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IEM recommendation : Bass Freq replacement... M6 didn't cut it

  1. bbarnes1
    My 5 year old V moda Bass Freq IEM are starting to show their age.  So, I looked around on here and it seemed like i wouldn't be able to go wrong with a set of meelectronics M6.
    The M6s are ok i guess.  Sound fine on some music, nice deep bass extension similar to the bass freqs but more refined and control less boomy and overpowering.  There is also a good amount of clarity at some times.....  at others the sibilance is so overwhelming the music starts sound less encompassing and more distant/narrow.  Electronic sounds ok high and lows are there, solo acoustic guitars sound outstanding,  but the M6s get confused on hard rock (deftones, korn, foo fighters)  theres just too much going on for them to handle it seems like.
    Now after hearing the good thing that the M6 can offer, the v modas seem to have 0 clarity.  I don't like this but i find it less offense then extreme sibilance.  Other IEM i've listened to include Ink'd (had to get something at an airport) didn't like those... and cx300, sounded very nice all around but lacked low end.
    So,  I'm looking for something with the bass extension of the bass freq and the clarity of the M6.  I don't want something that gets confused when the music gets going and sound like a hissy mess.  I also assume i'll have to bump my price range up to $50, the best $20 has to offer doesn't cut it.
    What do y'all think?
  2. bbarnes1
    reading through the IEM guide vsonic seems to make a few models that might fit the bill, GR02 Bass Edition and R02ProII model, thoughts??
  3. ej8989
    Mod the m6's tube. Put a foam inside.
    After i did that, sibilance gets out of your music. and i feel more sub-bass.
  4. bbarnes1

    nailed it!  Sub bass is greatly improved.  These now sound all around better then the bass freq.  Lost a bit of detail, but its a great trade off!

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