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Anywhere/way to get the ViSang R02's foam tips?

  1. altfiv3
    I loved the soft, comfy tips that came with my R02's, I'd really like to find out how to get more of them.
    About 2 weeks ago, the foam part of the tip separated from the silicon where it attaches to the earbuds themselves... I continued to use them just pushing the foam onto it and it seemed to work well enough (granted sometimes when I removed them from my ears that left foam had a tendency to pull off and stay in my ear).  But today the foam itself has split clean through, the comfort and noise isolation is totally gone.
    So I'm using the double-flanged tips that came with them for now, but I'd really like to get some of those foams again. Other than not being glued well enough (apparently) they're very durable and ultra-comfy. I'm not a fan of the silicons because imo they sound a bit worse and that suction you get with a "good seal" bothers me.
    Thanks for any help guys.
  2. altfiv3
    They're similar to the ones my JVC Marshmallows used to have, but much softer.
    I saw these on Amazon which look like they might fit the bill, but I'm looking for a similar quality and not the harder type like the Marshmallows had...
    I wish I could contact the MFG to find out what tips they are/how to get them, but I don't speak the language...

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