while the PL-30 has a high-quality leather like bag. Noticable for the PL-30 is the over-ear plastic things, more about this later.

    Build Quality: I like the R02 build-quality more. It has harder plastic, and some metal used while the PL-30 are all built by plastic. Also, the "bass" control of the PL-30 feels really weak and like to break when you try to change it. However, the R02 once broke, and I'll have to see how the PL-30 holds out so I cant comment on this.

    Microphonics: Both have their good and bads. The R02 sits really easily in your ear; just put it in and its very good. If you try to do this with the PL-30, it ill come out gradually and get a bad fit (lots of sound escapes) so you have to use the over-ear plastic things. But even with them they come.. With the plastic things however, the PL-30 is imho better, as there is no noise from the cables. If you move with the R02s you will hear an annoying sound of the cable bumping against things..

    Sound: Most important of all; Visang R02 has superiour sound for what I need. Whenever there is a note, you clearly hear it, from the begin to end. Very sharp and detailed. I never heard it like this before. The PL-30 on the other side, makes it blend abit, in the notes before and after it, so you won't be able to distinguish it clearly. This might be a good thing for some music kinds, but to me, its really no go. I didn't test bass, because I dont listen to music which has lots of it.

    Also, the R02 has much lower impendance. What this means: once I had the PL-30 hooked up, mid volume, and swapped to R02. Sound was waay too loud even with same settings. So your sound-device needs to work less for more volume. Nice thing.

    Conclusion: if you are used to the IEMS they always provide with the electronics you buy, get the PL-30. For 15 euro +- its really low price, high quality and there's so much improvement over what you are used to. Much available, mp4nation etc, cant really complain about anything. If you buy 300 euro phone, don't be cheap on good earphones :). But if you want the edge on better detail in sound, then R02 is really worth the price.

    Question to public: are you aware of more ear-phones like R02? I really like these so much but I want perhaps a backup, or something that's better. Was thinking of "Head-Direct RE0". What you think?

    please exuse my english, im from far away :p

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