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Bought a set of Visang R02s, where's the bass?

  1. chuckp
    Just got a set of Visang R02s.  From the reviews, i assumed these would have decent mids and bass. I recall a review on here stating "the treble takes a back seat to the mids and bass"   Comparing them to my old set of Bose IE's, they sound pretty weak.  They lack bass all around and the mids are so-so.  I know, for $34 i didnt expect much, but i sure expected more than this.    They have about 5 hours on them, i'm hoping they improve, but i'm not counting on it.
    If anything it's a learning experience.  I guess I will make sure to buy a bass heavy set of IEMs next time around.  I never really thought my Bose IE's were considered "bassy", I really just thought they lacked highs/treble
  2. Xinn3r


    It's true the Visang R02 won't satisfy any basshead, but burn them in and try to get used to them for a few days...
    I was just like you, I recently bought a Visang R03 (similar sound signature as the R02) and was surprised at how little the bass is....
    But after a few days of getting used, I am really satisfied, the sound is just very detailed and clear compared to my SHE3580....
    I for one, do not regret getting it... cheers!

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