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[HELP] What earphones to buy ~$50

  1. blackz88
    Ive had a pair of Monster Turbines, loved its bass and punchy sound
    Generally nice seal
    But after i took it to the gym, i accidently broke the wire and sent it in for repair/replacement
    So im looking for a new pair of earphones ~$50 that can used in the gym
    Was interested in
    - Visang R02
    - Visang R03
    - Brainwavs M1
    - Klipsch Image S4
    Please give me other suggestions
  2. blackz88
  3. jacobap100
    I have owned the klipsch s4 for 2 years and im still lovin them go with them
  4. blackz88
  5. blackz88
  6. blackz88
  7. cnhardwick
    If you are just looking for a pair to use at the gym and compliment your Turbines, get the MEElec M6 as it is cheap and can be replaced when it breaks.
  8. SpecialJ
    +1 M6
  9. blackz88
    What about the Visang R02 and R03?
    Edit: Had a look at MEElec M6, its over the ear and i dont one over the ear :/

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