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Brainwavz M1 vs ProAlpha

  1. SumLuckyGuy
    Hi everyone
    Just joined head-fi after a few weeks of lurking on the site, glad to be here!
    I am looking into my first proper IEM setup, and looking for a sub $100 cost c/w amp
    Right now mp4nation is having a pre-sale for the Brainwavz M1 and the ProAlpha, and I am unsure of which one to get.  I plan to pair them up with the Fiio E5 amp as well.
    I listen to a variety of music; grew up with blues/rock/folk, slowly went to rock/punk/grunge, then to heavy/melodic/death metal, and right now exploring dubstep/electronic/house music.
    I love bass in my songs.

    EDIT:  I forgot to add an important note.  Throughout my life I have ALWAYS had trouble with ear buds being too big, or fitting uncomfortably in my ears.  They always feel like they are about to fall out, and it gets worse when I'm walking/moving around.  I think my ears are shaped weirdly because I have shared earphones with other people who have not had this problem.

    Just thought I'd add that, since comfort is king.
    Double EDIT:  I just saw they have specials on mp4nation for combo deals with the amp and the M1 or the M2
  2. mark2410 Contributor
  3. ljokerl Contributor


    It's a rebranded ViSang R02 so at least a couple of people have. 
    @OP: You can read my review of the M1 here. All comparisons against the ViSang R02 will be valid against the ProAlpha.
  4. SumLuckyGuy
    Thanks for your input ljokerl
    Currently I only own an ipod.  Would it beneficial for me to get the Fiio amp along with the ProAlphas?
  5. ljokerl Contributor


    IMO, no. Save your money.
  6. mkv1500
    Sorry for waking up an old thread
    But, i am in same confusion.
    can some please say which one is better in bass response. Pro Alpha or m1. Overall which is preferable? Will be paired with Sony S544 player using Clear Bass. 
    Will be upgrading from Meelectronics m9. 
    Please advice
  7. Majin
    M1 has better bass while ProAlpha has better treble. I sold my ProAlpha and kept my M1 cause the soundstage from the M1 is way better then the ProAlpha.
  8. mkv1500
    Thank You Majin,
    Guess i will order M1 then. 
    Appreciate it. 

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